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Zoya: Phoebe

Zoya Phoebe!

I was very excited to receive my Zoya order yesterday, including this little bottle of happiness from Zoya’s Mod Mattes collection for spring. This is Phoebe, 1 of 3 colors from the collection and I chose this one because it seemed the most interesting of the three… and it has shimmer!

Zoya instructs users to use only base coat with these and no top coat. If I would’ve had time this morning, I probably would’ve run a matte top coat over this because it may have helped the chipping.

Phoebe is an electric blue matte with shimmer. It’s such a pretty color and very eye-catching. I haven’t worn a matte in awhile so it was nice to see a new collection of them for spring.

I ended up doing 3 coats of this. It went on streaky for the first coat and I didn’t feel I had all the imperfections out of it after the second. The third coat definitely did the trick though as far as evening out the color. If you look very closely, you can see the nail line so I’d probably recommend three coats for all of these if you want the color to be as even as possible and opaque.

Bright blue for spring!

So you probably cannot see Phoebe’s shimmer in these photos and I apologize for that. We are in a rainy week here and there is no sun to speak of at all. I was lucky to even get this picture due to how much this polish is chipping!

Of course, Liz warned me last night and said she hoped Phoebe didn’t chip today and I said it better not. Not surprisingly, she was right and this chipped in the night and continued chipping today as mattes are known to do. I think next time I wear this I will try a matte top coat over it to see if that helps. The wear on this is basically nonexistent. I love this polish regardless of the disappointing chip factor, but I am glad I got it when Zoyas were on promotion.

Where to Buy: Zoya / $8

Looking forward to trying more spring Zoyas!



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OPI DS: Signature

The OPI Designer Series is a line that is pretty awesome. Although it bares a higher price tag than regular OPIs, these holographic polishes are well worth the extra $4 since they pretty good holographics, in colors ranging from nudes to blues.

Lauren gave me this beauty for Christmas and it got lost in my sea of “untried” polishes. Her CVS also magically stocks OPI’s sometimes, DS’s included, and I think she got this one and others for less than $5. No joke!

Pinky-purple holo

Signature is an interesting color because it seems to look different on many skin tones and in different lighting. Indoors it is almost a muted, medium pinkish rose color, with holographic sparkle. But when it gets in any strong light, the color lights up and gets more depth, and of course, more holographic!

In full sun! Not as awesome as it is IRL

After wearing scattered, not so strong holographic polishes recently (Tronica), it’s nice to wear this stronger linear holo. It’s always good to have something to stare at that’s pretty and full of color. The formula and application on this polish was standard, no problems. I did two coats, but, I think three would have given a slightly better outcome. There’s some slight patchiness and unevenness of color on my right hand. It also dried quickly and looks pretty good anyway.

Signature in the shade

I was slightly hoping this polish would be a touch more purple, because I love purple. But the pink color that it is isn’t a typical pink, and it actually quite interesting and pretty on its own. It has some nice depth.

Where to Buy: Ulta / Online Retailers / JCPenny / Dillard’s / Trade Secret / $12.50 (regularly)

What’s your favorite DS polish? I only own a few, but they all seem to be great.

– Liz


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Deborah Lippmann: Call Me Irresponsible

With the new yellow jelly Deborah Lippmann polish Yellow Brick Road being released very soon, I wanted to revisit the only Lippmann polish that I own. I have been excited about Yellow Brick Road since I saw bottle photos and heard “yellow jelly”.

Look how pretty this color looks in the bottle. A blue based purple jelly polish. The color in the bottle is glorious. I love purple and the tone of this one is awesome. The first time I used this polish, I was 100% disappointed in the outcome and I hate to say it again, especially because I spent $16 on this polish, I still hate it. A lot.

