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Essie: Lapis of Luxury & Zoya: Maisie

I had a different intent for Lapis of Luxury when I first applied it. I’ve had this polish for years and don’t think I’ve used it enough. We all know I love any blue polish and this one is great. And with blue flakies on top, it’s a winning combination.

Dusty periwinkle blue with blue flakies

Lapis of Luxury is a pretty color on its own. It’s rather unique and interesting in my collection of blues. It’s a slightly dusty, periwinkle blue. It has a touch of purple in it to keep it more in the cornmeal realm of colors, to me. It’s very flattering and easy to wear. Layered with the blue flakies of Maisie, it looks awesome. The two complement each other and are really fun together.

Easy smooth application on both

Lapis of Luxury has an outstanding formula. It’s a half jelly / half creme hybrid formula, which is my favorite to use. It went on smooth as butter. It almost applied itself. Though I did need three coats. As for Maisie, I didn’t want the flakies to be too overbearing, so I did one thin coat and it ended up just as I wanted. I think this manicure looks great and it has been a great combination to admire.

Where to Buy (Lapis of Luxury): Online Retailers / $ 8

Where to Buy (Maisie): / $ 8

What’s your favorite way to layer? Do you like this combination? Do you like to coordinate layering flakies with a matching base? Or do you like to mix and match?

– Liz


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Essie: Fishnet Stockings

Happy long weekend! I’m really excited to catch up on sleep and relaxing.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been really into all things somewhat “Americana”. Fashion wise, interior design wise. And also in the more literal way in terms of color combinations. Red, white, and blue has been drawing me in a lot. My bed is rocking a bunch of that, it looks so classic.

This being said, I wanted to wear a red polish this week. Most of you know I don’t love red polish, but I have a decent amount because I do actively try to combat my innate distaste for it. Fishnet Stockings was one of my first reds, and still one of my favorite reds.

Sexy, darker blood red

One of the main reasons I like Fishnet Stockings so much is because of its richness. It’s something that falls somewhat flat in photos, but it has this darkness to it. It has a bit of depth that’s like a dark blood red, but it’s still vibrant. A nice balance for a red nail that’s not screaming bright, like a cherry red. For me, reds that are a bit darker are more my taste. This is a cool toned red, which doesn’t go best with my skin (making me look extremely pale), but warm toned reds don’t appeal to me as much.

Shiny, glossy finish

The formula on this polish is outstanding. It goes on so smooth. It’s also easily spreadable. It’s full of pigmentation and you wouldn’t need more than two coats. I have also gotten pretty good wear from it.

Where to Buy: Ulta / Professional Salons / Drug Stores / Target / $ 8

What’s your holy grail red? Is it a jelly or creme? What’s your favorite warm-toned red? Fishnet Stockings and Jason Wu CND Veronica are my two favorites. I know every girl has their go to red, let’s hear yours.

– Liz


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Essie: Bermuda Shorts….? Part 2

I recently posted this blog entry about a great summertime polish, Bermuda Shorts, and mentioned how I had a different bottle of Bermuda Shorts than seen in swatches and real life. So, out of curiosity, I recently borrowed my best friend’s bottle of BS to see the difference between colors. And after that, I think there’s more than two different versions out there.

More purple than my bottle of BS

As visible in the bottle side by side photo, this bottle of Bermuda Shorts is more purple than mine. It’s a pretty balance of pink and purple that is reminiscent of a tropical flower or something pretty like that. It has a mix of pink and purple, but is deeper in color from having more purple. I like how it’s saturated and noticeable, but isn’t screaming loud since it’s not overly bright. It has a deeper tone to it. This polish also dried matte.

Smooth finish, easy to apply

Similar to my bottle of BS, this one was easily applied. Sometimes with neon’s there’s a big issue with unevenness, pigmentation, or being too chalky, but this is the opposite of that. It has a really nice formula and application. It dries quickly (which is nice) and I only needed two coats for a pretty finish.

Now, I still think there is another version of this polish out there. When I look up swatches (like this one), I can see a clear difference in color from this version of BS; it seems to be much more vibrant and more purple. I mean, I guess lighting or editing could have something to do with the difference in that photo, but I’m not sure. It looks much more purple and creamier (if that makes sense). Where ever a bottle of that Bermuda Shorts is, it looks really awesome.

– Liz


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Essie: Shelter Island

Hey guys, I hope you’ve had a nice weekend. I’ve done a lot of lounging and lying around the house with my dog, per usual.

This is another oldie but goody in my stash. I haven’t recently purchased any polish from Essie because of their buy out, but it’s nice to revisit the old ones I have. I particularly love this polish. It’s pretty much the perfect blue. It’s in my 10 top polishes, maybe even top 5 (!)

Shelter Island...the perfect blue

Shelter Island is from Essie’s North Folk collection from a few years back. (I’m still trying to find my number one lemming Greenport…help please!) The color of this polish has a perfect balance of being bright and saturated, but not too loud. It’s cool, crisp, and relaxing but has this great amount of vibrancy that I love. It’s almost a cayman blue. It references a more tropical nautical image for me. This is great for a fun hit of color with summer dresses or shorts and t-shirts. I love it.

GREAT application too!

