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Hibiscus Blooms Round 2

Red Hibiscus

We are expecting anywhere from 12 to 24 inches of snow by Wednesday morning. Crazy! I haven’t minded the snow this much this year, but I’m going to use our continual blooming hibiscus to remind me that Spring is approaching!

And in other hibiscus related news, I got a cranberry hibiscus juice from Trader Joe’s the other day that is really good.

Huge bloom!



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OPI Katy Perry: Last Friday Night

Last Friday Night

Let’s start off by stating that this glitter is SHEER. I feel as though many polish heads are disappointed in this blue glitter because of this factor. Which, I mean, would make sense if you didn’t use your eyeballs to look at the polish in or on the brush before purchasing it. Or were wrongly deceived by an online purchasing site, or just like your glitters to sparkle loud and bright, etc.

Glowy Last Friday Night

I bought this guy knowing it was going to be sheer and light from promo photos, swatches, and seeing it in person. The sheerness is intentional. I get you, Last Friday Night! I am NOT disappointed in you! I think you’re cool! I am your friend!

The first thing that needs to be said about this polish (aside from its sheerness) is its awesome some what iridescent glow. It’s kind of like having blue, glowy, sparkly, alien fingers. But in a totally NOT weird way. (Also, don’t forget I’m way into The X Files currently and might just want blue alien nails. Don’t hold it against me.)

Last Friday Night glowstick fingers

To be fair, the first coat of this polish is SO sheer. It’s basically a clear coat with glitter. But when you begin to build the color and glitter, you get this jelly, light blue base that sort of looks like it should glow in the dark (but doesn’t of course). I ended up doing four coats of LFN. Which is a lot, I understand. But each layer dried fast, and I liked seeing the color build and am completely satisfied with the finish.

Close Up. Click to Englarge! (Slightly more blue in real life)

The base of this glitter is a very light, pale blue. The glitter pieces within are hexagonal and iridescent. Seeming to also be slightly blue and pink (to me). There is also blue micro glitter packed very well in there. All of the glitter working together creates this sort of abstract mother of pearl affect in the sunlight. I think it’s really cool, different, and pretty. I think this would look really good on darker skin tones because it would appear more blue. And on lighter skin tones this would look extra cool and alien like!

This polish really shifts in low lighting. It looks deeper, and so many different colors come out of it. Blues, greens, and purples. It reflects the light so cool. It’s completely awesome and so pretty.

If you like the idea of this polish but not the effect on its own, you could always use a couple of layers on top of a lighter base. Maybe a light blue or silver. Or a dark blue, dark purple, or blurple. I’d like to try that out soon.

I also think this glitter does work well under the shatter. Since it has this cool glowy thing going on, I like the look of that peering out from under the solid black.

I feel like you’re either going to love this polish or hate it. I love. It might be one of my top 5 favorite polishes.

Where to Buy: Ulta, JCPenny, Trade Secret, Online Retailers / $8.50

Loving Last Friday Night,


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Zoya: Alegra

Sparkly fuchsia pink!

Happy Sunday everyone! This is Alegra from Zoya’s Summer 2010 Sparkle collection. I loved pretty much all of the polishes in that collection, the colors were so pretty and so sparkly. For one reason or another, Alegra slipped under the radar for me and I didn’t end up using it until this weekend! I was surprised at how much I loved it from the first coat. I think these darker pinks are great for my skin tone and the gold and pink glitter in the polish is very nice.

I found this pretty difficult to photograph. The photos I took of the polish make it look a little lighter and more hot pink than it actually is. Fuchsia is definitely the correct word for the color, in darker lighting it also is very berry. Some of the glitter is a brighter pink so I think that’s why it can look more hot pink at times.

Close up

Like I said, I loved this at first coat, it applied nice and opaque. I only used 2 coats. You don’t really need to go overboard with the Zoya Sparkle collection because they packed so much glitter into them so there’s plenty of shimmer without extra coats. I really liked the formula for this collection, not to mention almost all Zoyas.

This is wearing really well for me, I have a little tip wear today, but for how many times I’ve nicked my nails in the past 24 hours, I’m pretty pleased. I’m hoping it wears well into tomorrow because I will definitely need a happy pink for the Monday blues.

Where to Buy: Zoya / $7


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Zoya: Caitlin


Happy weekend, guys! Caitlin  is the last polish I got from the Zoya Spring 2011 collection. I have a hard time remembering all these women’s named Zoya polishes straight. Caitlin is a really interesting color. I don’t own anything like it. I thought it was difficult to tell the actual color and tone of this color from swatches because of its tone. I think on different people’s skin tone, I couldn’t get a real sense of it.

Caitlin next to Kelly. (Caitlin is darker than shown here in this photo.)

