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Sally Hansen Complete Manicure: Plum Luck

plumluckbottle It sure has been awhile hasn’t it, guys? The hiatus wasn’t planned, but life has gotten far busier than it once was so not only my nails but also Death By Polish. I hope to be back in touch with you all. And want to wish everyone a happy holiday season! I’m ready for some snow.

I’m under the impression that Sally Hansen is eliminating this polish line since I recently bought a few for a mere $2. I haven’t had the best luck with this line s it isn’t surprising to me, but for some reason did really like this polish.

A deep, well balanced plum

A deep, well balanced plum

Plum Luck took me by surprise. I bought it mainly because it was cheap and looked decent. But once applied, the color looks different from the bottle; to me it ends up being deeper and more “wine” colored, which I really like. I like that it ends up having a darker tone and more red than I anticipated. Finding a good balance of red and purple in “wine” is difficult and this one has a very nice balance. I also think that this polish would work well for the holidays, the deep red / purple tone feels somewhat festive to me.

I used three coats for full coverage and had zero issues with formula. I did out of habit apply a base and top coat with this polish, even though it isn’t “necessary” with this polish line.

Where to Buy: Drugstores, Target (if still available) / $ 2 – $ 8

Can anyone confirm if Sally Hansen is filtering out this line of polishes? Was anyone else also less than impressed with the quality of this polish line? Did you pick up Plum Luck or any other of the Complete Manicure polishes on clearance and were surprised by them?

– Liz


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OPI: What’s With The Catitude? with Sally Hansen: Hidden Treasure

Ice nailsss

Hey everyone! I’m gonna be loading you up with pictures today. I haven’t had any new polishes in awhile and I wanted to do something different to mix things up. I’m getting so sick of everything I have! I was in layering mood, specifically in the mood for Hidden Treasure. So I went out of my comfort zone and paired it with OPI What’s With The Catitutde? From the Shrek collection. I am really loving how it came out!

This pic is how it looks in the most natural of light, but of course I can’t just leave you with that one. My favorite look is when Hidden Treasure goes all green on top of the light blue and I tried to capture that as best I could. Here’s one a little closer and angled:

from the side

Last night when I finished painting I just thought this was really bright and cute and this morning when I woke up I thought they looked like ice… so I’ve been calling them ice nails, ha ha. I did two coats of What’s With The Catitude? I had not used that polish for awhile because I didn’t care for the application at the time, but I really wanted to use that color and give it another try. The application still isn’t great, but you can pretty much even it all out by the second coat if you’re expecting it from the start. Then I did one coat of Hidden Treasure, which is always fun to use and no trouble at all. I had a pretty fast drying time even though all those layers of polish felt pretty thick on my nails.

Here’s a couple pictures of this mani in warm vs. cool lighting:



I think that having something layered over this polish takes away the pastel of the color and the baby boy blue aspect so it doesn’t seem as childish. Slap some glitter on there and it’s instantly more interesting and fun! Really enjoying wearing this one, I’ll have to stop outside my comfort zone more often.

Where to Buy: What’s With The Catitude / Online / $8ish

Hidden Treasure / Online / $6ish

You might be able to find these in stores, but I couldn’t guarantee that. Those prices should be the very highest end.

Happy Hump Day!



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Sally Hansen Complete Manicure: Barracuda

There were a couple of polishes from this recently released summer Sally Hansen Complete Manicure collabo with Tracy Reese that appealed to me. The creamy summer collection looks relaxing and calming and really drew me in. I picked up a couple of bottles and I pretty much wish I kept my money instead.

Light, breezy blue

Isn’t this polish name kinda fun? I love the color blue and believe it or not, I don’t have that many that fall into this light, breezy tone. The color is very relaxing and pretty. It’s nothing unique or different, but it’s still soothing, calming, and pretty.

