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H2O Spa Hand and Nail Cream

My favorite hand & nail cream!

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this product with you guys. First I’ll apologize for our lack of posts this week. Liz is out on vacay and I have been crazy busy and have barely even had time to paint my nails!

I’ve been using this hand and nail cream on and off for a little over a year. Even when I stopped using it and bought something else I always compared it to this hand cream and always liked this better. It’s the H2O Spa Hand and Nail Cream and it comes in various sizes, scented and unscented. Speaking of scent, I find the scent of this very nice. It lasts for awhile and it is not at all overwhelming. Some describe it as floral, but I just think it’s very fresh smelling. I think it’s a scent that just about everyone will like, but if you are morally opposed to scented creams there is unscented available.

A better shot of the travel size

As you can see this is the travel size, which I’ve practically used all of in about 2 months. I’m actually starting to think I might be addicted to it? I use it at least a couple times a day. I recently invested in another travel size and the full size, which is about 8 oz. I literally love everything about this hand cream. Besides the pleasant scent, it is extremely light and not at all greasy. I absolutely can’t stand greasiness in a hand cream, I hate having to sit there and not touch anything for minutes, so I really love that factor. It smooths easy, you don’t need a lot, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave stickiness behind.

That may look thick in the picture, but it’s really not at all. Like I said, I first started using this around fall of 09, it was actually complimentary hand lotion in the bathrooms of a job I had at the time. It was probably the best thing to happen to me at that job. I used it several times a day (duh, it was free!) and it did wonders for my hands and nails. My hands were always soft and I found my nails breaking and peeling less, they looked healthy almost all the time as long as I was using the H2O Hand and Nail Cream. I highly, highly recommend at least trying this and seeing what it can do for your nails!

Where to Buy: Ulta / / $6.50-$17

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


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Sally Hansen Complete Manicure: Lagoon

It looks like a mermaid lagoon

This polish was from the limited edition summer collection that Sally Hansen put out from this line last year, that included the special Hidden Treasure. I have four polishes from this collection, HT included, and this one is my favorite of the three and is in my top 10 favorite polishes for sure.

I wore this polish only once before, and I think only for about a day. I guess I was somewhat blind at the time. This polish is awesome and right up my alley in terms of color and theme. I’m gunna throw this out there first, some of you might think it’s a little frosty, but I’m so in love with it I don’t see it. Love is blind!

Lagoon. Such a pretty blueish green..with yellow!

This color is a super pretty greenish blue. Almost tealish in a way, I guess. It’s hard to describe the base color. It is definitely more green than blue, and it has yellow in it as well. It says nothing but mermaid to me. The yellow is a flash in the polish. It is a sheen that somehow almost sits perfectly on top of the polish, and comes out in the sunlight even more. This color is so pigmented and seriously pretty and different. I don’t own any other polish that is this color in my collection. It’s bright. The finish on this polish is metallic, but in a different way. It sort of looks like a Minx manicure to me or something with the finish. It’s blingy and flashy without being packed with glitter. Which is awesome for me. And the color is so pretty and sort of edgy.

Sally Hansen Lagoon Close Up

I had no problems with the formula. I think most of us can agree that we really like this line of Sally Hansen, and I need to get more of them. I did three coats of Lagoon because I wanted complete saturation of this polish. I probably would have been fine with two. Although you don’t need to, I added a top coat for longevity purposes. Also, the dryer time on each coat was so fast, I barely had to wait to apply the next.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers

Does anyone have any colors similar to this one? I want more like it! I loooove it.

– Liz


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Nicole by OPI: One Less Lonely Glitter

One Less Lonely Glitter

We’re on a purple roll today! Over the weekend I finally found the Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Girl Justin Bieber collection. Like the frantic tween that I am not I scavenged through what was left and got One Less Lonely Glitter and slapped it on my nails almost immediately.

Since I didn’t have much time to think between buying and painting, it did come out more sheer than I expected. This is three coats. After looking at the larger, circular glitter in the polish I realized that I think this is the purple version of OPI’s Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection. I have yet to do a side by side comparison, but after looking at the bottles and photos, I’m pretty sure that’s the case.

Like I said, this is three coats and it didn’t exactly build like I wanted it to or get as dark as I wanted to, but after wearing it I liked it so much that those were fleeting thoughts. After three coats this is a lightish purple, a glittery lilac and the big glitter catches some shades of pink in the sunlight. It is a very young nail polish and I would hope no one would expect mom-ish or mature from the Biebs collection. I wore this with kind of a boyish outfit and it really made it a whole lot more fun. It was definitely a mood-changing mani for me on Saturday, which was also my first Mardi Gras parade so another reason for the purple glitter.

