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Zoya: Harley with Nicole by OPI: Pitch-Black Glimmer

With Harley bottle!

Happy Saturday, polish freaks, it’s our 200th post!!! For the baseball fans, it is also opening weekend and so I wanted to do an opening weekend mani, even though I’m the only one who will appreciate my White Sox-themed polish creation. I used Zoya’s Harley as my base, which is a silvery-gray that I love very deeply. I don’t know if another gray polish could ever take it’s place in my heart. Over that, I used Pitch-Black Glimmer, which I have been itching to use lately.

Harley provides a really nice base for the black glitter and probably just about anything you might want to layer over it. It’s light, but still pigmented, I did use 2 coats of it to make sure it was even and as dark as possible.

Using Pitch-Black Glimmer over something so light got a little more annoying, the black glitter is kind of sparse and this is all I could get in 2 coats of it, after 1 coat it just looked ridiculous there were only a few specks. I still really like it because it’s black glitter and there’s tons of other colors mixed in with it, but I do wish you could get a lot more black glitter per coat.

with Pitch-Black Glimmer bottle

Now when I got through with the 2 coats of Harley and 2 coats of Pitch-Black, I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this. At first glance it was a little like the literal translation of salt and pepper on my nails… Which could be cute, but not exactly what I was going for here. However, I’ve been staring at this a lot the past few days and it’s really grown on me and I like it a lot now, I think it was kind of hard getting used to the dark glitter on such a light base, but I like how different it is and it’s super sparkly in the sunlight.

It has also been my first mani using Zoya Anchor base coat and Zoya Armor top coat, which I ordered when I got some Zoya summers. So far it’s been great, I painted this Thursday night and there haven’t been any chips or tip wear yet. It may be too soon to tell, but so far I am pleased.

Where to Buy: Zoya / $8 (Harley) – Target / $8ish? (Pitch-Black Glimmer)

Hope you’re all having a good weekend and Happy Baseball Season! Can’t wait for 200 more posts



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Nicole by OPI: You’re S-Teal The One

You're S-Teal The One

You’re S-Teal The One is one of the polishes from Nicole by OPI Target exclusive collection for Spring and Summer. This was the only polish that really jumped out at me from the ones my Target had recently. Most of the collection seems very bright, fun and summer-ish. Though this color doesn’t really seem like a teal to me.

Bright blue YSTO

I didn’t want to take off CG Lighthouse today (I LOVE that polish), but I unforunately have jury duty tomorrow (EW!!) and wanted something to look at. This polish is awesome. The formula is pretty sheer so it sits lightly on your nails, which I am really into recently. I think it’s great for spring and summer. I ended up using three coats to get full saturation and opacity. You might need four depending on how sheer the first coat applies for you. Even though this color is sheerer, it’s still bright and sparkley. It almost has the finish of a Zoya Sparkle but a little lighter. I also don’t really have VNL even though it’s sheer.

Purple flash...yes!

As you might have already been able to see, this polish has an awesome purple flash in it! The purple isn’t too in your face indoor but it’s still visible. But outdoors it’s awesome and makes this polish even more fun and special. It’s so pretty. This polish is right up my alley. I love blue and purple. An aqua blue polish with purple flash / shimmer doesn’t sound too unique, but I didn’t own anything exactly like YSTO.

Nicole by OPI: YSTO & Zoya Tallulah

The base color of this polish is pretty similar to Zoya’s Tullulah. An aqua-ish, electric, bright blue. Both of these polishes also have a purple flash to them. However, Tullulah has more of a metallicy or almost semi pearl finish and YSTO is more sparkley, flashy and has a fleck finish. The purple is more subtle in Tallulah. YSTO has a lot more purple going on, which I think I like more.

YSTO in sunlight

You’re S-Teal The One is really fun and a great bright blue. I’m really enjoying it. Oh, and also the new Nicole by OPI brushes are really great for application. I’d take a thick brush over a skinny brush any day (I’m looking at you Essie). These new brushes apply and spread the polish really easily. It’s particularly good for me because I have wider nail beds that somewhat wrap around my finger.

Where to Buy: Target / $ 7.50

Hopefully everyone had a good weekend. I’m watching the Hawks and hoping for a win over the Capitals right now!

– Liz

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Nicole by OPI: My Lifesaver

My Lifesaver from Justin Bieber collection

When I got this polish I knew it wasn’t going to be the most unique sea foam / Tiffany’s green. Because well, sea form greens are often pretty much the same. Basically perfect to me. And from a lot of other nail polish collectors out there, this color is always a must have from any collection. We all just love it.

I am unfamiliar with the Bieber song this polish is named after. (“Baby” is my pick. I hope my boyfriend doesn’t read that.) I knew I had at least 6 colors similar to My Lifesaver. Which isn’t really that many! But I didn’t care and wanted it anyway. And from other photos I saw it seemed to be the slightest touch lighter, and it is.

Turquoise&Caicos, My Lifesaver, Gumdrop

Just to give you an idea here are Essie’s Turquoise & Caicos, Nicole by OPI My Lifesaver, and Orly Gumdrop. ┬áMy Lifesaver is by no means minty really to me, it’s just slightly lighter than both of these polishes. Gumdrop and T&C seem to have a touch more blue. ML also dries a little darker than in the bottle.

My Lifesaver

My skin looks oddly red in these photos and I apologize. It isn’t at all. I think it’s because I took these later in the day so the lighting was different. As mentioned, this polish is a sea foam creme. I wouldn’t call it a turquoise, it’s not deep or dark enough to be a turquoise to me. It’s very tropical and summer time to me. A beautiful color no matter what.

