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Zoya: Tallulah and OPI: Last Friday Night

Tallulah was one of my first Zoya polishes. When I first saw her, I thought she was so cool, edgy, but also pretty. The mix of the vibrant blue with purple flash in the bottle just makes me happy. My two favorite colors looking awesome together. However, this time around Tallulah kind of left me wanting more.

In the shade

It has been awhile since I wore this polish. I remember really loving it the first time around. The shade of this blue is so vibrant and saturated. It’s loud. It makes me think of crystal clear bright blue water and being on the beach. The purple flash isn’t too noticeable in the bottle, but you can see it. Though on the nail, it’s very subtle. You can almost only catch a glimpse of it at extreme angles. This polish also has a pretty almost half pearly / half metallic finish for some extra oopf.

Tallulah in the sun

I recall the formula on this polish to be bad the first time around. And over the past year or so I can say that it didn’t get any better. It’s goopy, which I find strange for a metallic, especially from Zoya. It’s thick and sort of hard to manage, but VERY pigmented. The first coat almost gets you full coverage. I used two and it looks great. Top coat really helps bring out the metallic-y finish in this polish.

Last Friday Night over Tallulah

I was feeling unsatisfied, so I decided to slap OPI Katy Perry Last Friday Night on over Tallulah on my thumb and ring finger. I LOVE Last Friday Night solo, and wanted to try it out over this polish because I thought it would be awesome. It turned out okay. I think both of these polishes are better separate. I love the light, jelly translucent base of Last Friday Night and that’s gone when layered.

I might like this combo more on all of my nails or matte. (I HATE glitter removal though and LFN was awful 4 layers deep the last time to take off.) I might refresh it tomorrow with one of those options.

Has anyone done any cool layering with Last Friday Night? I’d like some ideas! Or do you have Tallulah and are stuck with the same formula problems?

Where to Buy (Tallulah): / $ 8

Where to Buy (Last Friday Night): I’m not sure if the Katy Perry’s are still in stores, so online retailers / $ 8.50 ish


Tallulah’s blue and purple reminds me of Virginia Bluebells. They are purple before the buds open, then turn this gorgeous light blue. I love how they have both colors on the blooms! There is a sea of these in our front garden.

Have a nice weekend, guys. I hear Chanel Mimosa calling my name. Sorry, wallet.

– Liz


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OPI: Teenage Dream over Essie: Need A Vacation

Need A Vacation with Teenage Dream

Hi everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am super excited that tomorrow is Friday, what a long week! I needed some cheering up, so yesterday I decided to use OPI Teenage Dream, because I hadn’t yet. After looking at the post Liz did about it, I decided I wanted something a little more pink so I decided to layer it.

My pink of choice was Essie’s Need A Vacation, which is probably one of my favorite pinks. I just realized I haven’t blogged that one so I’m going to have to fly it solo in the near future so you all can see! It’s a lot like it looks in the bottle: light, creamy (verging on jellyish) baby pink.

Need A Vacation goes on kind of streaky in the first coat, so I did one coat and it was on the thicker side. I followed it up with OPI Teenage Dream, which is big holo glitter with small silver glitter. It has a nice, sheer light pink of it’s own when done in 3 coats, so with a more opaque pink underneath it gives it an extra boost.

Yum, glitter

I really liked how this turned out, it was a nice layering job if I do say so myself. I was enjoying wearing it, but unfortunately these two polishes and my base and top coat apparently just did not get along at all. It took a long time to dry and I nicked it while I thought it had dried long ago. After that it started immediately peeling. I’m not sure what it was, could have been the nail product combo, my nails, Thursday, the weather, we may never know… It was fun while it lasted though, so pretty!

Have you all done any amazing layering jobs with big glitters or other polishes from the Katy Perry collection? Comment back!

Where to Buy (Both polishes): Ulta / Salons / JC Penney/ Online Retailers / $8ish



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Sephora by OPI: Iris I was Thinner

I wish it would stop raining! It’s been over a week of nothing but pouring rain. We’ve had maybe one sunny day in the last 10. Not wonderful for taking photos and color accuracy. But sort of fitting with how I’ve been feeling lately.

I was surprised when I noticed that this polish hasn’t been blogged about here on Death by Polish. Just because I know Lauren and I both own it. Iris I was Thinner, I actually think this name is quite funny, was from last year’s $OPI collection inspired by flowers. Right up my alley. (One of my favorite polishes, Leaf Him At The Alter, is from this collection!)

Medium purple creme. A bit more grey-ed out in real life

I was thinking about how I hadn’t worn a purple polish in a while. Then I thought about it and realized I have recently blogged about two other not only purples, but cremes as well. Haha, I guess I’ve been slightly aloof. Iris I was Thinner has a very nice balance of being saturated and noticeable, but not too loud. It has a certain darkness to it. The tone of this polish is really nice and is floral-y and seems very natural. I would say it’s more red based than blue.

Shiny, glossy finish. A little darker in color in real life.

The formula on this is also great. I only needed two coats for full coverage. I like that the finish isn’t too dense. It’s a creme, but almost one of those half creme half jellies. It goes on smooth and has a shiny, glossy finish. I always prefer when cremes have this finish and formula. You get to skip the goopy, thick formulas.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / $ 9ish

I don’t know what it is, but my nails have been a pain lately. They have been peeling at the tips. I gave them a serious buff yesterday. And around my nails has been getting dry rather easily. I find this strange since it’s warm out now and I had NO problems when it was 20 degrees out all winter. I don’t think Lemony Flutter is doing it for me anymore. I’ve also been having serious wear issues. 😦

– Liz


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Wet n Wild Megalast: Undercover

 This is another Megalast polish I picked up recently. I’m unsure how available this Wet n Wild line is because I haven’t seen it at every Walgreen’s I’ve been to. But I’m sure they are easy enough to find.