A different angle

So we all hate the Nicole bottles, which is probably touched upon every time I review one of these polishes. However, they have changed the brush. It’s a short, fat, wide brush and I should’ve gotten a picture of it. I definitely will next time. I really like the brush change, especially the shortness because there’s less unused brush and less risk of dripping, very easy to control.

The removal of this was as awful as the typical glitter, not much more to say in that. I think this color is really cute and fun and I enjoyed wearing it. I literally stared at it all day. That being said, I think I’m going to go for a neutral, palette cleanser this evening.

Where to Buy: Target / Walmart / Bed Bath & Beyond / $7ish



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Wet n Wild: Buffy The Violet Slayer

Buffy The Violet Slayer...and changing polish

Okay, the name of this polish is awful, like all of this line. So let’s just get that out of the way. Though, a lot of the colors from this line are pretty cool looking. Like this one. Buffy the Violet Slayer is a bright, metallic, in your face blurple. So much so, that the polish can’t decide what color it actually is..

Indoor lighting. See the shift of color?


In this bottle photo, the polish is this saturated, glorious purple. I actually don’t own any purple that is this bright. It’s so pretty and vibrant. Like, a perfect purple. And that’s how this polish looks in regular indoor lighting. However, when you’re in bright lights, even in doors or near some sunny windows, this polish starts to shift into a straight blue.

BTVS outdoors

At first I thought it was my camera. And I was just bummed that I couldn’t really blog about this polish because my camera was just completely messing up the color. I somehow didn’t notice that it was when I went outside, that this polish completely shifted! The color looks very similar to OPI Blue My Mind outdoors. Like, an electric, royal blue. To be honest, I wish the color stayed the purple that it is indoors. But I guess violet is a very subjective color that some would call purple or some would call blue. It’s an interesting polish and I like it, it just surprised me.

I did find this formula to be kind of difficult to work with. I ended up doing three coats. My manicure was very sloppy and sort of gross when I finished applying this polish. The formula was a little thick (maybe because it’s fast drying?) and didn’t apply in the smoothest manner.  I found it not the greatest to work with, but I wouldn’t say it was terrible or I wouldn’t use it again. Just difficult.

Where to Buy: Drugstores / $ 1.99

– Liz

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Trader Joe’s Regenerating Antioxidant Moisturizing Face Lotion

Regenerating Antioxidant Moisturizer

I was eyeballing this at Trader Joe’s recently and had to pick it up. And after the first night I used this Regenerating Antioxidant Moisturizing Face Lotion (4 OZ), I wanted to gush about it to all of you, but made myself use it for a full week and then report back to you guys.

First of all, the packaging is cute. And I love anything with antioxidants. Tea, multivitamins, lotions, etc. And then, when you get past the packaging, the label on the front reads this enticing little snippet:

“Combines the antioxidant Ester C, a collagen-stimulating and cell renewing formula. May help reverse sun damage and reduce appearance of fine lines.”

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Nyx: Jumbo Eye Pencil

Pure Gold

Over the past few months I’ve been hearing a lot about Nyx products and had been getting anxious to try them. I heard that the eye shadows especially were Mac-esque and so every time I went out I searched for the perfect palette to try. Newer Nyx collections don’t seem to be widely available in stores that I frequent, so I eventually just wanted to try so bad that I decided to get the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pure Gold.

I love gold eyeliner and think it’s really pretty on everyone and who doesn’t love an inexpensive fat eyeliner in a fun shade? I couldn’t wait to try it and do really like the color. It’s probably more of a bronze-y, orange gold than a yellow gold, so it’s different than other gold eyeliners/shadows I have.

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Coming Soon: OPI Pirates of the Caribbean

Summer OPI Pirates of the Caribbean

I’m not really into pastels and cremes, HOWEVER anything that is sea or ocean inspired, sign me up ASAP. And for some reason I have seen every one of these movies. I think they are fun and who doesn’t like Johnny Depp? Come on.

In addition to these pretty pastels, there will be a silver shatter in the collection! Which I think I will really like. I think with the newly released China Glaze colored shatters, finding color combos that don’t look 80’s or childish will be difficult for me. So, I think silver will be a nice balance between fun and not too juvenile, at least for me.

Other colors in this collection will include:

  • Skull & Glossbone: Light grey creme
  • Mermaid’s tears: Light sea foamy green
  • Steady as She Rose: Light pink
  • Planks A Lot: Medium blueish toned purple
  • Sparrow Me The Drama: Medium purple toned pink
  • Stranger Tides: Light grey / sage-y green

Do these colors seem super original? No. But I’m already dying for Mermaid Tears. And I feel like with this theme it was either do something pretty, tropical, and pastel or something edgy, and “piratey”.  OPI picked pretty. I mean, would Jack Sparrow wear any of these polishes? No, I don’t think so. But I’m excited to see the swatches of Mermaid Tears, Stranger Tides, and Skull & Glossbone!

