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Rescue Beauty Lounge: IKB: 2012

Although my RBL stash isn’t large by anyone’s standards, I am a big fan. I appreciate the attention to detail from Ji and the company and think they always have interesting colors and stories that draw me in. However, my bank account hates when that happens.

IKB: 2012 is from the fan collection. I literally couldn’t wait to get my hands on this electric blue; it couldn’t be any more my taste.

Jelly / creme electric blue

First of all, this polish wasn’t easy to photograph. In real life, it is deeper and darker than these photos display. I apologize for not being 100% color accurate. However, the way these photos turned out is more so what I thought the polish was going to look like. I was expecting a bright, radiating blue. But it is darker and more purple than I was expecting. It dries semi-matte, so this leads me to believe there’s some neon pigment in the formula, but it’s not as bright as I was hoping or expecting. I wanted it to be a bit louder. I still actually love this polish a lot, but I did have a different pre conceived idea of it.

Somewhat tricky formula

I heard the first batch of these fan polishes had formula issues, but they were to be resolved. I didn’t have much issue with the formula on IKB: 2012. The first coat did go on pretty uneven and sparse, but by the second coat it really covered my nails and was almost completely opaque. I did do another thin coat (3 in total) just to make sure everything was perfect. It also dried quickly thanks to the neon pigment (I think). I did do this manicure last night, and already have tipwear though. Not what I like to see from a $20 bottle of polish, to be honest.

Where To Buy: / $20

So let’s hear it! Did you end up buying any of the RBL fan collection? Did you get IKB: 2012? If not, which color was most interesting to you? Did you like the idea of fans of the line being able to win and developed their own polishes?

– Liz

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Rescue Beauty Lounge: No More War

I didn’t mean to disappear for so many days. My internet died over the weekend and I had to new a new modem, set it up, and blah blah blah.

But I’m back with one of my favorites! I actually haven’t blogged about or worn in a very long time. It was nice to see this gorgeous, unique polish back in action.

Buttery smooth, yellow toned green

This is a polish that you either love or hate. I find a lot of people who love polish or collect nail polish and find it difficult to find interesting, unique colors for their collections tend to like this more. No More War is an olive green creme, with a bit of yellow and brown in it. It’s cool to me because you can tell it’s a murky green, but it’s almost neutral. It’s one of those edgy, borderline ugly colors. Which I like. And I think after applied, most people would actually like it. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s interesting for sure.

Smooth, easy application

I found this polish to have a great formula. And this is something that is pretty common among RBL polishes. It went on very smooth and easy. It was also very pigmented and I had minimal streaking. I only needed two coats for full coverage. My only application tip would be to pay a little extra attention while applying, because RBL polish (to me) is thinner and can pool by your cuticles.

Where To Buy (When In Stock): / $ 18

I need to really make an effort to buy more RBL polishes. The almost $ 20 price tag is a bit steep, but it’s a brand I really respect and want more of Ji’s interestingly beautiful colors!

So, do you love it or hate it? Do you own it? Does No More War terrify you with it’s yellow-y green hue? Is this polish more ugly or pretty / chic to you? I’d love to hear it!

P.S. Happy 300th post for Death by Polish! That is exciting and crazy! Thanks to everyone who continues to stop by, read, and comment in your busy days. It always makes me happy. 🙂

– Liz


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Rescue Beauty Louge: Dead Calm

Deep blue Dead Calm!

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this polish with you all since the first coat graced my nails. This is Rescue Beauty Lounge Dead Calm. I knew when I saw this color on their website that it was going to be gorgeous and I was not disappointed. Let’s go in for a close-up, shall we?


Oh, yes. I went back and forth on whether I thought this was a deep sapphire or a navy and honestly, I think it’s both. To me, it’s a shiny, glimmering sapphire about 75% of the time, and the other 25% of the time, when it’s in the shadows, it’s a dimmer navy color. I couldn’t get enough of it and when I was bored to death at work yesterday it really kept me going.

Looking darker, more navy

I truly did love this color at first coat. It went on so smoothly and completely opaque so that I honestly debated whether or not I should even do 2 coats. I can never just leave it at one though, so this is 2. There were no imperfections in my mani whatsoever, I was so pleased. The wear was fine, Liz and I have mentioned before that we don’t think the wear justifies the price, but I do love RBL’s quality of polish and range of colors. This and No More War and real winners for me and favorites on my list. I hear they’ve got some new polishes out for spring and I may just need to splurge if the colors are as good as those!

Where to Buy: / $18


Is it spring yet?



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Rescue Beauty Lounge: No More War

No More War

Hey everyone! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving holiday. I was at home in Chicago visiting with my family + Liz, which was wonderful… plus I got my RBL polishes! Sorry that the pictures aren’t superb, the sunshine has been very minimal recently and I had to snap these pics before I even had my coffee!

One of the 2 RBL polishes I got is No More War. I’ll admit, I was hesitant to pull the trigger on getting this, it looked so different to me online compared to when I got it in person.

It’s a shiney creme army green/olive green and it’s really gorgeous! It’s instantly become a favorite of mine. I really love how different the color is and that it can be a neutral. In some lights it looks super shiney green and in others in can be kind of a more muted brown hue.

The more muted, "dingy" side of this polish

Application was kind of streaky in the first coat, but evened out nicely in the second and that was as many coats as I did. I wish this was lasting longer honestly, I’ve already gotten some chipping on my right hand.

