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Halloween Manicure for my Costume! OPI Blue My Mind and China Glaze Lighthouse

The man, Coach Taylor.

Let me give you guys a little background on my Halloween costumes. I have this thing were I dress up as a male every year for Halloween. It started a few years ago when my best friend and I were Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World and has spiraled our of control since. And my affinity for television series lead me to decide to be Coach Taylor (a la Dillion Panthers) from Friday Night Lights this year. Some of you might think this is bizarre and whacky and all I have to say  is, well, I am a little bizarre. But it’s fun and it is Halloween after all!

Picking out the perfect Panther blue for my large collection of blue nail polishes was not very easy. But I ended up choosing two polishes that I really love for their vibrancy and overall they are pretty polishes.

Metallic royal blue with glittery yellow / gold

Despite the erratic nature of an “every other nail” manicure, I think this manicure looks pretty good. I really like the texture difference between the smooth, slick finish of Blue My Mind and the gritty, sparkley finish of Lighthouse. It adds for extra oomph and intensity. It works for a special, fun occasion manicure.

Easy, smooth application on both polishes.

I ended up using three coats for both polishes.  As you might know, Lighthouse is a little sheer on the first coat, but builds up very nicely by the third coat. Blue My Mind is overall pretty saturated and applies very easily on the nail. I probably could have gotten away with two coats, but added another for good measure.

Where to Buy OPI Blue My Mind: Ulta / Trade Secret / JCPenny / Professional Salons / $ 8

Where to Buy China Glaze Lighthouse: Online Retailers / $3 – $6

Do you have a Halloween manicure on for the weekend? One that matches your costume like me? Anything funny (like me) or weird (maybe also like me)?

Have a fun weekend everyone!

– Liz & Coach Taylor


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China Glaze: Mummy May I

I disappeared for a minute on you guys, didn’t I? I didn’t mean to and feel super guilty about it! I just got back from an annual vacation to Orlando, Florida for this event they have called Halloween Horror Nights (I told you guys I loved Halloween, I mean it. I REALLY love Halloween.) at Universal Studios with my best friend and didn’t have time to post before I left. I’m sorry! Feel free to leave a comment if you want more information on my trip.

Dark jelly base with purple glitter

Mummy May I is from China Glaze’s fall 2010 Halloween set. It’s a black, almost jelly base, with purple glitter. What I like about this polish, aside from the name, is its Halloween feel with its color combination. The first coat goes on pretty sheer and makes it seem like you’ll need three coats, but it built up nicely after just two.

However, the wear time on this polish was less than impressive. I had major chipping after the first day. Not cool. And it seems to be one of those polishes that looks better in the bottle than on the nail.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / $3 – $5

What is your favorite Halloween themed nail polish? Or your favorite color to wear for Halloween? Or fun manicure idea? I would love to hear all suggestions and recommendations since we know I love Halloween.

– Liz

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OPI: Yodel Me On My Cell

I don’t remember this polish getting enough attention last year for OPI’s fall 2010 collection. Granted blue is my favorite color in general, so I’m going to be partial, but this polish really is gorgeous. Especially in the sun, it glows and shimmers. I got a couple of compliments on this manicure, which I swear, rarely ever happens. So it must be pretty, right?

Gorgeous, vibrant sapphire / aqua blue shimmer

Yodel Me On My Cell (I actually like this polish name…?) is a stunning aqua blue (almost half glass fleck) shimmer. The depth in this polish is really impressive. In the sunshine, it gleams and glows. It’s gorgeous. What I also like about it is that indoors it is vibrant and noticeable, but the sparkle is way turned down. Then when you go outdoors, it’s like pow!

Smooth, glassy, almost "light" finish

The formula and application on this polish was good, I didn’t have any issues. I would say since the finish on this polish is sort of jelly (because it looks somewhat lighter on the nail, not heavy or dense) but also sort of glass fleck, it was a little sheer-er, but just a touch. I used three coats and got wonderful depth and a gorgeous outcome. My only suggestion would be to let the polish dry between coats.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / $ 4 – $6

Did you ever pick up Yodel Me On My Cell? Or did you pass on its intense color and sparkle? Do you think it’s a pretty blue? I would say it might be one of my favorite blues. I like when you can get sparkle and vibrancy without dealing with glitter removal. I HATE that.

Boo to the last day of the weekend,



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Zoya: Shawn

Veteran readers of Death by Polish might be thinking, “Liz is blogging about this polish..again..?” And the answer is, yes I am. This is hands down one of my favorite polishes. We’re talking top 5 territory. I love everything about it. And it’s perfect for October, fall, and even Halloween!

Gorgeous, rich forest green creme

Shawn is to die for. When this polish came out from Zoya’s Fall 2010 collection, I had to have it immediately as green is one of my favorite colors (in general and for nails). What I love about this polish is that it is a deep, rich green. It isn’t too loud, almost a subtle green. It also has depth because of its dark hue and tinge of grey. It reminds me of wet, lush forests in an almost mythical way. It’s enchanting. And edgy since it’s a green.

Easy application

The formula and application of this Zoya creme was wonderful, like almost all of their cremes. It was smooth and buttery, and a bit on the thicker side. But not in an unmanageable way. It was also very saturated. As for application tips with this polish, there are no tricks; just make sure you let all the coats dry to avoid bald spots. I ended up with a beautiful, even finish in two coats.

Where to Buy: / $ 8

What do you think? Do you own Shawn? If not, would you wear it? Or is green still a no go on nails? I feel like a lot of my regular commenters have been MIA. I miss you guys! 😦 And everyone else, don’t be shy. We can talk polish or….Halloween?? It’s my favorite holiday!

– Liz


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Sonia Kashuk: Tauped

TGIF, am I right?! Sorry I was gone all week. I was wearing a really light, sheer polish that lasted me 5 days. Another Sonia Kashuk for fall, Sugar Rush. I loved it. A total “your nails but better” polish. Pick it up!

I know I have mentioned before how much I really like Sonia Kashuk’s Target line, and I’m going to say it again. It’s great. All of her cosmetic products, including polish, deliver great quality for a minimal price. I use her polish (of course), tinted moisturizer, and make up brushes. Love.

A somewhat, lighter taupe

A taupe is just a taupe, right? Almost. What I actually really like about Tauped is that it is a bit lighter, and softer than the other taupes that I own. A lot of them are richer and deeper, but this one is a bit grey-ed out which makes it a little milkier. I like the softness of it a lot. And the hint of purple.

Great, almost fully jell application and finish

The formula on this polish was great. It went on smooth and was easily spreadable. The formula was somewhat of a half cream half jelly hybrid, but I would say it was more jelly. It wasn’t as opaque on the first coat as a creme would be. I only needed two coats, and this had excellent drying time. As for application tips, since it’s jelly-ish, I would work on getting an even, opaque first coat to avoid bald spots and a third coat!

Where to Buy: Target / $ 4

Do you love taupes? They are a great sophisticated color. Did you pick up any of these Sonia Kashuk’s for fall? Any of her polish in the past?

Have a nice weekend. I love October.

P.S. Go Blackhawks!

– Liz


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