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Borghese: Cristallo Shimmer

Little gold shimmer!

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! For starters, please forgive the state of my nails/cuticles in this picture. I used this polish during Mardi Gras and was in a hurry. This is Borghese Cristallo Shimmer. It’s a very light and very sheer gold shimmer polish.

I don’t often use this nail polish alone so when I did I knew I had to get some pictures. I generally use this to liven up a creme polish or just when I’m in the mood for layering. It’s definitely my go-to for a shimmery top coat. Next time I use it for that I will have to get good pictures. However, here you can see it alone! In it’s gold and glittery glory!

With flash

Not sure if the second picture gives you all a better idea of the shimmer/opacity of this polish, but I threw the flash picture in there for good measure.

I have never had a problem with the application of Cristallo Shimmer, when I’m layering it I generally never use more than 1 coat over 2 coats of another polish. Here I’ve used 3 coats of Cristallo Shimmer alone, you’re not really going to get any kind of deep hue or opaque color out of this, so I wouldn’t bother going for more than that.

I think this is a really nice layering polish and looks very pretty on its own as well. It’s been a good stand by for me and I recommend it if you want a shimmery top coat or just something light and springy.

Where to Buy: Drugstores / Online retailers



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OPI: Off With Her Red!

Off With Her Red

What a frenzy these Alice In Wonderland polishes caused. It was like life or death. Which is sort of the reason why I picked up this guy when I found it in a clearance bin the other day for $3. Lauren and I went on many serious missions that lead to heartbreak when we wouldn’t find Mad as a Hatter or Absolutely Alice. Eventually we got what we needed and didn’t self destruct.

Oh, and I like that whenever I am thinking about this polish the voice of Helen Boham Carter sounds off in my head yelling, “Off with her head!”

Off With Her Red

The formula and application on this polish was crazy good. It applied itself like butter, and I swear it could have been a one coater if I wasn’t a sloppy painter. I did do two for good measure and to get any spots I missed while being occupied with the Blackhawks game that was on last night while I was doing my nails. This color isn’t very unique, but if you really enjoy red polishes I would suggest it. It’s darker and different.

Comparison of Reds

I did notice that this red looks more blue based on me and in these photos than it actually is. I am as pale as the snow outside currently (which I don’t actually mind) so I think that’s causing the color lean. This red is more orange and not too bright, which I appreciate a lot because I don’t like when my red polish yells at me. So since I couldn’t swatch a comparison since my nails are done, I wanted to show you the difference in the bottles between Borghese’s Red, which is bright and blue based and this more subtle orange based Off With Her Red.

Where To Buy: Online retailers such as / $3

Many of the blogs I used to frequent have stopped updating often so I was wondering if any of you guys have any new recommendations for me to stop by, check out, and read. I like to find new, cool blogs and would love some suggestions of what ones you’ve been enjoying. Thanks!

Also, I got my Benefit order of a couple of eye shadows I purchased during their sale that I will show you guys tomorrow!

– Liz

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New Orleans Saints manicure

Who Dat nation

Hey everyone! So today is the kick off of the 2010 NFL season starting with Superbowl Champion Saints vs. Vikings. I had to be festive for the occasion so I did a Saints-inspired manicure for the game. Please excuse the chips in the polish, I don’t know what’s going on there. I am really enjoying wearing this, it’s really fun. I tried to get some fleur de lis decals, but am glad I got to experiment with my own combos in a Blackberry mani-inspired way with the flashy thumb.

Here’s what I used:

Thumb: 3 coats of Orly Luxe. I love this super sparkly gold foil. This color is from the Orly Foil FX collection from earlier this year. This polish is perfectly fine in 2 coats, but I wanted to be balanced with the rest of my nails so I did 3. The only downside about this polish is that it’s a pain to get off, but totally worth it anyway at least in my book.

Fingers: 2 coats of any black, mine is OPI Black Onyx, which applies like a dream, and 1 coat of Borghese Cristallo Shimmer, which is a sheer polish made of mostly gold shimmer.

Hope you enjoy! I’m looking forward to many more sports manicures in the near future!

Happy football season,


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Borghese: Pistachio

Pisatacchio In Shade

Oh, Pistachio. You are my second favorite nut, next to cashews, and that might be part of the reason why I bought you. Lauren had already mentioned how Limoncello was quite sheer, so I excepted this one to have slightly the same problem. Although in the bottle Pistachio is so vibrant and pigmented and wonderful that I couldn’t tell if it was going to be sheer at all. Well, it was. I ended up having to put on four coats, and honestly probably could have done five but I refused. The coats were so sheer and light that the four coats didn’t take long so I didn’t mind. But I hate knowing that I had to do four of them.

In sun

This color is really bright. It is basically a kelly green shimmer. Which obviously isn’t the exact color of Pistachio ice cream, which I thought this color would be when I first heard the name.

Waiting patiently for True Blood to start in 28 minutes,


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Saturday Purchases..

Saturday Polishes

I have been everywhere today looking for polishes. Why is the Borghese summer collection hiding?! I don’t want to play hide and seek with it anymore! As you can see, I did find one Pistacchio at Ulta along with a 50% off Essie Mint Candy Apple, and Orly’s Royal Navy (which I can’t wait to swatch.) Also, I know Lauren already posted about the Sonia Kashuk’s but I also had to get my hands on them. It took searching three Target’s, and help from my sister, to get my little paws on them. They have been in so many magazines this month too! We better get to swatching them!

P.S. – Tara introduced her first vlog earlier today! She is our go-to-make-up girl and will be part of the Death By Polish family. If you’re interested in make-up make sure to check out her posts or our youtube channel! (pickyourpoisonllt)


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Borghese: Limoncello

lovely yellow

Borghese Limoncello is from the new Tutti Gelati collection. It’s the brightest of the collection and the only yellow. The other colors are: Maraschino (red-pink creme), Pistachio (medium green shimmer), Menta (sheer, blue-green shimmer), Berry Confezione (purple-pink creme), and Tutti Gelati (bright pink creme). Now, yellow isn’t usually my go-to color (the only other yellow I have is Orly’s Lemonade from this past spring), but I have to admit that out of all the colors in the collection, this one spoke to me. It is quite sheer (this was 3 coats) and you can still see VNL, but it’s so gorgeous that I don’t even mind.

bright & golden!

It’s a lot like having blonde nails! It’s a really soft yellow, with a lot more shimmer than most others that I’ve come across. The Borghese formula is also great, so I’d say this is definitely worth your dollar. It wears very nice, goes on smoothly, and looks gorgeous. This understated yellow is a must-have, whether it’s your first shot at yellow or one of many in your polish arsenal.

Happy painting!


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