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Hundreds for Chanel…LOTS of Hunreds

Guys, you need to click on this and be happy you aren’t as crazy as the person that spent that much money on that polish. That’s INSANE!

I’ll be back with a real post later. 🙂

– Liz


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Chanel: Nouvelle Vague

I have NO IDEA how this polish hasn’t been blogged about by me yet. This is one of my all time favorites that I own. I’m offended by myself for not posting this, haha. This color is worth all the hype and any green or blue lover needs it. Enough said.

Beautiful balance of green and blue

Nouvelle Vague is beautiful. It has this relaxing tone that is so soothing but yet it’s nowhere near boring. To me (and on me) this color is more green than it is blue, but it’s not overly green. There’s a nice balance in this little bottle. This color is almost perfect to me. Everytime I wear this polish I feel pretty, but it also packs a little edgy-ness since it’s a blue/green. But I will say that it isn’t saturated or blue enough to be a turquoise to me. It has delicate hidden shimmer that comes out to play in the sunlight.

Smooth finish with hidden shimmer

The formula on this polish isn’t bad, but it’s not great. I need three coats for full coverage and to even everything out and look great. But I don’t think the formula is particularly bad. I have heard people complain about it, but it’s by no means unmanageable or unruly. I think since it is a lighter / paler color that has to do with its not so perfect formula. But honestly, it’s not a pain to apply.

Where to Buy: I have no idea! I’m sorry! It was limited edition. Help?

Did you fawn over Nouvelle Vague when it was released? Did you purchase it? Do you love it? Would you purchase it if you could now? I love this color. It’s special.

– Liz


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Chanel: Peridot

There is really is something special about these Chanel fall polishes, and I can’t say no to them. I have tried to talk myself out of buying them a number of times. I finally purchased Peridot the other day and don’t regret it. Although, I will from the jump let you guys know that Chanel polishes don’t wear well on me, but I’m an idiot and still buy them.

But just LOOK at how pretty this is in the bottle?? Olive green, gold, blue?? I couldn’t resist.

Duochrome of olive green, gold, and blue

This polish color / duochrome is completely different to me. I haven’t really seen anything like it and I don’t have anything like it in my collection. It looks absolutely beautiful in the bottle and it all translates onto the nail. And the finish is a metallic shimmer that looks expensive and special. The gold is the most predominate on the nail but you get a good amount of the olive-y green. And the blue is by no means just a flash; it shifts and is visible often. It’s awesome, I really loved admiring this manicure.

Smooth, opaque application

I’m happy to say that I had no complaints with application or formula. The formula was thinner and easy to apply and spread on the nail. It was opaque with good pigmentation that only took two coats. The drying time was also good.

But as I mentioned, Chanel polishes don’t wear well on me. In all honesty, I don’t get good wear out of most of my polishes. 90% of the time I get chips within the first 24 hours. I do a lot with my hands at work and just don’t really see a way around it with a regular manicure. I am looking at trying new top coats but who knows if that will solve my issues. I doubt it, so I just deal with it.

Where to Buy: / Chanel Counters / $25

We all know Chanel polishes are pricey, but this color is worth it to me. It’s beautiful and really eye-catching. I also plan on picking up Graphite when I have the chance.  I’ve been dreaming about both since photos started popping up online.

So give it to me; are you a Chanel buyer or not? I see both sides of it but I definitely love their polishes and colors. Are you lemming Peridot or Graphite? Or waiting for the Barry M dupe that will show up soon?

– Liz


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Chanel: Mimosa

I’m back…with a banger!

Yellow seems to be the hot color right now for polish junkies. China Glaze’s Lighthouse was awesome. Deborah Lippmann just released Yellow Brick Road, her squishy, yellow jelly. And Chanel revealed Mimosa, their summer canary yellow with their special secret shimmer.

From what I had read from other bloggers, I was prepared to give myself a steady, and some-what time-consuming 3 coat manicure. I knew from the jump it was going to take three coats, and didn’t care. The polish in the bottle looks too gorgeous for me to be mad at it for needing some extra TLC.


To me, Mimosa is like the perfect canary yellow. I like that it isn’t too golden in tone. It has a great balance. It also has certain softness to it that allows it to be approachable (and in my opinion) very wearable, while still maintaining its cool factor of being an unconventional nail color that is perfect for spring and summer. It seems to shift in different kinds of lighting. Brighter and more saturated the stronger the light.

OPI Nees Sunglasses? / Chanel Mimosa / OPI Lemonade Stand By Your Man

Mimosa is yellow done Chanel’s way. Like I said, it’s still saturated and noticeable, but it’s got that softness. It isn’t at all egg yolk-y, like Need Sunglasses? and LSBYM (and even maybe China Glaze Solar Power). It’s not too golden or too “sunny”. It’s a bit lighter and paler with that sophisticated quality. LSBYM is closer to Mimosa because it also has sheen and shimmer. I feel like even though Mimosa is just a touch different, it has a big impact and is much prettier.

Secret, subtle shimmer

As you may know, the formula isn’t 100% on, which will turn a lot of polish lovers away. If you’re paying $25 per bottle, and the formula isn’t perfect, that’s going to be a problem. But is it unmanageable? No.

I would suggest using 3 thick coats and letting them fully dry between each coat. To avoid unevenness and streakiness, make sure your first coat is thick and applied carefully. Even with thick coats, this polish to dry WAY faster than I was expecting! The formula itself isn’t goopy, thick, or chalky. It’s not as big of a pain as you might think. With a steady hand and careful application, I am plenty satisfied with the outcome. It went on easier than a lot of pastel crèmes I own.