Not only is this color spot on, so are the formula and application. It’s a jelly dream to apply. It goes on so smooth and easily with a bit of a watery consistency. I do need three coats, but it dries quickly and always looks flawless in the end. The finish is so shiny and smooth.

Where to Buy: / $8 (And Sag Harbor from this collection is available through the same seller.)

Do you own Shelter Island? If not, what’s your favorite summer time blue to wear? I’ll always take up recommendations on blue polishes because I love them!

P.S. I don’t know a girl that doesn’t like a Stargazer Lilly, so enjoy this dreamy pink orange-y sorbet  colored one.

Stargazer Lilly

– Liz


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Essie: Bermuda Shorts…?

I’m pretty certain that I have mentioned how much I like Bermuda Shorts in passing within other entries at least a couple of times. I remember with my old camera it was impossible to capture the color, but with my new one I had no issues and am happy to finally be able to blog about this perfect summer color.

However, I have to start with a disclaimer. I guess I hadn’t noticed really that my bottle of Bermuda Shorts looked different from swatches or bottles I had seen in person. I remember my best friend telling me about Bermuda Shorts, seeing her bottle, then purchased mine online over a year ago and loved it since.

Recently my best friend said to me, “This looks so much different from mine!” I thought maybe it just looked different on me, but my polish color is much different from what comes up when searched.Which sucks. This is much more pink than purple. Boo 😦

Perfect summer manicure

This Bermuda Shorts is a great mix of pink and purple. It’s very cool toned and crisp. Not to mention, pretty girly (especially for me). It’s a neon, but it’s definitely not TOO bright, which I really like. It looks great with fun, printed dresses in the summer. Like most neons, it looks great with a tan but something about this polish I think looks extra good.

Great formula

I’d say that this formula was great even for a creme, but since this polish is a neon (and dries matte) it’s excellent. There’s never an issue with streaking, it dries quickly, and is still smooth and easy to apply even though it’s neon. Two coats gets the job done perfectly every time. I wear this polish as a pedicure a ton in the summer months. I do need to reapply a top coat for shine every couple days, which is a pain. But it’s a go to for me, for sure!

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / $ 5-ish?

Even though I do love this color, I DO wish I had the original Bermuda Shorts and would have noticed by different in color sooner! I’m not really sure why there are multiple versions of this color floating around. Maybe I have a polish mislabeled and it’s something else completely?

Do you have an idea what this color might actually be? Do you own the real Bermuda Shorts? (Jealous!) Or have you ever bought a polish to later find out it’s not the original?

– Liz


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Essie: Cute As A Button

I hope all the Midwest readers out there haven’t melted to death, I know I almost did today. Death by heat would be far less cool than death by polish, haha. (Yay bad jokes!)

I’m back today with one of my all time favorite polishes. Cute As A Button isn’t the most unique polish for me to be in love with, but every time I wear it, I literally can’t stop admiring my nails. It’s so flattering, I absolutely love it. It’s also clearly perfect for a pedicure.

Wonderfully juicy pinkish coral

There’s something about the hue of this shade that is just perfect. This polish could be labeled as pink, coral, or orange. It has this great mix that allows this shade to be spot on. It’s a pink based coral, heavy on the pink, but you can tell there’s orange within. I love corals of this shade. I prefer them more than red corals. This color looks so juicy, refreshing, and tropical. It’s as if a watermelon and a honeydew got together and popped this out!

Super shiny coral

The formula on this polish was really easy to work with and I always have zero problems. I only need two coats for full coverage. It goes on smooth and even. It’s a jelly / creme hybrid but may slightly be more jelly. There’s the slightest bit of VNL, but no one would detect it but you. This also dries quick and easy. When this manicure is finished, it’s so glassy, juicy, and shiny. I love it.

Where to buy: Ulta / Drugstores / Target  / $ 8

Do you own Cute as a Button? Is it a go-to-summer color for you? Pick it  up!

– Liz

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Essie: Demure Vixen

Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite polishes in my collection. We have already blogged it on Death by Polish, but I wanted to write about it personally since I do really love it.

Demure Vixen was part of Essie’s Summer 2010 collection. The bright, violet microshimer flash in this polish is incredible. And I think the name of this color captures everything that it is. It’s reserved, but sexy.

Purple flash in the sun

Demure Vixen’s base color is pretty, interesting and kind of hard to describe.  It’s an edgy neutral that mixes beige / taupe , mauve, and even pink. Even if this color didn’t have the purple flash, I think it would still be a great color because it’s hard to describe. But the violet flash is something really unexpected, especially for Essie, and is awesome. It has the contrast of pretty and cool. It’s a juxtaposition that really works well.

Demure Vixen

Another thing I like about this polish is that you can build up the color easily, or wear it more sheer with just one coat. It becomes quiet opaque after three coats. The formula is a little thin, but is really easy to apply and manage. The one downside is, well, I would take more violet flash in this polish. It’s noticeable in the sunlight, but does disappear indoors. It doesn’t bother me really, but just something I would like more of.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / $5 – $8

Were you surprised by Demure Vixen last summer? Or did it not do it for you? I know Pretty Edgy was the main attraction of this collection, but I think Demure Vixen was a show stopper.

– Liz

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