Zoya: Phoebe

Zoya Phoebe!

I was very excited to receive my Zoya order yesterday, including this little bottle of happiness from Zoya’s Mod Mattes collection for spring. This is Phoebe, 1 of 3 colors from the collection and I chose this one because it seemed the most interesting of the three… and it has shimmer!

Zoya instructs users to use only base coat with these and no top coat. If I would’ve had time this morning, I probably would’ve run a matte top coat over this because it may have helped the chipping.

Phoebe is an electric blue matte with shimmer. It’s such a pretty color and very eye-catching. I haven’t worn a matte in awhile so it was nice to see a new collection of them for spring.

I ended up doing 3 coats of this. It went on streaky for the first coat and I didn’t feel I had all the imperfections out of it after the second. The third coat definitely did the trick though as far as evening out the color. If you look very closely, you can see the nail line so I’d probably recommend three coats for all of these if you want the color to be as even as possible and opaque.

Bright blue for spring!

So you probably cannot see Phoebe’s shimmer in these photos and I apologize for that. We are in a rainy week here and there is no sun to speak of at all. I was lucky to even get this picture due to how much this polish is chipping!

Of course, Liz warned me last night and said she hoped Phoebe didn’t chip today and I said it better not. Not surprisingly, she was right and this chipped in the night and continued chipping today as mattes are known to do. I think next time I wear this I will try a matte top coat over it to see if that helps. The wear on this is basically nonexistent. I love this polish regardless of the disappointing chip factor, but I am glad I got it when Zoyas were on promotion.

Where to Buy: Zoya / $8

Looking forward to trying more spring Zoyas!




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4 responses to “Zoya: Phoebe

  1. Georgia

    What matte top coat do you use? I’ve had the same problem with mattes, that they chip the second I apply them. Never tried a top coat, though. If it works, I’m willing to try it.

    • The one I currently have is Essie’s Matte About You. I didn’t get to try it today because unfortunately Phoebe was chipped beyond repair 😦

      There’s a bunch of matte top coats out there, I recommend picking one up!


  2. Rachel

    Good call on the matte top coat! I think I might try this polish today!

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