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Barry M: Indigo

One of my girlfriends went on vacation to London and Berlin recently, and I was dumb enough to forget to ask her to buy me every Barry M polish (among other brands) she saw. Good thing she was sweet enough and knows me well enough to pick out this stunning purple polish. For real, it’s gorgeous. May be my new numbero uno….

A stunning, vibrant blue based purple. (Less blue in real life.)

Indigo is absolutely perfect. Though, the name is a bit deceiving. To me, it’s a blue based purple. Indigo has more blue than this does. That’s subjective I know, just how I perceive this color. Regardless, it’s beautiful, vibrant, and somewhat exotic. I like how it’s deep and rich, almost vampy and fall-ish, but still very striking. I can’t keep my eyes off this manicure.

Super glossy and full of pigment

The application and formula on this polish was better than many much higher priced polishes I own. The pigmentation was outstanding and glided on like butter. It has a somewhat jelly finish, but the shine is so high it looks almost wet. I used two coats and have nothing to complain about it. Just look at it!

Where to Buy: £2.99 (So what, like $5? Worth it!)

Do you own any Barry M’s? If so, what are your favorites? You bet I’m ordering some asap! Or Have you been wanting to get a haul? Let me know, I’m so impressed and smitten with this polish.


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