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H2O Spa Hand and Nail Cream

My favorite hand & nail cream!

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this product with you guys. First I’ll apologize for our lack of posts this week. Liz is out on vacay and I have been crazy busy and have barely even had time to paint my nails!

I’ve been using this hand and nail cream on and off for a little over a year. Even when I stopped using it and bought something else I always compared it to this hand cream and always liked this better. It’s the H2O Spa Hand and Nail Cream and it comes in various sizes, scented and unscented. Speaking of scent, I find the scent of this very nice. It lasts for awhile and it is not at all overwhelming. Some describe it as floral, but I just think it’s very fresh smelling. I think it’s a scent that just about everyone will like, but if you are morally opposed to scented creams there is unscented available.

A better shot of the travel size

As you can see this is the travel size, which I’ve practically used all of in about 2 months. I’m actually starting to think I might be addicted to it? I use it at least a couple times a day. I recently invested in another travel size and the full size, which is about 8 oz. I literally love everything about this hand cream. Besides the pleasant scent, it is extremely light and not at all greasy. I absolutely can’t stand greasiness in a hand cream, I hate having to sit there and not touch anything for minutes, so I really love that factor. It smooths easy, you don’t need a lot, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave stickiness behind.

That may look thick in the picture, but it’s really not at all. Like I said, I first started using this around fall of 09, it was actually complimentary hand lotion in the bathrooms of a job I had at the time. It was probably the best thing to happen to me at that job. I used it several times a day (duh, it was free!) and it did wonders for my hands and nails. My hands were always soft and I found my nails breaking and peeling less, they looked healthy almost all the time as long as I was using the H2O Hand and Nail Cream. I highly, highly recommend at least trying this and seeing what it can do for your nails!

Where to Buy: Ulta / / $6.50-$17

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


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