Streaky, not well pigmented, uneven color

I realize that jellies take about three coats to get an even, pigmented, and opaque finish. After three coats, this polish is none of those things. It’s streaky, it’s uneven, and not well pigmented at all. The color doesn’t seem to build correctly. For a polish that costs almost $20, I expect higher quality and a better product. This polish seems like a $2 polish I picked up at the drugstore. My nails on my right hand look awful, they are so streaky and covered in bald spots. Also, I know jelly formulas are also thin, but this one is thinner than usual as well.

Totally different color than in bottle! Yuck!

Let’s move on to the second problem with this nail polish after the formula issue, the color issue. As mentioned, the polish in the bottle looks like a cool toned blue based purple. An awesome color.

The color that comes out on the nail is a VERY red based purple. It’s so warm. And it’s so obvious and noticeable, nothing caused from a camera or lighting. I know it’s not my skin tone causing it to lean since I have read other reviews of this polish, and like I said it’s too much of a difference to be something like that. I always prefer bluer purples, so this is another let down regarding this polish.

Overall, this polish is a complete fail on multiple tries. I know this is the only DL polish I own, and lots of other ones are much cooler and creative polishes that also seem to have a better delivery on the nails. A better experience overall. I was completely looking forward to buying Yellow Brick Road as soon as I could, however remembering and reliving this DL jelly polish is making me wait til I can read and see reviews from other bloggers.

Did anyone else have a similar experience with this polish? Or is my bottle just a bad apple? On the plus side, I do love the DL bottles.

– Liz


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Sephora by OPI: Go With The Flow-er & OPI: Guy Meets Gal-veston

I change my polish so often that I don’t really ever need to “freshen up” my manicure. Though for some reason today, yesterday’s manicure of Guy Meets Gal-veston was looking a little rough and also not wearing so well. Which is always a bummer for me. I usually only wear my polish for 2 days and if it can’t make it through that, I get super annoyed. So I did something I usually don’t, I layered!

Coral micro glitter with hot pink and gold flash

I’ve had Go With The Flow-er sitting around on my list of “re-wear and re-swatch”. I already loved this polish. But I was looking at it earlier, and thought about how well it matches GMG and that it would layer over it great. It looks awesome! GWTF is so pretty on its own, but it is a little sheer it’s mostly jam-packed with coral micro glitter that flashes hot pink and gold. The base is a little translucent orangey coral. So, matching it to a coral (or any color you want) and layering it over allows it to work out best.

Glowing nails!

GWTF literally glows. It lights your nails up in a flashy way, but since the colors in it are so pretty and feminine, it’s still beautiful and not too much. I used two coats to refresh this manicure. It really gives an extra punch of pink and shimmer that is perfect. I’m obsessed. It’s fresh and perfect for summer.

Where to Buy: Sephora / $ 9

Do you own Go With The Flow-er and love it like I do? I’m thinking it might look really cool over a purple polish.

– Liz

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Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

Women love to try new cosmetics. Especially lipgloss and mascara (You know it’s true!). I mentioned this new Clinique mascara awhile back when I first saw an ad for it. Since I heard about it, I was interested to see what it was all about.

However, I see both sides to this argument. I could easily see people thinking a mascara specified for bottom lashes only is totally pointless and even a little gimicky. I will admit, although intrigued, I wasn’t 100% sold before I gave it a try. But have been fully converted!

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Sephora by OPI: Lost Without My GPS

Bright coral!

Hope everyone had a good weekend and that maybe its been starting to warm up in your respective areas. I’ve been feeling particularly springy this week, perhaps it has something to do with the approaching arrival of Liz and my Zoya summer orders! Cannot wait to see those polishes.

Coral is one of my favorite colors for spring/summer, so the other night I decided it was time to break out Lost Without My GPS by SOPI. This is one of my favorite corals that I’ve had, although it may be slightly more red-leaning than most people might want.

So I’m going to admit that I didn’t exactly do the best job on this mani, it ended up coming out very streaky which is not something that I do not recall about this polish when I used it last. So I wouldn’t worry about that if you’re interested in it, it was just me. I tried to get the best pictures I could considering my amateur paint job.