Patchy and uneven application

The formula on this polish was fine. It wasn’t too thick like some pastel-ish shades can become. But the application was pretty bad. It was patchy, uneven and full of bald spots. It didn’t correct itself when it (sort of) dried. The drying time was also very long. It seemed to…never dry. I had the same problem with Without A Stitch from this collection. I haven’t had this problem with the Complete Manicure line before, so it was pretty disappointing. Wear time was also not up to par.

Where to Buy: Drugstores / Target / $ 8ish

Did you pick up any of these new Complete Manicure polishes? Or did they not catch your eye? I was excited about Sally Hansen finally expanding this line, but it didn’t live up to the others that I own.

I’m feeling somewhat discouraged about blogging. I feel as though I put a lot of time and effort into Death by Polish and it hasn’t really become what I wanted it to be. I wanted to be able to reach more people in the nail community and know that people really enjoy stopping by my blog in their busy days to relax and read about our shared hobby. And even more so, be able to talk more with others about my polish hobby. I hope that my feelings change because I really loved watching DBP grow and be a part of my “me time”. But it seems to be expanding less and reaching less readers and that, well, bums me out. I really appreciate and enjoy all of our regular readers and want to talk and connect with you guys more!

– Liz


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OPI: Y’all Come Back Ya Hear? and Sally Hansen Complete Manicure: Hidden Treasure

I was really feeling like wearing an orange on my nails recently. And while I was poking around in my stash, I realized I don’t have that many oranges, which was a let down. I wanted to wear Y’all Come Back Ya Hear? and remembered this awesome manicure, and decided to repeat it.

Flakes underneath Y'all Come Back Ya Hear?

I decided to do this manicure as accent nails only on my ring fingers and thumb. YCBYH is an ideal orange jelly that is saturated, fun, and ideal for summer. The perfect orange. Hidden Treasure is a flake-y top coat that is warm toned with orange and yellow. These warm toned colors go really well together, even if warm tones aren’t my favorite.

Pretty, subtle accent

I started with 2 coats of YCBYH on all of my nails. Then I added one thick coat of Hidden Treasure on both of my thumbs and ring fingers. Then gave all nails another coat of YCBHY and top coat to finish. It sounds a little more time-consuming that it actually was. Everything dried easily and was worth the outcome. I wish I had done it to all my nails not just as an accent! It’s subtle, but adds a splash of sparkle in the sunlight and is something fun for summer.

Some of you might be wondering why I didn’t just put HT on as a top coat on my accent nails. I really prefer with a jelly finish and a flake-y top coat to put the flakes within the layers for a look that has a lot of depth and looks like a Nfu Oh polish. They look like they are inside the polish, not just floating on top.

Where to Buy Y’all Come Back: JCPenny / Ulta / Trade Secret / Dillard’s / Professional Salons / $ 8.50

Where to Buy Hidden Treasure: Maybe Ebay? Or you could find any flake-y top coat to use. I know Hard Candy had one and I’m sure there’s a drugstore brand out there that makes one.

So, tell me. Do you love flakes in polishes? I know some people go nutso for it. It’s nice once in a while but not a regular thing for me. What’s your favorite flake-y nail polish?

– Liz


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OPI: Houston We Have a Purple & Sally Hansen: Hidden Treasure

I was looking at some Nfu Oh swatches last night. Now, I know this may sound a little crazy to some of you, but I haven’t ever been super interested in getting my hands on any. One thing for me is that the bottles are a major turn off, and it’s always a pain when I can’t get my hands on polishes without ordering online.

But Nfu Of 51 gave me an idea. I know lots of polish heads love flakies and jellies. I thought I should use Hidden Treasure, which I don’t use that often, and try it layered with a Texas OPI sorbet. Not put Hidden Treasure over, but under!!

Houston We Have a Purple OVER Hidden Treasure. Flakies!

