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Wet N Wild Megalast: Break The Ice & China Glaze: Luxe And Lush

For whatever reason, I’ve really been feeling and craving light, clean, and crisp manicures. I’m really on a white kick (still looking for a favorite white…suggestions please!) so decided to layer Luxe And Lush from the Hunger Games collection over the shimmering base of Break The Ice.

Shimmering white base with metallic, gold flakie top coat

Break The Ice is a very shimmery, almost but not quite, pearl white. As I mentioned, I felt like wearing a white but also wanted to wear an untried polish, so I decided to layer Luxe and Lush over it. Luxe and Lush is an interesting flakie because it’s mostly gold and silver. I really like the metallic take on this flakie and love that it’s not too warm, like yellow. This manicure reminds me of snow, ice, and glaciers. It’s an interesting and really cool mix of shimmer, metallic, and neutral all in one.

Easy application

Break The Ice has an easy application. I used three coats for the full coverage that I wanted; this polish layers well and could totally be worn with one, two, or three layers depending on the look you want to achieve. Luxe And Lush dispersed a decent amount of flakies per coat. I only used one coat for this manicure. The flakes also went on pretty evenly, none gathering at the tip or base on my nail. Both dried quickly and I had no formula issues with either.

Where To Buy (Break The Ice): Drugstores / Target  / $ 2

Where To Buy (Luxe And Lush): Sally’s / Ulta / Trade Secret / Online Retailers / $ 6

How do you like this manicure? Do you think Luxe and Lush is any different from all the other flakies out there? Do you own either of these polishes? If so, what do you like to layer Luxe and Lush over?

– Liz

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Wet N Wild Megalast: Break The Ice

This is another Megalast impulse buy I had at Walgreens recently. I remember looking at this polish in this line before, when I originally tried them, but this time it just looked so pretty in this bottle I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve been meaning to buff up my white collection so I figured why not. And it’s actually really pretty!

Pretty white with shimmering champagne microshimmer

This polish is very feminine. It’s light, bright, and clean. But I know how some people might think a shimmering white is a bit “bridal” but this didn’t come off that way at all to me. It’s subtle but definitely gives your nails a pretty, brightening effect that looks classic. A great palette cleanser. I think white nails always look cool, especially on darker skin.

Easy, smooth application

The brushes in the new redesigned bottles are really easy to work with. They are wide and flat, which makes getting full coverage very easy. This formula was smooth and easy to apply. The formula was a bit sheer (as intended) but I used three coats and got the coverage I was looking for. I also had no issues with drying time.

Where to Buy: Drugstores / $ 2

How do you feel about Wet N Wild polishes? Have you been a long time fan? If not, how do you feel about white polish? Is it too stark or too bridal for you? Or do you enjoy wearing the fresh, clean look?

– Liz


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Wet N Wild Megalast: I Need A Refresh-Mint

Guilty. I feel guilty for being unable to post all week long. I’m sorry! But I’m back with a polish that I really enjoyed wearing.

I posted a couple of these Wet N Wild Megalasts awhile back. But since then they have revamped the bottles (which I think look really great by the way) and added new colors. This one is definitely the most interesting one of the bunch.

Turquoise-y blue creme

This polish looks a lot like Chanel’s Nouvelle Vague. The tone is very similar to me. But this polish is a creme with no shimmer. I think a lot of people love this almost sea-foam greenish blue color and it has been done a lot and often, but this polish has just a touch more blue in it and it makes it really beautiful. It’s almost a robin’s egg blue. For me it’s completely worth having and reminds me of summer. It definitely cheered me up when I looked down at my hands.

Super easy application and great formula

I was impressed with the Megalasts formula during my first run through with the line, and still am. It was smooth and full of pigment. I had no issues and only needed two coats for opacity. Even though Wet n Wild is a very affordable drugstore nail polish line, I think this line looks more upscale and performs very well in terms of formula, application, and wear. Totally worth the $ 2 !

Where to Buy: Drugstores / $ 2

How are you feeling about this color? Is it too over done for you? Or are you still a sucker for the pretty blue / green hue? Are you tempted to go pick up some of these gems for only a couple bucks?!

– Liz


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Wet N Wild: Tickled Pink

This polish was an impulse buy at Walgreens a few months ago. I was in a phase of bingeing hard on stuff at Walgreens. (Also known as being bored on Friday night). It was an impulse buy because I’m not a pink girl, especially not cotton candy / bubblegum pink.

Cool toned, bubble gum pink creme

The color of this polish speaks for itself. I mean, it’s basically as girly as they come. A light, cool toned, pink creme. Pretty standard for a girl’s collection. Shockingly though, this is the only one I own. It’s pretty similar to my favorite of this group (that I don’t own) Essie’s I Need A Vacation. It’s weird, I actually quite enjoyed wearing this polish.

