Zoya: Kelly

Friday of Labor Day weekend. Thank goodness, right? I have zero clue what is going on with my nails and products recently. This week, literally hours after I painted a new polish, it will chip. It has been so frustrating. I haven’t changed any of my products, and it’s not like I’m doing anything strange and strenuous after I paint them. It needs to stop immediately.


This is Kelly from the Zoya Wonderful Fall collection from this year. This creme is the first polish from this collection I have worn as a manicure. I was really interested in this color when I first ordered these polishes. It looks like a sort of medium tone gray / purple polish in the bottle. However, I think I can even see it in this photo too, the polish does dry darker than it appears. On my skin, it looks almost like a charcoal gray or satinish, grey black. Which is disappointing to me. I wanted it to seem like one of those weird purple / grey interesting neutral polishes but it doesn’t appear that way, on me at least. No purple shows up to me. I still like the color, it just wasn’t what I actually wanted it to be. This polish applied like a dream though. Almost full, even, pigmented coverage in one coat. Which I feel is standard for Zoya cremes, which is awesome. This is two, for good measure. I also had the chipping problems within 2 hours with this manicure too. Ugh.

Have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend,



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