This brings me to the unfortunate question, would I have gotten this for full price… the answer? probably not. For almost $20 I’d expect at least 2 days of solid wear in addition to great colors and a smooth application. I don’t know if I’ll buy RBLs at full price, but I don’t mind paying the more reasonable half off price. I am still looking forward to using the other nail polish I got, which is Dead Calm.

If me, Liz, or anyone else ever finds a dup of this color, we’ll be sure to let you know about it. However, I certainly can’t recall seeing a color like this. If you really love No More War I’d keep a watch for any kind of sale with RBL… or maybe ask Santa 🙂

24 days ’til Christmas,


EDIT: Hey, all. I just wanted to let everyone know my experience with this polish as well. Lauren and I have been pretty hit or miss with RBLs I guess? Which, I don’t know, sort of seems to be a theme from what I have noticed from other consumers. However, I also recently wore this polish and had no problems with it. I absolutely LOVED it. I think it may be one of my top 2 or 3 favorite polishes. I did not have chipping problems and I think I wore it for 3 three days with minimal to no tipwear. I would completely buy this polish for $18 for the unusual, awesome color on its own!

– Liz

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Rescue Beauty Lounge: Scrangie

In Sun!

I’m sure many of you have seen or heard of this polish. But look at it, it’s so perfect! RBL came out with a blogger collection a couple of years ago and this is the ever so popular blogger Scrangie’s personally designed polish. For anyone that loves purple polish, this is a serious must have. Or I’d even claim anyone that likes polish needs to have this because it is beyond unique and gorgeous.

In Shade

I really like the fact that the base color in this polish is not too dark or deep. It also has a red tinge to it that I could see while applying, so the purple is warmer. The depth on this polish is so impressive between the warm purple and the cool shimmer. The light blue / greenish shimmer that is running through this polish takes it to another level. When I saw it in the sunlight, I could barely believe how pretty and mesmerizing it was. I don’t want to stop staring at it! It also allows for the polish to be brighter / lighter overall, which I really like. This color is an eye-catcher and a serious show stopper.

The application was slight on the thin side. I had to use three coats for full saturation and for the color to become completely opaque. But the three coats allowed for the color to really build and come out perfectly. I did notice that this formula smelled like hair dye to me. Which I found annoying and slightly strange.

– Liz

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Chipping & Tipwear Rant on RBL

Ugh. Well, I am disappointed. And frustrated. First of all, I make it a point to either shower before I paint my nails during the day and not after I have just spent time making sure they look great. I feel as though showering or some reason with recently painted nails always makes mine peel easily, etc. I showered this morning, and my nails have excessive tipwear and chips. So, I take steps to prevent chipping and tipwear as much as I can because well, who doesn’t hate it? I am upset because as mentioned in my post yesterday, I had high hopes for RBL with their quality of polish based on the price. I was expecting a good formula and application, which it had, and for the polish to last. All I asked for was 2 days! That’s not extreme. I haven’t even been wearing this mani for 24 hours and I have tipwear and chipping. Why must this happen to me? I used the Barielle Protein Basecoat with CND Speedey topcoat. I’m not using poor products as a base or topcoat for that to be part of the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this with RBL polishes? I understand this may have been some sort of fluke, and I will compare it with the wear on my other recently purchased RBL polishes. But as of right now, I am disappointed.

EDIT 11/15: I recently wore (and am still wearing) No More War. I put this polish on on Saturday and I decided to switch up my basecoat because I thought that maybe something wasn’t working well with RBL. I used Formula 2 by Nailtiques, followed  by two coats of No More War and CND Speedey. My chipping after two days is nonexistent and the tipwear is minimal. I’m still unsure if I applied Concrete Jungle poorly or something wasn’t meshing with Stickey as the basecoat. I will also update on this topic when I wear Scrangie sometime soon. I am considering using two different basecoats on each hand and will fill you guys in on the outcome!

– Liz


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Rescue Beauty Lounge: Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle

Last week Rescue Beauty Lounge was having their 50% off sale, and I couldn’t wait to order once I heard about it. These polishes are $18 a pop, plus shipping, which is a bit pricey.

First off, I had read that my order would take around 2 weeks to arrive. I ordered my polish literally 10 minutes into the sale starting, and they were shipped that day. And I received my order by Friday! I was so happy and very pleased with the organization of this big sale and to see how quickly my order was processed and sent out. I ordered three polishes, so here we go…

Beautiful blue toned grey

Concrete Jungle is somewhat of an iconic RBL shade. It’s raved about often. It’s a beautiful blue / grey. It actually reminds me more of the ocean on a foggy day, rather than the blue / grey that the concrete of an unfinished basement can often be. But this color is amazing. It’s the perfect balance of blue and grey, neither one is too much in the color. However, I do think because of my skin color and tone, it does look more blue than it would on others. I would love to paint my bathroom this color!

Perfectly smooth application

The application was perfect. It was a dream to apply, and almost opaque by the first coat. It went on so smooth and beautifully. It did not apply streaky, like some ligther creme polishes can do often. I used two coats, and every thing was even, fully covered, and opaque. I am curious to see the wearability on these polishes because of their higher price tag. 90% of the time I have chips by day two, so I would love to see these polishes get me through a couple of days at least!

Where to Buy: / $ 18

Is Concrete Jungle one of your RBL favorites? If not, which one is? Let’s hear it!


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