I don’t layer polishes all that much, but last night did a little experiment to see how this would turn out. I used HT as the base and did two coats, which made this easier because HT is a complete salon manicure polish so I cut out using a base coat. Then I applied two coats of OPI Houston We Have a Purple.

Flakes coming through

I was SO surprised that I liked this outcome as much as I do. I was just going to do 4 fingers for a swatch to blog, but ended up doing all my fingers! This manicure is also pretty flexible, meaning that you could do 3 coats of HT as the base for even more flakies coming through. More or less for your taste. I used 2 coats, and it’s a subtle, yet still noticeable look. If you use a lighter color than this over HT, it would shine through even more.


I picked Houston We Have a Purple because I didn’t love this polish on my first go around (this polish is basically a fushica pink NOT purple!), but thought the warm red-based purple work really well with the warm toned flakes that are in HT. Any sorbet, or jelly, would work really easily with this combo, but I didn’t feel like a big contrast between warm and cool tones. Just a preference.

I like that instead of putting HT on top of Houston We Have a Purple, the fact that it’s underneath the polish makes it look like the flakes are IN the polish. It gives it so much more depth rather than just sitting on top. This manicure did take a while to dry for some reason. And I noticed that my HT smelled really strong and gave me the worst headache!

Where to Buy: Houston We Have a Purple / Ulta / JCPenny / Dillard’s / Trade Secret $ 8. 50

Hidden Treasure / Good luck! You could look for some other flakie top coats that look just like HT. Same thing.

What do you guys think? It’s a winner, am I right?! I feel so proud of this manicure, haha!

– Liz


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Sally Hansen Complete Manicure: Lagoon

It looks like a mermaid lagoon

This polish was from the limited edition summer collection that Sally Hansen put out from this line last year, that included the special Hidden Treasure. I have four polishes from this collection, HT included, and this one is my favorite of the three and is in my top 10 favorite polishes for sure.

I wore this polish only once before, and I think only for about a day. I guess I was somewhat blind at the time. This polish is awesome and right up my alley in terms of color and theme. I’m gunna throw this out there first, some of you might think it’s a little frosty, but I’m so in love with it I don’t see it. Love is blind!

Lagoon. Such a pretty blueish green..with yellow!

This color is a super pretty greenish blue. Almost tealish in a way, I guess. It’s hard to describe the base color. It is definitely more green than blue, and it has yellow in it as well. It says nothing but mermaid to me. The yellow is a flash in the polish. It is a sheen that somehow almost sits perfectly on top of the polish, and comes out in the sunlight even more. This color is so pigmented and seriously pretty and different. I don’t own any other polish that is this color in my collection. It’s bright. The finish on this polish is metallic, but in a different way. It sort of looks like a Minx manicure to me or something with the finish. It’s blingy and flashy without being packed with glitter. Which is awesome for me. And the color is so pretty and sort of edgy.

Sally Hansen Lagoon Close Up

I had no problems with the formula. I think most of us can agree that we really like this line of Sally Hansen, and I need to get more of them. I did three coats of Lagoon because I wanted complete saturation of this polish. I probably would have been fine with two. Although you don’t need to, I added a top coat for longevity purposes. Also, the dryer time on each coat was so fast, I barely had to wait to apply the next.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers

Does anyone have any colors similar to this one? I want more like it! I loooove it.

– Liz


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Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

In Shade

Hey readers. I know, who hasn’t seen the swatches of Hidden Treasure over black polish. Or lots of other flake polishes out there. But you have to admit, it does look really nice, and pretty cool! And to top it off, it is very Halloween-ish. I painted my nails China Glaze Liquid Leather (love that name) the other day, and to cover up some tipwear and to add a change I layered Hidden Treasure on top. I don’t know if I would wear HT by itself, I just don’t see it looking good alone. It’s meant for layering. I plan on wearing Here Again…Aragon Tomorrow within the next couple of days, and I was thinking with the dark green that it is HT will look good over it, and very Halloween as well. I will show you all the results!




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