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Hey all! Hope you’re having a good holiday season. As Liz mentioned, we have a bunch of new stuff to talk about after the new year and I cannot wait!

I’ve been trying to figure out my parents’ computer and photo editing software for the past 2 days and I honestly cannot even find my photos on this computer now…. very frustrating as you can imagine!

I’m afraid that unless I can figure out where on earth my photos are, you are going to have to wait for Sunday evening for my next post. I do have pictures ready to go for you though. I know… the suspense! Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to get a post up before Sunday, but if not, have a Happy New Year!


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New Arrivals!

Some Holiday Buys / Gifts!

I seriously feel guilty about not blogging for the past 5 days! I am sorry! I didn’t wear any new polishes this past week, so I had no material for you guys. But as you can see, I got some polishes as Christmas gifts and bought some over the past few days that I will be writing about as soon as I can! I am going out of town for the New Year to Philadelphia but I will be back in the swing of things when I return. Until then, Lauren will be solely in charge and lonely by herself at Death By Polish. I told her she had to post asap for the both of us!

Have a fun New Years! (Even though much of the time it ends up as a bust!)

– Liz

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Zoya: Kristi

Bright Red

I just want everyone to know, that I DO try to love red nail polish more. I buy red polishes when I see swatches that I like, but something about red polish leaves me feeling a little self conscious. I wear bright polishes often, but red polish is very loud to me. I don’t think that when I see others wearing a nice red manicure but something about it on me does it.

Red Creme Kristi

I had been considering revisiting this polish recently for a couple of reasons. The red polishes I do like are very similar. Essie Red Nouveau, Essie Fishnet Stockings, Borghese Red and this polish. All bright blue based reds. I wanted to wear a red recently for the Christmas spirit and last night our recent guest blogger Rachel and I went to a Blackhawks games so I found the appropriate time to be now. I really love Zoya polishes and this one is no exception. The formula basically applied itself and I only needed two coats for this to be wonderful.


I am enjoying wearing this polish. It might be because the last red I have worn recently was much darker and quite different from this one. However, will I slap another red on sometime in the near future? I’m not sure. I like it for Christmas but I think I have met my quota for this month with red polish!

Christmas in two days? Yikes! Have a great one!

– Liz


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Essie: Playa Del Platinum


I’m going to be honest, guys. I’ve been having a difficult time the past 5 or so days with my polish collection. Nothing has been of interest to me. And I know this partially has to do with the fact that I realized I haven’t bought any new polish in like, 3 weeks. But I think for the rest of this week I’m going to do some fun holiday colors and try to get back into the swing of things.

Until then, I retreated back to my beloved Playa Del Platinum from Essie’s Resort Collection of ’10 for a nail palette cleanser. (Funny this “beach” polish is in the snow, huh?) I could see many people thinking this color is strange or boring but I completely love it for its subtlety. This creme polish is very earthy and calming. I don’t have any lighter / tan neutrals that look similar to this one. It reminds me almost of clay or something. It’s not very brown at all. It’s more grey and sandy.

Playa Del Platinum

The application on this polish is fine. It’s slightly thin and streaky, but many times that happens with me and Essie’s. I ended up doing three coats to even everything out, but the drying time wasn’t bad so it wasn’t a pain in the butt. I also for some reason see a tinge of green in this polish. Like, more of an olive green. This color is really awesome. And would really compliment a nice dark party dress for a complete look.

I know this is an older topic, but still one of importance to me. I’m one of the nail polish / beauty fanatics that has sort of taken a step back from Essie since its recent purchase by L’Oreal due to their animal testing policy. Although, some brands that are owned by L’Oreal do not test on animals and I tend to find the line to be sort of blurry on why some brands owned by L’Oreal wouldn’t test on animals while some would. You think a huge company like that would have set policies. I actually think we might hear more from Essie on this topic in the future, but until then I’d rather be safe than sorry. I know my dog Misha would approve!


– Liz

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Essie: Little Brown Dress


Little Brown Dress in its shinier state


Today I have Essie’s Little Brown Dress. This was part of the Fall ’10 collection. I had been wanting this chocolate brown polish since it came out, but it took me awhile to finally break down and buy it. I knew this shade would be flattering on me because it’s not too tan or taupe. It is very dark and almost black, it’s kind of like wearing black all of the time and sometimes you just need a change… it’s still dark, but a little bit calmer and still flattering and edgy.

