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Clinique: Lash Doubling Mascara


Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara

Guess what everyone… tomorrow is Liz’s birthday! Make sure you stop by DBP to see what she picks for her birthday weekend mani and wish her a happy bday 🙂


Today I will update you guys on my adventures in mascara, it was time for Smashbox Bionic Mascara to go and I actually picked up this Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara (in black) which I had gotten a sample of not too long ago and used it enough times that I wanted to buy it.

Medium-sized tapered brush

This has a much smaller brush than I normally go for and it is tapered. I’ve kind of realized that I might be over the fat brush mascara, lately I feel like it just applies product where none is needed and all of that then ends up flaking off onto my face. So far I have had no flakey issues at all with Clinique Lash Doubling so that’s made me very happy.

I was pretty shocked at how much length I got out of this the first time I put it on, it packs a lot of punch in a small package. Liz feels Clinique Lash Doubling isn’t quite dramatic enough, which I can see, it doesn’t give quite the plush, thickness that I would like. However, I’ve been pretty impressed so far and think my lashes look darn good. Especially after all that flaking, I’m taking the comfortable wear over the extra thickness I’ve gotten from other mascaras, especially those with bigger brushes.

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Benefit: Eye Bright

Picture from

Beware the EYES of March… because apparently they are dark and scary. Thank goodness we have Benefit Eye Bright! I am a big fan of this product. Not long ago, I felt that my under-eyes were getting much darker, they weren’t puffy, just… pigmented. Liz solved this problem by getting this for me!

This pink pencil is an eye brightener that will fix under eye darkness in just a few dabs. I literally wear this everyday. I’m really careful about not using anything too harshly around my eyes, so if you’re worried about that you can probably even put the product on your finger and then dab it under your eye. I just do a couple light swoops and blend it in with my finger.


Here’s a close-up and as you can see it’s really light and perfect to lighten the dark eye circles. It doesn’t do anything drastic like change my skin tone. I don’t use foundation, but I picture it blending in nicely with just about everything. I have not heard anything about using this on darker skin tones though, so I’d be interested to hear any feedback regarding that.

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Trader Joe’s Regenerating Antioxidant Moisturizing Face Lotion

Regenerating Antioxidant Moisturizer

I was eyeballing this at Trader Joe’s recently and had to pick it up. And after the first night I used this Regenerating Antioxidant Moisturizing Face Lotion (4 OZ), I wanted to gush about it to all of you, but made myself use it for a full week and then report back to you guys.

First of all, the packaging is cute. And I love anything with antioxidants. Tea, multivitamins, lotions, etc. And then, when you get past the packaging, the label on the front reads this enticing little snippet:

“Combines the antioxidant Ester C, a collagen-stimulating and cell renewing formula. May help reverse sun damage and reduce appearance of fine lines.”

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Nyx: Jumbo Eye Pencil

Pure Gold

Over the past few months I’ve been hearing a lot about Nyx products and had been getting anxious to try them. I heard that the eye shadows especially were Mac-esque and so every time I went out I searched for the perfect palette to try. Newer Nyx collections don’t seem to be widely available in stores that I frequent, so I eventually just wanted to try so bad that I decided to get the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pure Gold.

I love gold eyeliner and think it’s really pretty on everyone and who doesn’t love an inexpensive fat eyeliner in a fun shade? I couldn’t wait to try it and do really like the color. It’s probably more of a bronze-y, orange gold than a yellow gold, so it’s different than other gold eyeliners/shadows I have.

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Revlon: Colorburst Lip Glosses

Revlon Colorburst Lip Glosses

Have you guys seen these being raved about online? I have seen a few reviews about then, and decided that I should give them a go.

Revlon has recently revamped their make up and make up packaging and I can only say that it was a great idea. These glosses look so high-end. Their length, square body, and the argyle tops look great! I picked up three shades of the Colorburst Lip Glosses: Hot Pink, Crystal Lilac, and Strawberry.

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Smashbox: Bionic Mascara

Smashbox Bionic Mascara

in Jet Black!

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been feeling the OPI Texas collection for spring. I’m looking forward to the swatches! Anyway, I wanted to show you guys the mascara I have been using for the past month, which is Smashbox Bionic Mascara in Jet Black. It also comes in a color called Indigo Ink, which I have worn and that color is great if you don’t do black or are just looking for something new. I’m kind of a mascara junkie and am always trying new brands looking for the perfect storm of lash wonder. Generally, I’m not a huge fan of drugstore brands, they just never feel nice and don’t wear well for me in general. Some of my favorites are DiorShow, Benefit Bad Gal Lash, and Mac Plush Lash.

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Nars: Etrusque Eyeshadow

Deep wonderful gold!

Nars’ Etrusque was a much coveted item for me around the holiday season. It is from their Holiday collection 2010 and it is a rich, shimmering gold shadow.

I’ve been wearing this color non stop since I got it. At first I thought it was going to be much darker from the previous gold shadows I have owned. You can see how I would think that from how dark it looks in the packaging. I was surprised to see that when I applied it with a plain, dry brush it was lighter than I had predicted. Not too light that you couldn’t tell it was gold of course. Honestly, I’m not sure if this is good or bad I think I would’ve liked it the same whether it was light gold or dark gold.

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