– Liz

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OPI: At Your Quebec & Call

At Your Quebec & Call

Happy Friday! It’s been really great outside the past few days here in Chicago. Usually at this time in February we are preparing for one last snow storm and it’s still cold. However, magically it’s spring.

I love the name of this polish. And I have really wanted many of the Canadian collection polishes for awhile. But they aren’t the easiest to find. I recently purchased this polish and have been waiting to use it.

Black label OPI

I received this beauty in the mail and the first thing I noticed was its black label. The next thing I noticed was its horrid smell. OOF. It stinks to high heaven. I swear even when the lid is on.  But the formula wasn’t bad. I wanted to get through the manicure in two coats because of the smell, but it needed three to really get that a nice pigmented, saturated metallic finish. But it dried quickly so it wasn’t too bad.

AYQ&C - Bronzed Olive Green

This color is very pretty. I actually thought it was going to be a touch lighter, or maybe a little more green. But I am by no means disappointed. I love green polish, and recently not only in polish but make up have been really into olive green. This polish has a good amount of brown / brown shimmer. Totally greek goddess.

Green shimmer, brown shimmer

The base color of this polish is an olive metallic green, however there’s lost of micro shimmer packed in as well. There’s brown and bright green that come out a lot in the sun that sort of make this polish shine. But indoors and in regular lighting is just mostly reads as a green metallic.

At Your Quebec & Call / CG Peace On Earth

This color is pretty similar to China Glaze’s Peace on Earth from 2010’s Holiday Collection. It also has that same nice finish. But like I said, AYQ&C has some more brown to it and is a little darker. POE is brighter.

This polish is really pretty. And it seems both springish and fallish to me. The green is bright enough to make it perfect for this time of year, and the balance of brown makes it great for fall.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / $8.50ish


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OPI: Birthday Babe

Happy birthday to me!

As Liz mentioned, yesterday was my birthday. Of course, I had to wear OPI’s Birthday Babe to celebrate. It’s from OPI’s 25th Anniversary Collection. I love this polish! It’s so shiny and flattering. As you can see, it’s a metallic, a bright silver that verges on white.

I think this is a great color for the name Birthday Babe. It’s a color that will look good on anyone and therefore, makes an excellent and adorable birthday gift. I loved wearing this and another plus to this shade is that it goes with any outfit you put on.

That's me!

You only need 2 coats of this, I can’t imagine doing 3. One of the downsides of this polish is that it is VERY streaky. Honestly watch every brush stroke because if you don’t have them looking like you want it to then it’s going to dry that way and you’ll be so annoyed. It’s not a runny polish though so I found it easy enough to control the streaks and make the mani look nice.


You can see how white-ish of a silver this color is in this pic. Birthday Babe is a shiny, pretty metallic of a bright white-ish silver. Kind of streaky, but nice and opaque. When this starts to wear you’ll see lots of hairline cracks in the polish, this kind of annoyed me, but it still looks lovely from far away so only the polishfreaks will notice. You know you’ll have to wear this on your birthday so just admit it and love it, haha.

Where to Buy: Ulta / Salons / JCPenney / $8.50

Can’t wait for Friday!



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OPI: Y’all Come Back Ya Hear?

Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear

What can I say, the name of this polish for me is rough. I pretty much can’t stand it as a polish name. However, objectively as a nail polish, I’ve got no problems with it.

I was on the hunt for a good orange last summer, and it wasn’t easy to find. I landed on Orly’s Truly Tangerine which I like. And is pretty much the same color as this polish. However, it’s a creme and these sorbets are really pulling at my heart strings, so this might be my best true orange.

Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear

Y’all Come Back Now Ya Hear is a bright, poppy, Texas orange. Everything you could want from an orange polish. It screams summer. Though, I feel like some polish freaks have some issues with VNL and the slight sheerness of these sorbets. For this manicure I guess technically I ended up doing four coats. After I applied my initial first coat of polish, I basically added another one right on top of it right away. And then applied two thicker coats and my VNL is barely there and the color and finish look great.

Close up sorbet finish

For me, I love the cleanness of these sorbet finishes. When you’re done applying your polish, you have a perfect, even, glassy, professional looking finish. Sometimes with cremes and jellies I get patchiness (mostly my own fault) or streaking, little things that I notice that bother me. Or when you wear a cream for a few days and get all those tiny hairline cracks at the tips? I HATE that! That doesn’t happen with this finish either.

With the sorbet finish of the Texas OPI’s I get a perfect finish with minimal effort. The polish does the work for me. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Where to Buy: Ulta / Dillards / JCPenny / Trade Secret / Online Retailers / $8.50

I can’t wait to get my paws on most (or probably all..) of this collection. What’s your favorite from the Texas OPI’s?

– Liz


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