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Nubar: Wildlife

The Nubar “Going Green” collection has been something I’ve been collecting for awhile, at a very slow pace. I love green nails and there’s something about this collection that always kept me thinking about them. However, although Wildfire always seemed to look so cool in swatches and in the bottle, I don’t think this green duochrome is for me.

Yellow green shifts to a rusty copper

Wildfire is a yellow leaning medium toned green base, that shifts (very easily) to a rusty, earthy copper. This polish is very much a duochrome. It is always changing colors with you move your hands, which is cool. I know how much polish collectors love duochromes, but I have to say, I feel frumpy wearing them. I didn’t love this polish. I feel like the metallic-y finish is dated and duochrome colors are never saturated, rich, or deep enough as I want them to be. Unfortunate for me.

Easy application

This polish went on very easily. The formula was a bit thin, but it wasn’t an issue during application. I used three coats to get the most out of this polish. It also dried very quickly, which is always nice.

Where to Buy: / $ 8

How do you feel about duochromes? Do you own Wildlife? Do you love their shifting of colors? Or are they too much for you? What’s you’re favorite duochrome nail polish?

– Liz


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Nubar: Dark Wash Jeans

Hey, guys. I hope all of you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon. I feel the doom of Monday morning approaching too quickly. Boo.

Dark Wash Jeans it the darkest blue polish from the Nubar Jeans collection. Similar to the mid-toned polish, Boyfriend Jeans, this polish has a lot of grey in it which allows for a cool, yet subdued blue.

Not too dark, grey toned blue creme

Dark Wash Jeans is, contrary to the name, a not too dark blue creme. It has a bit of grey in it so the color isn’t too bright or loud. I actually find this polish to be a bit light and similar to the medium polish in the collection, Boyfriend Jeans. I feel as though it isn’t dark enough for the light, medium, and dark gradation going on with the three polishes in the collection.

Creamy finish and application

Like the other two polishes in this collection, I had no formula or application problems. The formula was smooth and easy to spread and covered well in just two coats. It also dried quickly and I have had good wear, which is awesome. My only application tip would be to wait between coats so you don’t get any cuticle drag.

One thing I did notice about this polish is that it dried a bit lighter than the bottle color. I think that if the polish dried more like the color in the bottle, I would be a little happier. It’s just almost not dark enough to resemble my favorite pair of dark denim. Regardless, I do like this polish and think it’s very pretty. It’s always nice to find a blue that is wearable and mature.

Where to Buy: / $ 19.99

Do you have a favorite in this Nubar collection? Or in the Chanel Les Jeans collection? Does this dark polish appeal to you? It’s a good color for the dark, cold days that are approaching (yuck!).

– Liz

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Nubar: Faded Jeans

Hey guys, I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday.

I was pretty excited to beef up part of my light blue collection with this polish. I find light blues somewhat difficult to wear on my warm toned skin, sometimes difficult to apply, and borderline juvenile. But this one slid by all of those issues. I might be somewhat bias though because it reminds me of my favorite denim motorcycle jacket. 🙂

Light, and less sky blue, shimmer

As I mentioned, even though I am a lover of all things blue, sometimes these light blues are difficult to wear on my warm skin. However, there is something about Faded Jeans that is flattering. I think it might be the delicate, fine shimmer that softens it against the skin, though it really is only noticeable in the sunlight. There’s also something about it that is less “sky blue” than light blues can be. It’s the most playful polish in the collection and I think it’s great polish for a light denim wash.

Easy application (especially for a light pastel-y blue!)

I was worried about running into an application issue with this light blue polish. But I think the shimmer in the finish evened out any chalky-ness or streaking. There was very minimal streaking and pretty good coverage. I ended up only needed two coats. My only application tip would to be to apply a thicker first coat to really make sure you get solid coverage. Pretty good drying time as well. I have also gotten excellent wear time on all of this collection.

Where to Buy: / $19.99 (For the set of three).

How do you feel about this light blue polish? Is it a bit “spring time” for you? Or do you think it’s pretty? Is it denim appropriate? I think this polish would look particularly pretty on light, cool toned skin.

– Liz


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Nubar: Boyfriend Jeans

When I first heard about the Chanel Les Jeans collection, I literally gasped aloud at my computer. I have a slight obsession with denim. Not in a fancy kind of way, but in a love for denim way. I love wearing denim on denim, I collect denim jackets and vest, etc. I just think it looks super cool and is really an American style.

At any rate, I rationally convinced myself to not drop $75 on the three Chanel Les Jeans polishes, but to wait it out in hopes that someone would steal that dreamy denim collection and sell it at a price that didn’t cause a moral dilemma. Nubar released their Jeans collection and I snatched it up.

Creamy, greyed out, medium toned blue

Boyfriend Jeans actually surprised me. In the bottle it doesn’t look to be all that pretty or interesting. A medium, slightly dusty or grey-ed out blue creme. But once this manicure was finished, I was really taken back by how pretty it is. Although it seems simple, there is something about this color that is just perfect and unique. I like that it’s blue, but not too bright, light, or deep. The creme lends itself to a certain sophistication and the grey-blue gives it an edge. It’s unpredictable and pretty; I can’t stop admiring it.