I did two, somewhat thicker coats, which may be why it looks exceptionally dark on me. It went on fairly well although I could’ve put a little more effort into thinning out the coats. It is very, very shiney which is nice and is pretty much exactly what I want out of a brown polish. At times I wish it wasn’t so “almost black”, but I think I may be able to fix that by painting thin coats. I sat at work today deciding whether it looked more black or brown, I can see it either way and like it either way.

It’s wearing pretty well for me, so far no chips so that’s good. I’m liking wearing something dark that isn’t purple or black because I feel like that’s usually what I end up with. I definitely don’t have a polish like this already in my collection, so if you’ve been pining for a dark brown or just a different kind of dark nail polish this is probably the one for you.


Glad Monday is over,


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Essie: Mint Candy Apple


Essie Mint Candy Apple


Happy weekend everyone! This is Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, part of the Winter 09 collection. Mint polish was pretty big fall/spring 09/10 and this shade was a huge part of it. Essie also did a similar color like this for the summer, Turquoise and Caicos, (I often get them confused for one another when grabbing green polishes). Of course, that is turquoise so it’s darker and not a light mint green like this. It’s a great Tiffany blue color if you’re looking for something that fits that description.

Back to Mint Candy Apple! Since this polish was so big, it was kind of hard to find back when Liz and I were looking for it. I ended up ordering it off of Amazon and when it finally came, I’ll have to admit we were disappointed, mostly with the formula. I remember it being very thick and goopy and not easy to apply at all.


In the shade


When I used this nail polish this past week, I still found it kind of difficult to apply. It was better than I remembered, not as thick or goopy, although I mixed it up quite a bit. It was still hard for me to get two even coats out of it. Another disappointing aspect was that I only got to wear this for a day, it chipped immediately and was so bad by the end of the first day I just had to take it off.

So I’ll admit, there seem to be a lot of negatives with Mint Candy Apple, but we can talk about the positive, which is the color. I don’t have any other mint green in my collection and when I’m looking at this when I’m thinking about what polish to use, I always feel it’s kind of bright and maybe too pastel for me. Then I end up using it and fall in love with the color everytime. It always looks so pretty and fun and always looks better on me than I expect it to. It is bright, it is rather pastel-ish, but the shade of green is just so different. It definitely jumps off of your nails and for a light green, the color is rather saturated. I think if you ever see this color out and about, especially in a clearance section since the collection is no longer current, you should pick it up if this is your kind of color because I’m sure the trials of the application will end up being worth it for you.


Only a few days until Christmas!


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OPI: Fiercely Fiona

In Sun

As mentioned, I am wearing Fiercely Fiona for the weekend. I remember when I saw this polish when The Shrek Spring 2010 collection was first released and I had to have it. Yellow is not a favorite color of mine at any time. And I only own two yellow polishes. But this polish was a must have for me. It’s completely unique and is something fun and different. Especially right now right before the holidays.

Short & Yellow!

I used four coats for this manicure to get an even and smooth color finish. The formula and application was very manageable for me. So was the drying time, so that made those four coats way more bearable. This color is definitely more yellow than it is green by any means, but you can see the tinge and tint of the green in the polish that makes it interesting and special. Which is really what I like so much about it. It has more yellow in it than a typical chartreuse does.  I could see some people viewing this polish as a little young or not very wearable. But I think it’s sophisticated, strong, and edgy. It’s something fresh, especially for spring time.

– Liz

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Chanel Le Vernis: Black Pearl

Hi all! Guest blogger Rachel here, offering a peek into the 2011 Spring Chanel makeup line!

There’s something always really special about Chanel Le Vernis polishes.  They’re mostly limited edition, (so that is always something to brag about having), they’re always beautiful and spending $23 on something that is Chanel is truly a steal.  Their handbags usually start out at $2,000 and small jewelry pieces at $250 and ballet flats anywhere from $300-$500…so being able to have a part of the Chanel luxury for the expensive price for polish but the affordable price for Chanel is so worth it.  Some people think spending that money on a polish is insanity…but I’m sure a lot of you are able to agree that it’s worth it.  It’s been like my gateway drug into becoming addicted to the brand.

