OPI: Chocolate Moose

I have briefly mentioned how I am on an ongoing mission to collection all of the Canadian collection from OPI. To be honest, I haven’t been searching lately. I’ve had a hard enough time putting orders in for new collections online, let alone searching in real life. Luckily, my best friend picked this up for me when she was out and about , so I can cross this one off the list.

Creamy, milk chocolate-y color

Chocolate Mose (cute name) is a medium toned brown creme. I get that that description doesn’t make it sound all that appealing or interesting, but I actually really like it. It’s the color of milk chocolate in general, but is a bit lighter in tone. It’s creamy and neutral. It has a sophisticated air to it like almost all semi-odd colored cremes do. It complimented my tan well, but think it would look good on all warm skin tones.

Smooth formula and pretty good wear

The application of this polish was good. I had no issues. It went on smooth and evenly. I needed two coats for full coverage, and it dried quickly. I also need to mention that his polish wore better for me than most of my polishes do. I got almost two solid days with no chips, which almost never happens for me. That is a big plus for me.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / Target / Professional Salons / Dillard’s / JCPenny / Trade Secret (Think it’s part of the classics) / $ 8

Are you into browns on your nails? Do you own a brown creme? A shimmer? I know darker ones may be more appealing, but this one is a keeper too and something different.

– Liz



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7 responses to “OPI: Chocolate Moose

  1. beachgal

    I love this shade. It’s always work appropriate – works with any outfit – always in season – be it mid summer or middle of winter. It’s not a mauve but works like one.

  2. Ally

    I like this color! The browns that I have are on the dark side – some almost appear black, which always leads to “why are you wearing gothic nailpolish” questions from friends haha! But I actually like that this brown is much lighter !

  3. Ok, I need to have some chocolate now, this color made me hungry haha

  4. sparris

    I love browns, though I think this particular wouldn’t look so good on me. Too bad, as I quite like it.
    Mostly I wear darker, shimmery browns with gold or silver in them.

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