I am super into the yellow with my turquoise ring

To be honest, while doing this manicure last night I wasn’t totally sold. But by the time my last coat dried, and then my top coat dried, I was loving it. Aside from it being slightly high maintenance to apply, the only other draw back is that the secret shimmer is a little too secret. In the bottle it appears more noticeable than what the final outcome on the nail is.

I think if you’re already interested in Mimosa, you should give it a go. The recent spring and summer polish collections haven’t been doing it for me this year. So, I haven’t bought many new polishes and didn’t mind paying the big price tag for Mimosa since it’s different, intriguing, and beautiful.

Where to Buy: / Chanel Counters / $25

How do you feel about Mimosa? Pretty or no? Do you think it’s not worth the hefty price tag? Or are you being swayed by all the buzz? Let’s talk it out.

– Liz


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Chanel Ombres Perlees De Chanel

Click to Enlarge. They are so awesome!

Chanel’s Spring 2011 Line, Collection Les Perles De Chanel, was inspired by pearls. When I saw these shadows, I felt like I had to have them. They looked so different, edgy, yet completely approachable and beautiful. I normally don’t splurge on such things as this, but I was left defenseless against the shimmer, colors, and texture of this palette (and had a gift card). I also find it to be versatile between all the color combinations you can do and pretty much a must have!

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Chanel Le Vernis: 511 Pearl Drop & 515 Peche Nacree

Hi lacquer lovers!  I finally have photos of the other two polishes from Chanel’s Spring 2011 collection.  Let’s start off with Pearl Drop.

Chanel Le Vernis 511 Pearl Drop

Pearl Drop is a beautiful white color with gold reflections.  I usually won’t buy a white color like this but this color is just gorgeous.  I literally gasped when I first swatched it because it was just so pretty.  I like my polish to be pretty opaque so I layered this 3 times.

Chanel Pearl Drop Closeup

Closeup of Pearl Drop

Chanel Pearl Drop Swatch

Pearl Drop in the sunshine

Chanel also suggests for Pearl Drop to be used on your toes with Black Pearl on your hands.  I cannot wait to try that combination because I can imagine this on my toes lounging around poolside.  So good!  So, all in all, this color is great.  1 coat is way sheer, 2 coats should be perfect and 3 coats makes this a strong color.

Chanel Le Vernis 515 Peche Nacree

Peche Nacree is a feminine peach color that looks pretty similar to skin tone but obviously more peach and with shimmer.  I adored this color in the bottle but wasn’t as impressed once it was on my nails.  It’s a subtle color and I prefer something with a bit more contrast to my skin tone.  Regardless, I do think this is a great color on and think it will look great on all skin tones.

Peche Nacree closeup

Peche Nacree on the nails

Both colors are metallic so there are visible brush strokes but they’re really only visible in bright light.  Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colors are pricey but I find the formulas always to be consistent and strong. I haven’t seen the China Glaze Anchors Away collection in person yet, but from what I have seen I think that “White Cap” will be pretty close to Pearl Drop and “Sunset Sail” to be close to Peche Nacree.  Can’t wait to get my hands on that collection to compare it side by side!

Where To Buy: & Chanel Counters / $23

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

– Rachel

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Chanel Le Vernis: Black Pearl

Hi all! Guest blogger Rachel here, offering a peek into the 2011 Spring Chanel makeup line!

There’s something always really special about Chanel Le Vernis polishes.  They’re mostly limited edition, (so that is always something to brag about having), they’re always beautiful and spending $23 on something that is Chanel is truly a steal.  Their handbags usually start out at $2,000 and small jewelry pieces at $250 and ballet flats anywhere from $300-$500…so being able to have a part of the Chanel luxury for the expensive price for polish but the affordable price for Chanel is so worth it.  Some people think spending that money on a polish is insanity…but I’m sure a lot of you are able to agree that it’s worth it.  It’s been like my gateway drug into becoming addicted to the brand.

Black Pearl bottle in the sun.

My newest addition to my collection is the Spring 2011 color “Black Pearl.”  I love, love, love this color!  It is literally the color of a pacific black pearl.  It’s trendy and not your typical “spring” color, but since it hit Chanel boutiques and makeup counters in January it will make an excellent “winter is coming to an end” color.  I mean, come on, who wouldn’t wear this year round?  I know I certainly will!

Bottle & Nails

In addition to being just like a black pearl, the color it reminds me of an angry ocean on a dark, stormy day.  The base of the polish is a grey-black with some dark blue and green metallic in it, which creates a gorgeous shimmer. The polish went on nice and I was able to get the color I wanted with a typical 2 coats.  I think the color is pretty versatile being able to match up fine both preppy and rocker-chic looks…which is my favorite when I can look like a country clubber by day and a bar crawler by night – and do it with nail polish style of course!


Side view & close up of the polish.

There are two more polishes to complete this collection – “Peche Nacree,” a peach color and “Pearl Drop,” (the opposite to the black pearl) a white with gold reflections.  Both colors are shear and shimmery.  It’s suggested to pair Black Pearl and Pearl Drop together, black on the hands and white on the toes.  I’ve never done a light color like that on my toes before, but maybe this will be the color for me to try.  And Peche Nacree is just too pretty and feminine to not love.

Do you think Black Pearl will create frenzy like Jade did?  I think it is definitely the newest “must have” color. Hopefully I will have the other two polishes to swatch for you all very soon.  Stayed tuned for that and some picks from the Chanel Spring 2011 makeup line too! I’ll sign out like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous since that’s what this polish makes me feel like.

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams,

– Rachel

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