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OPI: Lourve Me Lourve Me Not

Indoor Sun

Lourve Me Lourve Me Not is from the OPI French collection that came out in 2008. I recently picked up this polish when Lauren and I were out searching for dusties in New Orleans. This color is a slightly dusty or muddy purple. Very slight though. It’s still very saturated and colorful, it just isn’t too bright. Which was a theme in this collection overall. But it’s a very pretty purple, it reminds me of being sophisticated without boring. This photo best caught the true color of this polish. It doesn’t scream at you, but is still eye catching.

I tried to capture the shimmer of this polish but it’s slightly hard to see. The shimmer that is in this polish is purple and what seems like gold as well? This, to me, is what allows the polish to be not too brown and blah. I took these photos inside one of my girlfriend’s high rise apartment on the 40th floor, and the sunlight was so great! I wish I could always swatch polishes and take photos inside.

Indoor Sun, Shimmering

Feeling french and wanting a baguette,


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Zoya: Zsa Zsa

Hi everyone! I’m back! It was much too long away from nail polish and blogging. My nails have literally looked a wreck the past two weeks and are still recovering, hence why they’re rather short in these pictures. They’ve been peeling badly and I swear at least one has broken almost every day. I’ve been using oils and moisturizing a lot and trying not to strain them. Hope for the best!

For my triumphant nail return, I had been planning the perfect manicure to coincide with the season premiere of Mad Men tonight. I struggled with it all week and finally decided on Zoya Zsa Zsa. I got this polish during the exchange that ended in June and it sounded like a real red lover’s red, so I had to have it. I also love Zsa Zsa Gabor and will buy anything named after something I like. This polish is a double threat for me.

My first impression from the bottle was that it could pass for a rose pink or a red, but once I got two coats on, it’s definitely more red. Sometimes when the sun hits it, it could definitely pass for pink. Either way, it’s a great color and is my Joan Harris/Holloway color for the Mad Men premiere.

As always, the formula was lovely, no bubbles and no streaks. I’m so happy to have nail polish back on my little tips that I’m sure I would have welcomed any color, but I’m really enjoying wearing this one already! It’s a really classic red, but I don’t feel like it’s a typical one that I’ve seen a thousand times either.

Happy nails,


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Zoya: Kristi NOTD

Kristi In Shade

Kristi is from the new cream collection Zoya just released for Fall 2010.  There were a few reds released, but this one was one I had to get right away. Kristi is a very bright, cool toned red. This color actually is very similar to Borghese Red ,which I love. Both are one of those reds that when you apply it, you can see all the pink and brightness in it. I used two coats and got a nice, even, smooth outcome. This color isn’t very unique or different, as you can see, but many girls can agree you can never have too many red polishes.

I’m not a huge fan of red polish. Recently when the Chicago Blackhawks were in the playoffs, I had red nails for 2 weeks straight and I could barely stand it, haha. I haven’t thought about wearing red since until today. I feel as though clean up is always difficult. I can never get all of the color off of my cuticles or around my nail bed. I just can’t stand that it doesn’t look almost perfect. It’s probably because the color is so pigmented and bright it’s just hard to do. Also the same thing happens when I remove red polish for a new polish color. I am trying to appreciate more the classic that is red nail polish, but I’m not really a “classic” style type of girl when it comes to anything. In clothes, polish, etc. But I do need some nice reds in my polish collection so I got Kristi for this reason.

– Liz

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Essie: Turquoise & Caicos NOTD

I would like to apologize from the lack of posting the last few days. I wore Essie Sag Harbor a couple of days ago and wanted to post about it. However, by the time I could take photos of it to write about, fabric glue had dented and ruined my mani. And I was not going to put anyone through the pain of looking at photos of it. I’m sure I will wear Sag Harbor again soon and will be able to write about it for you guys. I was so sad!

I’m going to announce something in this post that some of you might think (or realize) that I am slightly a freak / weirdo. I don’t buy China Glaze nail polish and actually, neither does Lauren. You all might have noticed that it’s one of the brands we haven’t covered yet, and it’s because we both do not own any.  This is because everytime Laur and I would go polish shopping, we’d swatch a nail with a China Glaze we were interested in and it would look horrible. Not pigmented, sheer, etc. Also, I do realize this isn’t really a fair way to judge nail polish but we did. However, this will change when the Vintage Vixen collection is released. Lauren and I have been dying over most of the colors since we saw the first promo pics. So, we will be giving them a fair trail then.