Close up

Now is where we get to the tricky part. I thought with the new Nicole by OPI brushes apply this polish would be easy as pie. However, for me, that was not the case. And I’m not sure who’s to blame. Is it the new brush? Or is it the polish?

The first coat of this polish looked horrid. It was so streaky, uneven, and full of brush strokes. I held judgement back until I finished applying the second coat and was left with a more opaque version of the first coat. Streaky grossness. By the third coat I was able to get things almost fully even.

Pretty sea foamy green goodness

The formula was also pretty thick and goopy, which I really am not a fan of. I don’t really ever like the thickness that comes with creme polishes, but this formula seemed particularly thick and gross. I think a drop or two of thinner would do this polish a lot of good. Even with top coat, things aren’t fully glassy and even, there’s slight streakiness / brushstrokey-ness. But it’s not very noticeable.

If you already have a herd of these pretty greens, then I would say you can pass on My Lifesaver because of the formula issues. I still love this color, and am glad to have it on since I haven’t worn this shade in awhile. But the polish was annoying to deal with it!

Where to Buy: Target / Ulta / Drugstores / Online /$ 7


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Nicole by OPI: One Less Lonely Glitter

One Less Lonely Glitter

We’re on a purple roll today! Over the weekend I finally found the Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Girl Justin Bieber collection. Like the frantic tween that I am not I scavenged through what was left and got One Less Lonely Glitter and slapped it on my nails almost immediately.

Since I didn’t have much time to think between buying and painting, it did come out more sheer than I expected. This is three coats. After looking at the larger, circular glitter in the polish I realized that I think this is the purple version of OPI’s Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection. I have yet to do a side by side comparison, but after looking at the bottles and photos, I’m pretty sure that’s the case.

Like I said, this is three coats and it didn’t exactly build like I wanted it to or get as dark as I wanted to, but after wearing it I liked it so much that those were fleeting thoughts. After three coats this is a lightish purple, a glittery lilac and the big glitter catches some shades of pink in the sunlight. It is a very young nail polish and I would hope no one would expect mom-ish or mature from the Biebs collection. I wore this with kind of a boyish outfit and it really made it a whole lot more fun. It was definitely a mood-changing mani for me on Saturday, which was also my first Mardi Gras parade so another reason for the purple glitter.

A different angle

So we all hate the Nicole bottles, which is probably touched upon every time I review one of these polishes. However, they have changed the brush. It’s a short, fat, wide brush and I should’ve gotten a picture of it. I definitely will next time. I really like the brush change, especially the shortness because there’s less unused brush and less risk of dripping, very easy to control.

The removal of this was as awful as the typical glitter, not much more to say in that. I think this color is really cute and fun and I enjoyed wearing it. I literally stared at it all day. That being said, I think I’m going to go for a neutral, palette cleanser this evening.

Where to Buy: Target / Walmart / Bed Bath & Beyond / $7ish



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Nicole OPI: Pitch Black Glimmer

In Shade

I know, I know. Lauren already posted a cool layer job she did with this polish, but I also have been waiting to get my hands on it and I finally did yesterday. A black glitter is something that isn’t out often, and who doesn’t love black, so I needed it. I painted Essie Steeling The Show the other day, which is a sort of silver / gold / steel colored metallic. It’s nice and an interesting color (it changes in different lights), but sort of laid back. So I layered three coats of Pitch Black Glimmer over it yesterday. The fleck in PBG are black, silver, and bigger flecks of blue. In the bottle, it’s so pretty. My only compliant is that it goes on so sparse. I used three thick coats, and as you can tell, it’s still pretty sheer. I guess with four it would have been pretty dense. Or with a darker base polish it would look less sheer. Either way, I think this glitter polish is awesome and adding a layer of black glitter will bump up any polish.

– Liz

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Nicole by OPI: Pitch-Black Glimmer (over Black)

Pitch-Black Glimmer!

Happy Halloweekend everyone! Today I have for you a polish from Nicole by OPI’s winter/holiday collection, Shades to Crave. A lot of polishes from that collection look really wonderful and sparkly, but this was the one I HAD to have. I even had to add the parenthetical note into the title of this post because I know I’m going to end up on a layering spree with this polish. It’s mostly black glitter with small silver glitter and some medium-sized green, blue, and purple glitter thrown in sparingly. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

I decided to layer it with OPI Black Onyx for a darker, Halloweenie look and I think it came out really nice. I’m a big fan of black on black so even though the black glitter kind of falls to wayside over the black polish, I think it looks great and can catch the darker glitter in the light a wee bit. This is also a nice option if you want the polish to look like it does in the bottle on your nails. I used one coat of OPI Black Onyx and 2 coats of Pitch-Black Glimmer because I want a lot of depth.

A little closer up

So far this is wearing really well, we’re on day 2. I’m not sure if I’m going anywhere/dressing up tonight so I may need to change it. There’s a little tip wear, but right now I must say I am a fan of Nicole by OPI (minus those AWFUL bottles which I think we all hate to our very core). I am looking forward to the Justin Bieber nail collection as well so it’s nice to know that these are gonna be great glitter polishes. I should also throw in that it applied very nicely, no issues at all.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween and let us know what was on your nails this weekend! I had so many ideas for manis that I didn’t get to.



P.S. If you’re dying to see Pitch-Black Glimmer on its own along with the rest of this collection, check out this great post by Scrangie!

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