Zoya: Charla

Sparkly Charla!

By now, you’ve probably heard about this polish. This is Zoya’s Charla, from the Sparkle collection that came out this summer. I got this through the polish exchange and somehow waited this long to wear it. It is absolutely glorious. It’s a deep blue-green mermaid-like color with A LOT of sparkle. Like most other Zoyas, it applied like a dream. This is only 2 coats, but next time I may go for 3.

More of Charla

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about the wear or how hard the glitter may be to remove. I ended up on a cleaning binge yesterday, got some nasty chemicals on my mani, and the polish just came flying off. I only got to wear it for a day 😦 That’s okay, it will be back. It’s still summer here in New Orleans, so I have time to wear more summer polishes before we get into fall. I can’t even imagine thinking about all these Holiday collections yet… Anyway, this polish is so pretty and if you love blue, greens, sparkles, or all 3 then you absolutely need this. Catch Me In Your Net from OPI’s Summer Flutter collection is a Charla dupe. That may be a good option for you if it is easier to get, but according to other blogger reviews, it is very sheer in comparison.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!




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2 responses to “Zoya: Charla

  1. Scientific Housewife

    This is my absolute favorite polish right now and I’ve worn it many times this summer. The glitter is pretty difficult to get off so I suggest soaking beforehand.

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