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My Birthday Week!

A few years ago, Lauren and I established a “birthday week” tradition in which basically we can do whatever we want for the week of our birthday. Usually Monday through Friday is full of to do lists, work, running errands, etc that it’s hard to kick back and do something for yourself and breathe. But the birthday week is all about that and doing what you want to do, all week.

My birthday is this weekend, and although I have a cool manicure planned for the weekend that I’m excited to share with you all (!), I wanted to wear some of the polishes in my collection I really enjoy and don’t get a chance to revisit very often. So, I just wanted to post and let you know that currently I’m wearing OPI’s Blue My Mind, a vibrant, rich blue that I haven’t had the chance to enjoy enough. And I still love it.

I promise to be back later this week with a sponged purple manicure that I hope you all like. 🙂

– Liz


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Packing…what a pain!

I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m moving this weekend (yay!) and probably won’t have time (or the internet set up) to post over the weekend. But I have photos ready to go so I won’t be gone long!

See you all next week. 🙂


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Hundreds for Chanel…LOTS of Hunreds

Guys, you need to click on this and be happy you aren’t as crazy as the person that spent that much money on that polish. That’s INSANE!

I’ll be back with a real post later. 🙂

– Liz


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Natural Nail Care

From gettyimages.comI’m trying not to skip out on posting today, even though I’m really not feeling great. But I found these natural nail care tips in the August issue of Glamour and they interested me. I like any sort of “natural” solution or home remedy for body issues, or at least I like to give them a shot to see if they have any truth to them. Call me a half hippie.

A tip from Sylvie Beljanski, CEO of Natural Source International, for healthier nails is to “eat cheese, nuts, garlic and onions because they contain vitamins that are good for the hair and nails.” Anyone have any validation for this tip? Or anyone that’s more knowledgeable than me in nutrition have any insights?

Another tip to fix weak nails from beauty professional Tata Harper, who has her own skin care line, is to “add a peeled and chopped garlic clove to your base of clear base coat to help strengthen your nails.” This would make you smell like you’ve been chopping garlic all day, would it not? Maybe the antioxidants in garlic do something?

So has anyone heard of this or tried these at home remedies or anything similar? Or have any others for healthier nails? Or have a diet secret that helped improve your hair, skin, or nails? I love that kind of info. I’m always looking to improve mine.

– Liz


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What Does Your Nail Polish Say About You?|aim|dl3|sec1_lnk3|72472 

I saw this article on Stylelist this morning and thought it would brighten your day! Pretty fun. (Although you do not want to know what my tips are communicating right now! Gah! Chips!)

Happy Thursday,


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1 Year Blogiversary Giveaway!! THIS CONTEST NOW CLOSED. Thanks for entering!

Win us!! Essie, Borghese, Zoya & more!

CONTEST NOW CLOSED! Thanks for entering and we will post our winner soon!

In a few weeks, Death by Polish’s 1 year anniversary will be here! It’s nuts to think how the past year has gone by. During DBP’s first 12 months, Lauren and I have really enjoyed being able to share our ever growing infatuation of nail polish with more than just each other. It’s been a blast and a great outlet to discuss our hobby with all of you. (And be able to justify all of our spending on nail polishes for the good of the blog, right?)

We hope to keep our current readers and gain new readers that share our seriously crazy obsession. Personally for me, DBP has been somewhat of a rock and helped me to enjoy something in my days or when I needed to take my mind off of things. I’ve also discovered how much I truly enjoy blogging. No matter how I feel, blogging about polish for you guys has always been awesome. I hope to continue to connect with many people in the nail community.

To celebrate, I have decided to throw a little blog party and send someone home with a sweet party favor; a bunch of new polishes!

Here’s what polishes YOU could win:

Ocean Breeze, Goldie, Purple Gleam

Aurora Sunset, Limoncello, It's Genius

Neo Whimsical, SV Base Coat

My Lifesaver, Pixy Stix

Melt down, Tutti fruitti, In the buff

Violet metal, Molten rock, Steel grey

The Prize: (1 bottle of each)

Essie – It’s Genius

Nicole by OPI – My Lifesaver

Sonia Kushuk – Ocean Breeze

Zoya – Goldie

Milani One Coat Glitter – Purple Gleam

Seche Vite Base Coat

Borghese – Aurora Sunset

Borghese – Limoncello

Essie – Neo Whimiscal

Orly – Pixy Stix

Milani – Melt Down

Sonia Kashuk – Tutti Fruitti

Sonia Kashuk – In the Buff

Rimmel – Violet Metal

Milani – Molten Rock

Rimmel – Steel Grey


TO ENTER – Please comment ONCE with your favorite nail polish that you own! (It’s a hard one I know, but I’m curious)

Open to US Citizens ONLY (Sorry!)

Winner will be contacted via email and has 24 hours to respond


This contest is open for a couple of weeks; do DBP a favor and promote our 1 Year Blogiversary Giveaway if you have a blog, twitter, etc. We have a lot of avid readers, but would like as many as possible to be able to enter. Who doesn’t like a giveaway?!

Thank you so much for reading Death by Polish and participating. Good luck!

– Liz & Lauren


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Vitamin Water Zero: Glow

Image from I may be a little late to the party with Vitamin Water Glow, however it’s still relatively new. I had seen an ad for it the other day and was interested from the jump.

Glow seems pretty awesome. The flavor is strawberry and guanabana (this is actually a fruit) and is packed full of vitamins and minerals that help support healthy skin, hair and nails! Glow contains biotin, zinc, copper, vitamins E, A, & C which all help add in pretty skin, hair and nails, among other vitamins. Biotin, as many of us nail fanatics know, can do wonders for your nails. However, I have heard too much of it, for example in supplement form, can cause skin problems such as break outs and pimples in people who have skin prone to acne.

Though getting a little extra biotin from Glow shouldn’t do any harm (many multivitamins also contain biotin. Mine does! I wasn’t trying to scare anyone away) and could give your beauty routine a tasty boost. I will totally give this a go.

Have you tried this yet? Let me know! I think it’s obvious that drinking one of these wouldn’t do much, but it’s nice to have a drink option like this to grab on the go that supports your hair, nails and skin or to incorporate it into drinking regimen for added nutrients and vitamins.

– Liz

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Quick post!

Adorable rose earrings!

Fellow blogger Jessica has an Etsy store for some of her jewelry and I recently purchased a pair of these adorable rose flower earrings and I love them! She is also adorable and sent me another pair because we are blog friends. Check out her nail polish blog! She’s so bubbly & cute:

– Liz


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It’s Lauren’s Birthday!


Image courtesy of Google /

The best & ideal cupcake for Lauren and myself

Happy Birthday! And please, fantasy about the perfectness of this wood designed cupcake all day!

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Hey, this is for you!

Hibiscus Bloom

I found this blooming on a Hibiscus plant in my basement. It was huge and beautiful. Like, 7 inches wide. I’ve been feeling like I need a little (or big) pick me up for more than a few days, so I thought some of you might be having some “winter blues” as well. I wanted to give you some blog beauty (in a different way) and cheer in case you were needed it. & hey, maybe this flower and color will inspire some spring polish and make up looks!

– Liz


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