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Ulta: Green With Envy

Green With Envy

I had to run to Ulta recently to pick up a bottle of CND Speedey, since I had been dangerously low for a while and had nothing as a back up. I was prowling the clearance bin and found this Ulta polish and for $2.99, I thought why not.

A couple of things I noticed: the horrible stumpy brush that made application on my nails not easy at all and the really bad smell. Definitely not a 3 free formula in the slightest. The formula was too thick for my taste, though somehow I still needed 3 coats to get as close as I could to the bottle color. The first couple coats were streaky, not well pigmented, and looked like a hot mess. There’s still some unevenness and patchiness visible.

Dark, almost black, green with some emerald shimmer

In the bottle this polish looks great. You see how great it looks? A nice dark, dark green base with tons of emerald green micro shimmer packed in for a really cool finish. Like a flash of bright green. But unfortunately, even with 3 coats, this polish is totally skimping on the shimmer! The best part about this polish. It’s there, but pretty much hidden. Not at all what you would expect from looking at the thing in the bottle. I really wanted this shimmer to shine, and it does more so outdoors. But indoors it reads as a soft, flat black.

We need more shimmer than that!

I like having colors available that look like black and aren’t. And since I am not a fan of reds, I like when I can find a dark polish that almost reads black, that isn’t red. This color is really similar to OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, minus the subtle shimmer. I also think dark polishes are always chic and have become very work appropriate in most environments.

Edit: Yuck, this polish already chipped in about like, 3 hours. Ulta is always bummin’ me out.

Where to Buy: Ulta / $3 – $6

I’m really hoping my summer Zoya’s end up in my mailbox today! Those will be making an appearance on here next week!

– Liz



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