I used two coats for the mani and since it was kind of streaky for me I probably should’ve used three. I remember using Lost Without My GPS before and the color was perfectly even and saturated in two coats. Like I said it’s more of a reddish-orange coral so if you’re looking for a pinker coral this may not be for you. It definitely looks wonderful on though!

Lost without my GPS, bright sunlight

Here’s a picture that’s head-on so you can get a better idea of the color. Both pictures were taken in great sunlight and you can see how vibrant the color is. I think it’s really perfect for summer and I recommend it for your pedi as well. It’s going to look good on every skin tone and for a coral creme, I think it really stands out!

Where to Buy: Sephora / $8.50

Looking forward to this weeks’ manis…



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OPI: Guy Meets Gal-Veeston

Guy Meets Gal-Veeston

This is my last OPI Texas sorbet to show you guys. I’ve been looking forward to wearing this one. It’s the most coral polish of the sorbets, leaning more pink than orange. Coral is the quintessential summer color, so I’m glad OPI put one in this summer collection. It fits perfectly with the squishy, jelly finish. This polish is awesome. It’s bright, glossy, and fun. The pinky, orange  tone is always flattering on every skintone. Coral is such a great color for the warm seasons and I’m sure you guys are also looking forward to wearing it on your nails.

So summery!

Guy Meets Gal-Veston’s juicy finish just screams to be worn on vacation or on a hot summer day (Too bad the low today is 18! What the hell!). This sorbet seems to be the mean of all the sorbets in this collection. The baby polish of all of them put together. A nice balance, although I would definitely  classify it as a pink based coral.

Guy Meets Gal-Veston

Like I keep saying, the end product of these polishes is great. An even, opaque, beautiful finish in 3 coats. The finish of this polish seems like it was meant for this color. It’s so summery and carefree. This polish also ended up looking just like the bottle color, no questions asked (Unlike Houston We Have A Purple). I would definitely say this would be one of my favorites from this collection! Along with Big Hair..Big Nails and Too Hot Pink To Hold ‘Em.

Where to Buy: Ulta / JCPenny’s / Dillard’s / Trade Secret / Online Retailers / $8.50

Anyone else loving this polish? Did you go on a polish buying binge this weekend? Do tell!

– Liz

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Ulta: Green With Envy

Green With Envy

I had to run to Ulta recently to pick up a bottle of CND Speedey, since I had been dangerously low for a while and had nothing as a back up. I was prowling the clearance bin and found this Ulta polish and for $2.99, I thought why not.

A couple of things I noticed: the horrible stumpy brush that made application on my nails not easy at all and the really bad smell. Definitely not a 3 free formula in the slightest. The formula was too thick for my taste, though somehow I still needed 3 coats to get as close as I could to the bottle color. The first couple coats were streaky, not well pigmented, and looked like a hot mess. There’s still some unevenness and patchiness visible.

Dark, almost black, green with some emerald shimmer

In the bottle this polish looks great. You see how great it looks? A nice dark, dark green base with tons of emerald green micro shimmer packed in for a really cool finish. Like a flash of bright green. But unfortunately, even with 3 coats, this polish is totally skimping on the shimmer! The best part about this polish. It’s there, but pretty much hidden. Not at all what you would expect from looking at the thing in the bottle. I really wanted this shimmer to shine, and it does more so outdoors. But indoors it reads as a soft, flat black.

We need more shimmer than that!

I like having colors available that look like black and aren’t. And since I am not a fan of reds, I like when I can find a dark polish that almost reads black, that isn’t red. This color is really similar to OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, minus the subtle shimmer. I also think dark polishes are always chic and have become very work appropriate in most environments.

Edit: Yuck, this polish already chipped in about like, 3 hours. Ulta is always bummin’ me out.

Where to Buy: Ulta / $3 – $6

I’m really hoping my summer Zoya’s end up in my mailbox today! Those will be making an appearance on here next week!