I picked this color because it’s one that I wouldn’t normally choose. But for the small price tag, I told myself to get something different. This line is mostly neutral cremes that seem pretty awesome, I’ve picked up a couple of them. The bottles are also nice and sleek, but contain slightly less than the average polish. They have .3 FL Oz.

Dusty rose. Slighty less pigmented and saturated than in photo.

Undercover is sort of a dusty rose color. It’s muted and not too saturated. It also has some tan or brown undertones in it. I could actually see a lot of people liking this color. I feel like any “rose” color has its fair share of people who love it or don’t. I could see this color working well in the fall and is very business appropriate. However, it’s not for me. I think it looks a little frumptastic on me and isn’t working great with my skintone.


The formula on this polish was excellent. It could have been a ONE coater. It went on slightly thick, but it was fully saturated, even, and opaque in one coat. I was very surprised. I did do two coats for good measure. The drying time on this line is really quick, which is great. This manicure took me honestly all of maybe 7 minutes until fully dry. This finish is more creme than half jelly / half creme like  Private Viewing (Love that polish!).

Where to Buy: Drugstores / $ 1.99

I really like this line of polishes. I fully recommend it. I still want to get more of them. Great neutrals that have a nice finish, great formula and application, and great price tag. They also have better wearability than other Wet n Wild polishes I’ve tried.

Has anyone else tried these yet? Come on, I can’t be the only one!

– Liz


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China Glaze: Lubu Heels

black with red glitteryness!

A friend gave me this polish not too long ago and I decided that the Blackhawks playoffs word be the perfect time to take it for a test run. I’m not sure how other people feel about pairing Louboutin’s with hockey, but it works for me. I was doing a bit of research on this polish, but couldn’t find out quite when it came out. I do know that it is lovely…

Lubu Heels is a black with red glitter packed in. It pretty much looks like how it appears in the bottle, perhaps slightly less glittery. The black goes on very sheer at first, so don’t be surprised by the initial coat. I did three here to make sure I had full opacity and maximum red glitter. Aside from the first coat being sheer, which you may kind of expect as I did, this went on nicely, not too thick or chunky or anything like that.

lots of red glitter in this one!

I think there’s a lot more red glitter in this one. From a distance it pretty much just looks black, maybe an off-black, but when you look up close you can definitely see the glitter. However, don’t expect someone on the street/a polish amateur to think you’re wearing anything other than black on your nails. I’m sure the rest of us can tell how special this is though. In the sunlight this polish really shines, a lot more than you’d expect. It gives off this really cool vampy shine that I just love. If you like reds, blacks, general vampy polishes I say pick this up if you ever see it, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Since I wasn’t out looking for this one myself, I’m not sure if it’s stocked in a standard CG display, but I think it’s readily available.

So much for an Easter mani…


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Zoya: Nail Polish Exchange 2011!

Image taken from Zoya's blog

Yes, polish freaks! It’s that glorious time again. Zoya’s nail polish exchange started on April 20, Earth Day, so forgive us for being a pinch behind.

You have until the 27th to send in your polish. Basically how it works is you need to send in at least 6 non-Zoya/Qtica brand nail polishes, you only pay $4 for shipping and handling, and get to have your unwanted polish disposed of correctly while you pick out brand new Zoya polish! Does it get any better than that?!

See for the complete instructions and guidelines and get out to the post office to send in that polish!


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Zoya: Reva

 I usually don’t do many “themed” manicures. But the Blackhawks are in the playoffs and I wanted to wear red for it this weekend. This time last year, Lauren and I wore red nails for upwards of TWO months for the playoffs. Totally nerdy and hilarious, especially since I don’t really like red polish.

I usually make the mistake with Zoya’s Sparkles (or foils) that two coats will be enough, and it’s not. However, Reva’s formula was SO saturated and pigmented that two coats was perfect. It was a great surprise.

Red with gold glitter

When I first got Reva I was confused as to why I ordered it. 1.) It was red 2.) It was red with gold, which is sort of a “classic” combination that isn’t my taste. It’s not very unique and slightly retro. But I was actually surprised by the fact that I do like it. There’s something about the tone of this color that is very flattering. It’s not too cool toned and not too warm toned. It’s slightly more warm toned, but it has a nice balance and I think it might shift a little on the individual.

Reva matte!

Although I did like Reva more than expected, it still wasn’t totally doing it for me. So, I matted it, and like it even more! I usually don’t matte polishes because they chip so much easier and I usually favor shiny. But this is awesome. It adds something different to such a classic color combination. An unexpected texture. It still has a touch of sheen, so I would almost say it’s more satin than fully matte.

Where to Buy: / $ 8

Maybe I should always matte my reds, haha. I feel like matting all the bright glitters and shimmers in the summer is a cool twist.

P.S. I saw Water for Elephants this weekend (Not a great movie. It was alright, I like the circus. The hair and costumes were really cool though) and Reese was sporting a red half moon manicure with white tips but I can’t find any photos of it! It actually looked pretty good. It was cool that they incorporated that look in the details and styling since it has become popular again.

– Liz


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