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Nicole by OPI: Pitch-Black Glimmer (over Black)

Pitch-Black Glimmer!

Happy Halloweekend everyone! Today I have for you a polish from Nicole by OPI’s winter/holiday collection, Shades to Crave. A lot of polishes from that collection look really wonderful and sparkly, but this was the one I HAD to have. I even had to add the parenthetical note into the title of this post because I know I’m going to end up on a layering spree with this polish. It’s mostly black glitter with small silver glitter and some medium-sized green, blue, and purple glitter thrown in sparingly. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

I decided to layer it with OPI Black Onyx for a darker, Halloweenie look and I think it came out really nice. I’m a big fan of black on black so even though the black glitter kind of falls to wayside over the black polish, I think it looks great and can catch the darker glitter in the light a wee bit. This is also a nice option if you want the polish to look like it does in the bottle on your nails. I used one coat of OPI Black Onyx and 2 coats of Pitch-Black Glimmer because I want a lot of depth.

A little closer up

So far this is wearing really well, we’re on day 2. I’m not sure if I’m going anywhere/dressing up tonight so I may need to change it. There’s a little tip wear, but right now I must say I am a fan of Nicole by OPI (minus those AWFUL bottles which I think we all hate to our very core). I am looking forward to the Justin Bieber nail collection as well so it’s nice to know that these are gonna be great glitter polishes. I should also throw in that it applied very nicely, no issues at all.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween and let us know what was on your nails this weekend! I had so many ideas for manis that I didn’t get to.



P.S. If you’re dying to see Pitch-Black Glimmer on its own along with the rest of this collection, check out this great post by Scrangie!

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Halloween Mani


In Shade


I love Halloween. Halloween season is probably my favorite time of the year. Which I find sort of strange because I really am not a fan of weather below 78 degrees, but for the month of October, I do not care. I fit all of the festive and great fall things that happen in the midwest into the month of October, and then of course am miserable until April, probably May. Anyway, I took my inspiration from Frankenstein for my Halloween polish choice. I used Zoya Shawn as the green, and OPI Ink for the purple. I used Ink on my thumb nails too. I like that it doesn’t really jump out at you that I have 2 polish colors on my nails. It’s obvious yes, but it’s not too much contrast, especially indoors, because Shawn is such a beautiful deep green. I wish I had black glitter to put on! I feel like it would be perfect then.

Enjoy the weekend festivities and fun Halloween polishes,


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Zoya: Midori


Hi everyone! It’s been warm here so I got one last blast of summer. This is Zoya’s Midori. It’s a vibrant green shade, kind of like a grass green or granny smith apples. It has a gold sheen shimmer to it, which I think sets it apart and makes it special. This color kind of shocked me because I expected it to be a little more sheer and not as bright, but you can tell in the first coat that it is going to be a bright green. This is 2 coats.

Bright green!

This applied really well, as is my experience with most Zoyas and it’s very opaque. You can barely see VNL in the light, I don’t really mind, no one would be looking at your nail line with this color on. The wear has been good, this last picture was taken today after 2 days of wear. You can really see the grass green aspect in this last pic I think, the gold shimmer is probably my favorite part of the polish though. If you like a different, medium green that’s not too mint or too dark I definitely recommend this.

Happy Hump Day,


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OPI: Here Today..Aragon Tomorrow

I have had this polish for a very long time, and this is the first time I have worn it. Not sure why, I think it just got lost in my collection. I know the suede version of this polish has been very popular, with good person, it looks awesome. But also, looks nothing like this polish. This polish falls into the “almost” black category. Inside, no one can tell it’s not black, even myself. But outside you see the lighter contrast, then can see it looks like a slick, deep green. The color reminds me of something like sea kelp. It reads “wet” green to me. It’s great. It’s a nice and edgy alternative to black or dark blue. I used three coats to get a deep, rich, and saturated color and finish. The application was good, a nice slick jelly application.