I bring this up because everyone seems to mention that For Audrey is the Tiffany & Co nail polish. It’s a girls go to color for Tiffany blue. I have no idea since I do not own this polish. But what girl doesn’t love Tiffany’s and furthermore, Tiffany’s blue? It’s an iconic, feel good color for women of all ages all over the world. I recently saw a color wheel comparison of “Tiffany Blues” at PolishHorderDisorder that was amazing and then realized that Essie Turquoise & Caicos is a true match to Tiffany blue. (Also interesting Turquoise & Ciacos can be T&C, same with Tiffany & Co..) so I wanted to swatch it for you guys and let you all know! I was surprised that I had not read more about this, or it wasn’t mentioned on more blogs, etc.

T&C in overcast

T&C is from the 2010 Essie Resort Collection that was released this year. This color is amazing. However, for some reason I had not gotten around to wearing it until now. I love blue greens so I have zero idea what my problem was. The formula on this polish was very thin. I had to apply three thick coats for even coverage and full saturation. However, the finished product is pretty close to perfect. It’s so smooth and shiny. It really is beautiful.

Bottle, T&C box, and T&C

Ah, what about this photo isn’t great? I can say that one of the best joys in life is receiving a Tiffany’s box. Whether you are getting yourself something special, it’s a surprise from a friend or boyfriend, it is one of the most exciting and best things to give and receive. Like I said, Tiffany’s is iconic and something women love. It’s a very special gift, and a polish color that is absolutely perfect for any woman any time of the year.

I would also like to mention something else about this color, and others, that I have noticed on the internet. There will be polishes that I own and have worn as mani that I see swatches of on the internet that look nothing like what the polish really is. For some reason, people tend to edit their photos by adjusting the color so much that the photos are nothing near what that polish truly is. This is something I can not stand. I am not someone who knows how to edit photos well, have an excellent camera, or think my photos and blog are the best or anything like that. However, I do not want to post photos on here that don’t give you all a true and best to my ability representation of a polish color. That does nothing but confuse me when I read reviews and swatches.  There are some blogs that I just can’t look at because people tend to do this.  This is just a rant I guess. But I keep noticing it and just wanted to vent about it. Has anyone else noticed this and is bothered by it?

Until I blog again,

– Liz


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Zoya: Hope NOTD

Hope in Sun

I sure am on a Zoya kick, huh?

One of the girls that is in my camp group at one of my jobs has been asking me to paint my nails “dark purple” for about a week. She is completely adorable, and not to mention my favorite camper, of course her wish is my command. I thought it was interesting that she kept asking for “dark purple” so I had to find a color that I thought she would really enjoy that was pigmented, purple, and not too light per her request.

I had not worn Hope yet, like many others I have mentioned it’s one of the many new Zoyas I have recently bought/ordered/exchanged/whatever. I love purple polish so picking the right one out for this task was quite interesting. This purple  has a metallic finish/sheen that lends gold flash every now and then in the sunlight. Hope is also very saturated and sexy. Sort of like a classy edgy polish choice. This color is actually pretty similar to Essie Sexy Divide, which I also love! The formula on this polish was perfect Zoya. I did the standard two thick coats. This polish isn’t extremely unique but I feel like many of us have multiples of this kind of purple. For me, the more the merrier.

Is it Friday yet?!

– Liz


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Zoya: Goldie NOTD

Goldie in Party Sunny

Hey guys. I hope everyone had a good weekend.

This is my NOTD. I couldn’t decide what to paint last night, I just didn’t feel like making a choice about anything. Although I needed badly to change my manicure. So I somehow ended up on Goldie. I hadn’t worn it yet, so I’m sure that swayed my choice. And I sort of wanted a neutral.

I recently received Goldie in the Zoya exchange. I thought it was a fun color, and it seems different from other golds. This gold, to me, reads more brown rather than yellow. It isn’t s gold that is too flashy or too bright. It’s sort of a subtle metallic gold. I like it, but I sort of like my metallics, like silver and gold, in foil form. So they are shiny and sparkly, like jewelry. But as I said this is a different color gold. The formula on this polish was typical Zoya. I did two thick coats, and everything went smoothly.

– Liz

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Milani Liquid Metal Collection

Have patience with me, everyone… these are my first swatches. Apologies since they aren’t all that great, but I had to start somewhere! These are the Milanis that I got from CVS the other day!

Molten Rock

Melt Down

Melt With U

The formula on these was awesome and they are VERY sparkly. I used 2 coats for all of them, but I think 3 would look really nice and give a lot of depth. I’m wearing Melt With U currently and am really enjoying it. The 2 reds are a lot alike, the first one, Melt Down, has a lot more purple in it, and Melt With U I expected to be a lot more orange, but it’s definitely still red. On the whole, I like Milani’s polishes and I like this collection. I wish it would’ve been easier to find so I could’ve gotten the other colors, especially Hot Metal!