This is Caitlin next to Kelly from Zoya’s fall 2010 collection. I like Kelly a lot, but it does dry much darker than the (already) dark color in the bottle. It’s basically black. Caitlin is sort of like, the brighter / lighter version of Kelly. In Caitlin, you really get the greyed out blue color. Caitlin is not too bright or loud. I would say it is similar to a cornmeal blue, but not exact. To me, it falls into the category of “edgy neutrals” that have a lot of grey in them.

Caitlin. A greyed blue creme.

You can clearly tell Caitlin is still blue. But it’s muted with nice depth. It dries slightly darker than the bottle. Most of the time blue polishes are so bright even when they are a dark color, that’s it’s nice that Caitlin is kind of the opposite. The formula was great. I did 3 coats for an even saturated finish. Usually with Zoya cremes though, I feel like 2 coats is all you need. The drying time on this polish was really good though to make up for the 3 coats!

Where to Buy: / $7

I’m going to see if I can find some goodies I’ve been looking for recently today. Some Revlon glosses and other polishes to look forward to soon.

& in TV related news, I started X Files this past week. All 9 seasons are on Netflix watch instant. I love supernatural stuff. So this will keep me busy for awhile! Is anyone else into detective Scully and Mulder? And aliens and paranormal activity? Nerd alert!

– Liz


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Smashbox: Bionic Mascara

Smashbox Bionic Mascara

in Jet Black!

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been feeling the OPI Texas collection for spring. I’m looking forward to the swatches! Anyway, I wanted to show you guys the mascara I have been using for the past month, which is Smashbox Bionic Mascara in Jet Black. It also comes in a color called Indigo Ink, which I have worn and that color is great if you don’t do black or are just looking for something new. I’m kind of a mascara junkie and am always trying new brands looking for the perfect storm of lash wonder. Generally, I’m not a huge fan of drugstore brands, they just never feel nice and don’t wear well for me in general. Some of my favorites are DiorShow, Benefit Bad Gal Lash, and Mac Plush Lash.

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A peak at OPI Spring/Summer Texas 2011

OPI Texas Summer / Spring 2011

(In Order Left to Right)

  • Don’t Mess With OPI
  • Suzy Loves Cowboys
  • San Tan-tonio
  • Austin-Tatious Turquoise
  • It’s Totally Fort-Worth It
  • I Vant To Be A Lone Star
  • Do You Think I’m Tex-y?
  • Houston We Have A Purple
  • Too Pink To Hold ‘Em
  • Y’all Come By Now You Hear?
  • Big Hair Big Nails
  • Guy Meets Gal-Veston

So..How are you guys feeling about this collection? Do you find the names as annoying as I do? I don’t really want to be telling someone that I have “Guy Meets Gal-Veston” on my nails. Some of the names aren’t too bad. I do like “It’s Totally Fort-Worth it” and “Houston We Have A Purple.”

I also keep telling myself that once we see actual, good swatches of these colors we might all really like the collection. But, I’m not sure it’s really going to be a winner for me. You never know though, colors and collections grow on me the more I think about them and see them. But none of the colors seem too new or fresh. Just mainly summertime cremes.

Even though I’m not that into football, I think a Dallas Cowboy’s blue would have fit into the collection. But I’m glad there’s at least a Longhorns orange is in there. That’s totally Texas.

Ad for OPI Texas

I’m not sure if you all have seen the print ads for this collection in magazines or anywhere else recently. But I am not a fan of the styling or anything about the ads. Something about the model and styling seems completely fake and not actually Texas. And just kinda bad? That’s not working for me either.

Though, if I lived in Texas I’d probably buy the entire collection just because!

Where to Buy: OPI Texas collection will be available at retailers February 2nd / $8.50

– Liz


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Essie: It’s Genius

It's Genius

I got this polish awhile back and hadn’t used it yet. I’ve been on some kind of purple binge lately and guess I wasn’t done yet. For awhile, I was convinced that the name of this polish was, “I’m a Genius” which would have been way cooler. Still wish it was. Laur and I often call Essie polishes by a different name that we make up just for fun.

At first I thought this color was kinda frumpy. It has all the makings to sound pretty good. A plum red base color with gold shimmer. I think it would be a really nice fall color. It’s grown me since I’ve had it on. It’s pretty. It reminds me of Essie Damsel in a Dress, but lighter.

I'm a geniusssss!

I did three coats of this polish. The first one went on a little less opaque and streaky than I would have imaged. But it ended up being even and saturated by the third. I can’t tell if I think the gold shimmer takes away from the polish or not. Or adds to it being a little frumpy in a way. It’s weird, it’s frumpy but not. A ‘Mom polish’ maybe?

Gold shimmer inside

I just wanted to show you guys the gold microshimmer that’s in the polish. There is literally no sunlight out here in Chicago today, just grey and snow. So it wasn’t showing up on my nails in the photos really. I do like this polish, and I think during the fall would be a great time to wear it.

Where to Buy: / Ulta / Online Retailers / $8

It’s almost Friday,



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