Not the best formula, but it's inexpensive

Wet N Wild actually delivers most times on quality for their inexpensive nail polish (and other beauty products). But the application on this polish wasn’t very good. I did have some streaks and bald spots, and major chipping by the end of the day. (I seriously need to step up my top coat game though). The brush sticks are pretty long too, because the bottles are tall, and that makes application a bit difficult.

Where to Buy: Drugstores / $ 1.99

Do you wear barbie pink polish a lot? What’s your favorite pink polish? I need to get more “classic” manicure colors, such as pinks and cremes, so I’d be open to suggestions!

– Liz


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Wet N Wild: Private Viewing and OPI: Guy Meets Gal-veston

I haven’t really been buying a lot of new polishes lately. I bought a new car recently (very exciting!) and have had some other semi-big expenses so I’ve been trying to get creative with polishes I have that I want to revisit, but still want to be able to blog. I have a couple of cool ideas I’m going to try out and will show you guys whether they end up cool or fail. 🙂

Accent nail manicure

I’ve been craving a lot of pinks, oranges, corals, etc with the temperature being basically 300 degrees non-stop here recently. I wanted to wear Guy Meets Gal-veston, so I decided to wear it as an accent color on my ring finger and thumb paired with the pretty, nude-y Private Viewing. This color combo is really lovely. I think the colors work really well together and the nude allows for some sophistication with the poppy, fun coral-y /orange/pink.

Accent nails with a poppy, orange coral

I think this is one of the first times I’ve done an accent manicure without a foil or glitter as the accent color / nails. I actually really like it. It’s still fun and unexpected, but not too loud or juvenile. Since these polishes are (almost) the same texture, it softens the look. Especially with most of the nails being nude or flesh toned.

Where to Buy Guy Meets Gal-Veston: Ulta / JCPenny / Dillard’s / Professional Salons / Trade Secret / $ 8.50

Where to Buy Private Viewing: Drugstores / $2.99

Do you love either of these polishes? What do you think about accent nails? I don’t like them too often, but sometimes it’s fun to play around with polish and find combinations that work well together.

– Liz


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Wet n Wild Shine: Blue Moon

I couldn’t decide on a polish today. I thought that this color was going to too dark for what I was feeling, but I was happily surprised. I saw swatches of this polish randomly and loved it. I love blue polishes, and have noticed I could use some more dark blues & Blue Moon fits right in that gap.

Dark blue with green microshimmer

This color is awesome. It’s super dark, but you can still tell that it’s a dark navy and not black. It may have a touch of green in the base color. It’s packed with navy and green micro-shimmer that lights up the polish in the sun, it looks so pretty. It’s super rich and full of depth. I don’t have any blue like this in my collection.

Great, dark pigmentation

The formula on this was excellent. It was super pigmented and went on smooth. I applied more polish on the first coat that I normally would just to get a nice, dark base. It was a touch runny but was really saturated. I used two coats and everything looks perfect. This polish also has somewhat of a jelly finish? It’s somewhat squishy and super shiny. Another reason to love it!

I’m worried about the wear on this bad boy though; the rest of the Wet n Wild Shines I’ve tried had chipping right away. This color is so nice, I hope that doesn’t happen.

Where to Buy: Drugstores / 99 cents!!

Do you own Blue Moon? If not, do you own anything dupey?


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Wet n Wild Megalast: Undercover

 This is another Megalast polish I picked up recently. I’m unsure how available this Wet n Wild line is because I haven’t seen it at every Walgreen’s I’ve been to. But I’m sure they are easy enough to find.

I picked this color because it’s one that I wouldn’t normally choose. But for the small price tag, I told myself to get something different. This line is mostly neutral cremes that seem pretty awesome, I’ve picked up a couple of them. The bottles are also nice and sleek, but contain slightly less than the average polish. They have .3 FL Oz.

Dusty rose. Slighty less pigmented and saturated than in photo.

Undercover is sort of a dusty rose color. It’s muted and not too saturated. It also has some tan or brown undertones in it. I could actually see a lot of people liking this color. I feel like any “rose” color has its fair share of people who love it or don’t. I could see this color working well in the fall and is very business appropriate. However, it’s not for me. I think it looks a little frumptastic on me and isn’t working great with my skintone.


The formula on this polish was excellent. It could have been a ONE coater. It went on slightly thick, but it was fully saturated, even, and opaque in one coat. I was very surprised. I did do two coats for good measure. The drying time on this line is really quick, which is great. This manicure took me honestly all of maybe 7 minutes until fully dry. This finish is more creme than half jelly / half creme like  Private Viewing (Love that polish!).

Where to Buy: Drugstores / $ 1.99

I really like this line of polishes. I fully recommend it. I still want to get more of them. Great neutrals that have a nice finish, great formula and application, and great price tag. They also have better wearability than other Wet n Wild polishes I’ve tried.

Has anyone else tried these yet? Come on, I can’t be the only one!

– Liz


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