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Natural Nail Care

From gettyimages.comI’m trying not to skip out on posting today, even though I’m really not feeling great. But I found these natural nail care tips in the August issue of Glamour and they interested me. I like any sort of “natural” solution or home remedy for body issues, or at least I like to give them a shot to see if they have any truth to them. Call me a half hippie.

A tip from Sylvie Beljanski, CEO of Natural Source International, for healthier nails is to “eat cheese, nuts, garlic and onions because they contain vitamins that are good for the hair and nails.” Anyone have any validation for this tip? Or anyone that’s more knowledgeable than me in nutrition have any insights?

Another tip to fix weak nails from beauty professional Tata Harper, who has her own skin care line, is to “add a peeled and chopped garlic clove to your base of clear base coat to help strengthen your nails.” This would make you smell like you’ve been chopping garlic all day, would it not? Maybe the antioxidants in garlic do something?

So has anyone heard of this or tried these at home remedies or anything similar? Or have any others for healthier nails? Or have a diet secret that helped improve your hair, skin, or nails? I love that kind of info. I’m always looking to improve mine.

– Liz


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