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Sally Hansen Complete Manicure: Plum Luck

plumluckbottle It sure has been awhile hasn’t it, guys? The hiatus wasn’t planned, but life has gotten far busier than it once was so not only my nails but also Death By Polish. I hope to be back in touch with you all. And want to wish everyone a happy holiday season! I’m ready for some snow.

I’m under the impression that Sally Hansen is eliminating this polish line since I recently bought a few for a mere $2. I haven’t had the best luck with this line s it isn’t surprising to me, but for some reason did really like this polish.

A deep, well balanced plum

A deep, well balanced plum

Plum Luck took me by surprise. I bought it mainly because it was cheap and looked decent. But once applied, the color looks different from the bottle; to me it ends up being deeper and more “wine” colored, which I really like. I like that it ends up having a darker tone and more red than I anticipated. Finding a good balance of red and purple in “wine” is difficult and this one has a very nice balance. I also think that this polish would work well for the holidays, the deep red / purple tone feels somewhat festive to me.

I used three coats for full coverage and had zero issues with formula. I did out of habit apply a base and top coat with this polish, even though it isn’t “necessary” with this polish line.

Where to Buy: Drugstores, Target (if still available) / $ 2 – $ 8

Can anyone confirm if Sally Hansen is filtering out this line of polishes? Was anyone else also less than impressed with the quality of this polish line? Did you pick up Plum Luck or any other of the Complete Manicure polishes on clearance and were surprised by them?

– Liz


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