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Sonia Kashuk: In The Buff (NOTD)

In The Buff

Hey all! So I couldn’t resist it… my last Target trip, I bought another Sonia. I wanted this one and Candy Man, but by the time I got back to Target most of her polishes were sold out! Luckily ,they had In The Buff still so I snatched it. This was my NOTD for basically last night and this morning. It started to peel along the edges and I had to take it off as soon as I got home from work. I don’t blame this on Sonia’s formula, I’m starting to think my Barielle base coat and Seche Vite top coat aren’t playing nicely with certain nail polish formulas. I’m probably going to start a spreadsheet of what to use what with until I figure out what’s causing the problem. I’m looking forward to swatching Milanis this weekend, so hopefully no problems. Anyway, back to In The Buff!

In The Buff (shade-ish)

So as you would have guessed, it’s a nude. It has a pinkish tint to it, but is definitely not pink. It’s sheer, of course, this was 3 coats. It kind of reminds me of Essie Jackie Oh My without the shimmer. It was really shiny, pretty, and fun to wear. In The Buff kind of has a sexy appeal to it, mostly because of the name, I think, but it’s nice to have something on that makes you feel good. I wish my nails hadn’t started to look gross today or else I definitely would not have taken it off until at least Sunday. If you like the Sonia colors, I recommend running out and picking some up before they are all sold out!

Have a good weekend!


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Zoya Fall Swatches & NOTD

I have a couple swatches from the new fall Zoya collection that I took today to share with you all. Almost all of the colors in this collection are SO unique. I think they are all really cool and interesting. They are very modern fall colors. I really love them all.

Julieanne in Partly Sunny

This is Julieanne. This is one of the sparkles from the collection. This color is really hard to describe and was very hard for my not so great camera to capture correctly. In this photo, you can see in the bottle the goldish yellow orange sparkle in this dark purple polish. This color sort of says Halloween to me with the color combo. However, this polish reads very sophisticated as well. Imagine it with a chic fall outfit, boots and brown trousers? It’ll be the best finishing touch. (Please excuse my lack of clean up for these swatches. I didn’t do any.)

In Full Sun

I wanted to also include a full sun photo of this color because the purple base color really shows. It’s such a nice dark purple. This was two coats. For me, the Zoya sparkles tend to be a bit thin, but as I have mentioned recently about five times, that doesn’t bother me. For regular wear, not swatching, with the sparkles I usually do three coats for the maximum sparkle goodness.

Shawn in Shade

This is shawn. This green creme is a very interesting color. This to me is a forest green. A really perfect forest green. It’s not too dark, and it doesn’t seem to take on a muddy hue at all that I sometimes see greens doing that makes me crinkle my nose at them in photos. It dried slightly darker than the bottle shows the color, but also it could just be the way it leans on my skintone. I don’t have many green creme polishes, and to me this was a really nice choice to throw into this collection for fall because it’s not too “christmasy,” not too dark, and is a really interesting color. This was two coats and the formula was great. Not too thin and not thick at all.

And just because I love it so much, my weekend mani choice is Charla.

Charla in Party Sunny

Who doesn’t like looking at this color? It’s so great!

I was in a very Zoya mood today.

– Liz

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CVS Haul

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good holiday weekend. Mine wasn’t much, I’m in the process of moving and don’t have electricity or internet right now. So this morning when I needed to get out of my place I wandered over to CVS and found two spectacular sights: two random buckets filled with OPI polishes and (finally) a display for the Milani Liquid Metal collection that I had been coveting.

Now, someone had maliciously tried to hide the Milanis from me, they were practically all gone, I’m assuming because they were going for 50% off. I did manage to discover 3 remaining bottles, but unfortunately since I can’t update from home I don’t remember exactly what colors I bought. I know I have Melt With U (I think the darker red?) and Molten Rock (teal-blue), but I can’t remember the name of the other one. I’m still searching for Hot Metal, which is the purple one.

Milani Liquid Metals

The buckets of OPI were mostly filled with the Hong Kong Collection, but I did find a few other things in there. I got Friar Friar Pants On Fire, which is supposedly part of OPI Classics, but I’ve never seen it before and the color struck me as something I would really like. Probably the biggest prize of all is OPI DS Fantasy, which I got for $8.50 because CVS doesn’t know any better.

Friar Friar Pants On Fire and DS Fantasy

Very excited to try all of these! I have so many polishes to use. I swatched them pretty quickly on my nails in the store to see what I was getting, they all looked really nice and went on well. Milani Molten Rock looks like a less green version of Zoya Charla, similar, but not an exact dupe. Unfortunately my nails need a little TLC right now due to some peeling I discovered so I’m going to have to treat them and go naked for a couple days. Let’s hope I get internet soon!



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