– Liz

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Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

In Shade

Hey readers. I know, who hasn’t seen the swatches of Hidden Treasure over black polish. Or lots of other flake polishes out there. But you have to admit, it does look really nice, and pretty cool! And to top it off, it is very Halloween-ish. I painted my nails China Glaze Liquid Leather (love that name) the other day, and to cover up some tipwear and to add a change I layered Hidden Treasure on top. I don’t know if I would wear HT by itself, I just don’t see it looking good alone. It’s meant for layering. I plan on wearing Here Again…Aragon Tomorrow within the next couple of days, and I was thinking with the dark green that it is HT will look good over it, and very Halloween as well. I will show you all the results!




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China Glaze Halloween 2010

Hey everyone! I’m sorry this post has been such a long time coming. It got delayed all week, but I’ve now worn all of the China Glaze Halloween 2010 nail polishes and can report back.


This is Ick-A-Bod-Y! The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorites, so I was happy to wear this one first. It’s got kind of a sheer green/brown base, but is mostly bright orange glitter. It goes on very opaque in one coat, so 2 is fine, and 3 coats would be for maximum glitter. It is grainy, so you’ll need a nice thick top coat to make it smooth. This wore nicely for me and I can’t wait to wear it again before Halloween. The glitter in all of these China Glaze Halloween polishes is amazing.

Mummy May I

This is Mummy May I. I was most looking forward to wearing this one. It’s a dark purple jelly with purple and fuchsia glitter. This one also applied very well, I don’t think I even used 3 coats and it’s very opaque. I don’t think there was even any VNL. I still adore this color, the glitter is amazing and I loved this jelly and how the glitter sat in it and wasn’t too overwhelming. My only problem with this was that it would not stop chipping! It chipped the next day and never stopped. I’m going to be trying it again with a different base and top coat and hoping for better results because I really love this color.

Zombie Fest

Zombie Fest. I debating getting this one at first because in the bottle it looks so much like Orly It’s Not Rocket Science. I knew I had to get the whole collection though, of course. As you can see it’s much much lighter than shown in the bottle. I still thought it was close to being a dup for Rocket Science, but the more I look at it, the more I think it has a lighter, yellow/brown base with yellow and green glitter. It’s very swampy and dead looking, which I like. My biggest problem with this was the application, it was very thin and runny compared to the others. I would call this 2 and a half/3 coats, but it was hard to judge because I just had to do my best to even out the polish on the nail. It’s worn very well today and it’s growing on me a lot. I’d say if you want a yellowy-green heavy glitter polish, go with It’s Not Rocket Science because it’s more green, heavier on the glitter, and a better application. I admit, it’s hard to resist the name “Zombie Fest” though…

I really like this collection, I love Halloween and all of these colors say “Halloween” to me there’s nothing that’s out of place. I love all the glitters and despite a few mishaps, I am growing to really like China Glaze. There were a few problems, Zombie Fest application and the chipping on Mummy May I, but the colors and price make them really worth it!

11 more days til Halloween!


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China Glaze: Foxy

It’s been awhile. I apologize for the quality of this photo, it was the only one I had that came out pretty usable. I was in a rush before I went out of town to snap some photos of this polish so I could blog about it. More Vintage Vixen:

Foxy is a really cute name. It reminds me of my dog. This polish is a very interesting color to me. In this photo it looks more red than it actually is. It’s a very pretty orange, rusty metallic brown. Sort of the color that comes to mind when one thinks of “foxy”. ┬áThis color just says “fall” to me. I love that it reminds me of maple trees turning that burnt red/orange. And it reminds me of a farm stands where you get your pumpkins at and all the colors there. This polish literally applied itself. It came out so glossy and glassy. It looked perfect. And I have to mention, I still have this polish on. I’ve had it on for FIVE full days with minimal chipping. Not to mention, I had a very busy weekend and it wore like iron.

– Liz

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