– Liz


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OPI: Houston We Have A Purple

Houston We Have A Purple

…Do we have a purple?  I’m confused. The color of this polish in the bottle looks pretty good. A nice, medium toned red purple. I knew from swatches and the sorbet finish that it was going to end up lighter on the nail, but on me it’s not looking how I wanted. Purples are my favorite, so I was looking forward to this one in the sorbet finish.

Less pink in real life

Now, my camera and the lighting outside did capture this color to be more pink than it actually is. But, this being said, this polish is still VERY pink. At least to me and on my skintone. It is much more berry than I was expecting. It almost is ending up looking like a dark pink based polish with purple rather than a purple. In indoor lighting, I do think this polish is able to lean more to purple and look truer to the bottle color, but it’s still not as much purple as you would expect. It’s also much brighter and lighter.

More accurate color of HWHAP

This close up is a more accurate color of how this polish really looks on me. Yet still, the purple isn’t as strong as I assumed from the bottle and the polish name. The color really shifts to be more pink outdoors and in stronger lighting. It seems to be much more of a pink, berry color. It’s basically a fuschia to me, for sure. I’m just taken back by how this color turned out. Most of these sorbets are very similar in color, and I liked that this one was clearly a different color, but it’s just not purple enough for me. So far out of the sorbets I have tried, this one is definitely my least favorite and has really let me down!

The formula on this was great, as all of these sorbets have been. I love them. It went on easily with three coats, with minimal drying time and only slight VNL. Even though these polishes are very jelly like, there’s something about the finish that seems different than any of the jellies that I have. It may just be the OPI formula, but I have continued to have less patchiness and more even, beautiful finishes. They are so easy to apply.

Where to Buy: Ulta / Dillard’s / JCPenny / Trade Secret / Online Retails (I got mine from Transdesign!) $ 8.50

OPI has been SUPER busy over the winter and has a lot of mini collections coming out in May. Since I ordered my summer Zoya’s (so excited!) I am on a strict no buy until they emerage. I’m looking forward to the New Serena Williams Duo’s A LOT, The Pirates of the Caribbean collection, and even the blue shatters! The turquoise and electric ones look cool…I’m a sucker for blues, apparently even in shatters.  Is anyone else feeling any of these upcoming collections?

– Liz


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Orly: Royal Velvet

Royal Velvet in great sunlight!

This is the other nail polish I got from Orly’s Precious collection for Spring 2011. This is Royal Velvet and I think it’s the showstopper of the collection. It’s a dark blurple, fading from blue to purple depending on the light. It’s kind of reminiscent of RBL Scrangie, only that’s a bit lighter. I knew I had to have this one when I saw it in swatches and in person. Just from the bottle you know it’s going to be gorgeous, and it is.

I used two coats of Royal Velvet and it applies nicely. It kind of catches you off guard at first because the first coat can be rather sheer and unlike the bottle entirely. Just to be safe after seeing that, I made my second coat thicker and it turned out great and looks exactly like the bottle shade.

The dark side

The wear on this was pretty standard, normally I don’t have too many issues with Orly. It looked really good for about a day and a half and then was chipping a lot. The formula was nice aside for the sheer first coat, but it was easy to apply so you can fix that easily. There were a few bubbles, but I’m chalking that one up to old base and top coat that I used. The nasty old base coat and top coat I used (don’t ask me why) may also explain the wear. You really want this one for the color, it’s great. The color is rich and bold (like royal velvet?) and would look good on everyone.

Shimmer shimmer shimmer

I tried to get as many pictures as I could of the changes in color when it’s in the sunlight. It’s so pretty and I absolutely loved wearing it. I say if you get anything from the Precious collection it’s got to be this one. The rest of the colors seem much more pastel-y and traditional spring to me, which can be nice, but over done. I didn’t even pay that much, I think this was on sale at Sally’s for $3. If you love blurples, don’t pass this up.

Where to Buy: Sally’s / Ulta / Online retailers / Drugstores


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