Wonderful creamy application

This polish gave me zero problems in the application and formula departments. It was smooth and creamy. It was very easy to apply. There were also no streaking problems. It had a good drying time as well. My only tip would be to wait between coats to prevent any cuticle drag. I used two coats and got full coverage. I have also had really good wear on this polish which is always surprising and awesome to me.

Where to Buy: / $ 19.99 (For the three polish set).

So, what do you think? Is an all blue or “denim” inspired collection not for you? Or do you like the colors and the inspiration? Or is Nubar ripping off Chanel kinda of lame? I love this collection clearly!

The Nubar Jeans collection is also basically a dead on dupe for the Chanels. From what I’ve seen and in my opinion, only the lightest blue is the most noticeably different (but not by much at all).

– Liz


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Nubar: Emerald

Nubar Emerald

Mmmm. A wonderful emerald green polish. What polish obsessed girl wouldn’t want this one?

First of all, Nubar, I’m really loving your green polishes I have recently purchased. They are beautiful. I’m pretty much in love with you and can’t wait to for our relationship to grow and our promising future together.


Look at Emerald in the bottle. It’s so pretty! It is a dark, sultry green with green and I think some dark blue shimmer running throughout. The shimmer is sort of subtle because it matches the base color of the polish, but there’s a lot within the polish. This polish is looking particularly wonderful on my lighter winter skin, and I think on even paler girls it would look even better. This polish has a ton of depth with the shimmer that’s in it. There’s something very substantial about it. It’s rich and dreamy. And feels sort of dressy. I was craving a darker polish, and this is perfect.

Bumpy Emerald

For this mani, I used two coats. The polish went on smooth and pigmented. This one was very opaque. I really like Nubar’s formula and application. It’s great.

Although Nubar and I are having a love affair, this polish has caused a conflict. Do you see all those little bumps? If you enlarge this photo, and the one prior, you can see this polish doesn’t give you a nice smooth finish! These photos sort of magnify the way the bumps look. In real life they aren’t obvious to anyone but me. But they are taking away from this gorgeous color! And they make me sad! This color is so pretty, I really love it but I don’t love these bumps.

I’m sure by tomorrow they won’t be bothering me as much. And maybe it was something that happened because of my basecoat or something else weird. I just adore this color and wanted it to be perfect on my nails. Hopefully the next time I wear this polish it won’t happen. Fingers crossed!

Where to Buy: Online Etailers / $ 8ish

Do you have Emerald? If you do, did yours get all bumpy during application? Say it ain’t so!

– Liz

EDIT: Again, this Nubar had a number of big chips by the second day of wear. And it was looking beyond rough by day 3, I kind of couldn’t wait to get it off. The wearability on Nubar is sort of bumming me out! I expect and appreciate when my polish looks good for 2 days. I usually change my polish at that time, and want it to look good until then.

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Nubar: Reclaim

Nubar Reclaim

I am back today with an awesome polish. Nubar released the “Going Green” collection in 2009. I love green polishes and I want to get all of them from this collection! Not to mention, it has a positive theme of recycling and going green. I think that’s cool, and I try to do my part with that.

This is my first experience with Nubar. I have been meaning to explore this brand, but ordering online is slightly annoying (that $5 to $7 in shipping is basically another polish I could have bought! I’m frugal.) but this month I am making an effort to expand more with brands.

Reclaim in the shade

Anyway…a green holo. What doesn’t sound great about this polish? Even in the shade and indoors this polish still has holo going on, though it’s not as loud as it is outside. But the color its self is a really nice medium green. Sort of a grassy natural green. It’s pretty on its own. But in the sun this holo is awesome!

Reclaim in sun!

The best! It just looks great. Most of the holos I have are more on the girly side. Pink, purple, etc. So this is a nice change. It’s still got that great rainbow holographic sparkle, but it’s a green. So it sort of balances the bright rainbow with a more earth toned sort of color. A little masculine.

Close up of holographic in the sun

It’s just so pretty and cool. It’s a great holo. Sometimes holos can let you down, and this one clearly doesn’t. It’s also just a really nice spring time color. And I guess not to mention a good St. Patrick’s Day polish (it is March 1st..somehow)

Nubar Reclaim holographic polish

The formula on this polish was really manageable and easy to work with. At first when I took the brush out of the bottle and saw it, I though it was going to be a little thick. It looked as though it was going to be on the brush. But when applied to the nail, it was slightly thin, which I like. It was easy to apply and was very smooth. I only needed two coats for this wonderful outcome!

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / $7 ish

Do you own Reclaim or any other polish from the Going Green? If so, what’s your favorite? I want them all!

– Liz

EDIT: I am very sad to say that this polish chipped horribly after I took a shower on day 2! Giant chunks chipped right off. Could be a fluke, but I wanted to enjoy this color for more than just a day. Don’t worry, I still love it and will use a different basecoat next time around!


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