Black Pearl bottle in the sun.

My newest addition to my collection is the Spring 2011 color “Black Pearl.”  I love, love, love this color!  It is literally the color of a pacific black pearl.  It’s trendy and not your typical “spring” color, but since it hit Chanel boutiques and makeup counters in January it will make an excellent “winter is coming to an end” color.  I mean, come on, who wouldn’t wear this year round?  I know I certainly will!

Bottle & Nails

In addition to being just like a black pearl, the color it reminds me of an angry ocean on a dark, stormy day.  The base of the polish is a grey-black with some dark blue and green metallic in it, which creates a gorgeous shimmer. The polish went on nice and I was able to get the color I wanted with a typical 2 coats.  I think the color is pretty versatile being able to match up fine both preppy and rocker-chic looks…which is my favorite when I can look like a country clubber by day and a bar crawler by night – and do it with nail polish style of course!


Side view & close up of the polish.

There are two more polishes to complete this collection – “Peche Nacree,” a peach color and “Pearl Drop,” (the opposite to the black pearl) a white with gold reflections.  Both colors are shear and shimmery.  It’s suggested to pair Black Pearl and Pearl Drop together, black on the hands and white on the toes.  I’ve never done a light color like that on my toes before, but maybe this will be the color for me to try.  And Peche Nacree is just too pretty and feminine to not love.

Do you think Black Pearl will create frenzy like Jade did?  I think it is definitely the newest “must have” color. Hopefully I will have the other two polishes to swatch for you all very soon.  Stayed tuned for that and some picks from the Chanel Spring 2011 makeup line too! I’ll sign out like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous since that’s what this polish makes me feel like.

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams,

– Rachel

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OPI: Holiday Glow


Holiday Glow


Good afternoon, all. I am here to grace your lovely presences with OPI Holiday Glow. I wore this last weekend and very much enjoyed it. It’s a polish from OPI’s Holiday collection 2009 along with Smitten With Mittens, which I did the other week.

In the bottle this looks almost black, but I feel it’s kind of a charcoal grey, very dark, and I’m sure anyone that looks at your nails will say “black”. It’s got a lot of gold and purple glitter in it, which gives the color a hint of purple both in the bottle and on the nail. Basically, I’m calling it dark grey, almost black, with gold and purple glitter. If you get this polish and see how light the first coat is, you’ll know what I mean. I did 3 coats to get this shade.


dark with gold and purple glitter!


This color doesn’t seem all that unique, but for some reason it really struck me when I bought it and it was something that felt low key, but not too typical for a weekend out. It also doesn’t scream “holiday!” which is kind of nice. This wore pretty well for me, but I did start to get some tip wear. It wasn’t a pain to remove, came off pretty smoothly.

I’ve been using CND Stickey and Speedey for these past few manis and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I always seem to end up with a chip, albeit small, the next day. I’ll keep you posted on those developments.


Until tomorrow, polish freaks 🙂


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OPI: What’s With The Cattitude?

This polish name rules

I’ve had too many pigmented, sparkly, holiday colors in my life recently. I needed something light, fresh, and slick. I have been meaning to revisit these Shrek OPI’s, specifically this one and Fiercely Fiona (which I plan on wearing later this week.) The first time I used this polish I didn’t use enough coats. It was streaky and not fully covered and even. I didn’t like it. But I am glad I revisited this lovely polish.

In partly sunny FREEZING light

If you enlarge this photo, the application looks more patchy and streaky that it actually does. Or is actually noticeable. This polish looks really good to me in real life? Slight bald spots but with jellies that happens to me. I guess I should have used four coats. But still, I really like it. I used three coats. Thicker ones each time for the nice jelly finish we all desire.  The color is pretty much a fresh, light, glossy, baby blue. I don’t own any other color like this. I’m really enjoying it as an alternative to everything I have been wearing recently. It’s literally ice cold outside (a high of 18 degrees today) so I guess an ice blue was what I needed in my life.

– Liz

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