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Beauty Binge: Walgreens,, etc.

Peach Petal and Summer Suedes

In the last post I may have mentioned that I was unable to post for a week or so and was dealing with a lot of issues. Well, I’m sure you can imagine how I coped with my lack of control over the universe… and now you get to see what I bought! These little beauties are from the Revlon Summer collection. I don’t normally care for Jessica Biel, but she looked so pretty in the ad for this collection that I had to have exactly what she was wearing (wow, I’m an easy target. …also, I almost just capitalized “target” as though it can only mean one thing). Anyhow, I got the eyeshadow quad, called Summer Suedes, and the colors are really pretty. The blue I wouldn’t normally wear, but am giving another chance, the brown actually has blue shimmer in it, which you probably cannot tell, but it’s so pretty and different, the light pink is a basic highlight shade, and the coral is another color I don’t have that I really liked wearing when I put it on. The only color in this quad that I probably already have in my make-up collection is the light pink, so this was something nice and different for me to pick up.

As for the lip gloss, peach doesn’t normally look good on me (just washes me out), but this is a really wet, sheer gloss that goes with everything. It’s really pretty on and I’ve worn it several times and love it. The formula on everything was really nice and long-lasting.


Also during the aforementioned time period, I discovered the glory of Never before had I been charmed by it’s mysteries and low prices. I don’t even remember what day this was, that’s how absorbed I was. NOTE: the Jessica nail polish remover was not purchased from, but I’m sure you can find it somewhere on the Internet. The Jessica nail polish remover I got from a local spa, it cost about $5, I didn’t get a whole lot of product, but I needed remover and wanted to try it. It has a strange smell, not bad, but unique from other removers, and it is very strong. I don’t have anything bad or good to say about it at the moment, I have only used it once, so we’ll see how things develop.

Aveeno active naturals nourish+style smoothing shine creme: I think I’m in love… I’ve used this product for the past couple days and it’s AMAZING! Not only does it completely prevent the frizz I had been experiencing in southern Louisiana, but it makes my hair so incredibly soft, softer than I’ve ever known my hair could be. The bottle says it contains “nourishing wheat complex”, which I’m sure helps one of the effects I’ve mentioned, but it also makes this product smell really really good. I so so so recommend this product, I love it.

Neutrogena Oil-free acne stress control 3-in-1 hydrating acne treatment: Quite a long name. From the description on, I at first thought this was a face wash. When I got it, I discovered that it was just some kind of topical treatment and it says you need to wash your face before applying. I was kind of disappointed by that, but it didn’t cost much and I already had it so I’m using it anyway. It has salicylic acid, so it can be drying if you use it too often and unnecessarily. I’ve only been using it every other day. It feels nice on the skin and I think it will last me quite awhile, but I haven’t noticed anything groundbreaking yet.

Burt’s Bees lemon butter cuticle cream: I had heard a lot about this product and it’s a more affordable option next to lemony flutter by Lush. I used it before my mani the other day and really liked it. It’s not too sticky and absorbs fairly quickly, it also smells and feels very nice. The only thing I wondered about was why would someone make a product for nails that was so hard to open? I felt like mine would potentially snap off while trying to pry open the lid of this case to get to the cream. It’s easier to open the second time around, maybe mine was just stuck. I really like it, although I think it could have better packaging (maybe a snap-shut compact-like case), but I think when it’s gone I’ll probably splurge on the lemony flutter.

Overall, very pleased with all the stuff I picked up in the last week! The best part is that isn’t even the whole caboodle! I shall be back with more tomorrow!


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