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Benefit: Eye Bright

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Beware the EYES of March… because apparently they are dark and scary. Thank goodness we have Benefit Eye Bright! I am a big fan of this product. Not long ago, I felt that my under-eyes were getting much darker, they weren’t puffy, just… pigmented. Liz solved this problem by getting this for me!

This pink pencil is an eye brightener that will fix under eye darkness in just a few dabs. I literally wear this everyday. I’m really careful about not using anything too harshly around my eyes, so if you’re worried about that you can probably even put the product on your finger and then dab it under your eye. I just do a couple light swoops and blend it in with my finger.


Here’s a close-up and as you can see it’s really light and perfect to lighten the dark eye circles. It doesn’t do anything drastic like change my skin tone. I don’t use foundation, but I picture it blending in nicely with just about everything. I have not heard anything about using this on darker skin tones though, so I’d be interested to hear any feedback regarding that.

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Benefit Velvet Eye Shadows in Buns & Mermaid

Pretty Eye Shadows!

My eyes have a few different colors in them. I classify them as hazel, however I could see someone saying, “oh, they are brown.” But then I can hear myself yelling in my head, “They aren’t just BROWN. There’s amber and green in there too!” Which there are, and it seems obvious when you’re looking me in the eye, but you know, some people aren’t perceptive or pay attention to things like that.

This being said, I like to wear a lot of different eye colors. And most of the time, I like to keep them on the lighter side (and I prefer shimmers to matte shadows) but I still play with color. I wear pink and purple often and even red to play up the yellow / amber in my eye (Coppering by MAC is awesome for this). I also like light blues and darker blues (Clinique Peacock is one of my favorites).

Anyway, back to Benefit…these shadows aren’t super unique colors, but as mentioned I love a pink shadow and have been wanting to try some Benefit eye shadows, so I got these two during their online sale for half price to give them a go!

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Benefit Ultra Shines Lip Gloss: Life On The A List

Pretty in Pink

It’s Sunday morning. Theoretically my favorite day of the week, but it never ends up actually being that cool for me. I don’t work Saturdays, Sundays or Mondays so Monday kind of turns into my Sunday so it’s like a fake Sunday and isn’t right. Anyway, I’m here with a pretty spring time¬†colored lip gloss for you all!

I usually don’t wear stuff on my lips, minus Burt’s Bees. I know that might sound a little strange to some of our readers, but it’s slightly impractical for my life. I’m a nanny, so actually many types of make up may seem impractical for my activities throughout the day, but I still sweep on eyeshadow, blush, concealer and mascara for work. That has been my daily make up routine for the past couple months.

Don’t get me wrong though, I loved my MAC Lady Ga Ga lipstick…until I lost it. I know girls love glosses, our guest blogger Rachel is a huge Lip Glosshead, but sometimes with glosses I feel as though they don’t last very long and are gone within 30 minutes of application.

Life on the A List

I got this pretty Benefit gloss as a Christmas gift and really like it. I like that it is a light peachy / pink color and not too pigmented. As mentioned, my make up routine lately has been very light and fresh and somewhat “wintery” with lots of shimmery colors, ¬†and I think this gloss will be a perfect finishing touch for my face.

Life on the A List

The formula and consistency of this gloss is great. It is not too sticky, which I know we all hate. It is actually not very sticky at all. I think that gloss would work well layered over lipstick too because it is not too pigmented. This gloss has a nice, fresh smell to it as well. It’s sort of peachy or apricoty. It’s not very strong so I don’t mind it, and it reminds me of springtime. Never a bad thing when it’s 20 degrees outside!

Light & Pretty

I like that this gloss isn’t too shimmery and how well it matches my lips already. It sort of looks more like a texture difference on my face rather than a color difference and I really like that. You can see the shine against my skin, not as much the color. I think this color is very versatile and can be worn all year-long.

This color isn’t very unique, but I like it as a pretty staple neutral for sure.

Where To Buy: / Sephora / Ulta / Macy’s / $18

Also is having a sale with up to 70% off on selected items!

– Liz


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