OPI DS: Signature

The OPI Designer Series is a line that is pretty awesome. Although it bares a higher price tag than regular OPIs, these holographic polishes are well worth the extra $4 since they pretty good holographics, in colors ranging from nudes to blues.

Lauren gave me this beauty for Christmas and it got lost in my sea of “untried” polishes. Her CVS also magically stocks OPI’s sometimes, DS’s included, and I think she got this one and others for less than $5. No joke!

Pinky-purple holo

Signature is an interesting color because it seems to look different on many skin tones and in different lighting. Indoors it is almost a muted, medium pinkish rose color, with holographic sparkle. But when it gets in any strong light, the color lights up and gets more depth, and of course, more holographic!

In full sun! Not as awesome as it is IRL

After wearing scattered, not so strong holographic polishes recently (Tronica), it’s nice to wear this stronger linear holo. It’s always good to have something to stare at that’s pretty and full of color. The formula and application on this polish was standard, no problems. I did two coats, but, I think three would have given a slightly better outcome. There’s some slight patchiness and unevenness of color on my right hand. It also dried quickly and looks pretty good anyway.

Signature in the shade

I was slightly hoping this polish would be a touch more purple, because I love purple. But the pink color that it is isn’t a typical pink, and it actually quite interesting and pretty on its own. It has some nice depth.

Where to Buy: Ulta / Online Retailers / JCPenny / Dillard’s / Trade Secret / $12.50 (regularly)

What’s your favorite DS polish? I only own a few, but they all seem to be great.

– Liz



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7 responses to “OPI DS: Signature

  1. I love this polish, I found mine at a CVS too! Just sitting there with no other DS polishes. It was a little more than 5 bucks though, but just an average OPI price. I need to wear it again soon!

  2. Rachel

    This color is so pretty. I love it! It’s so weird how CVS will have OPI’s sometimes. They’re so not authorized to sell that. It’s so crazy how drugstores like that and Walgreens and even my grocery store, Publix, sell high end beauty products. My Walgreens has Bumble & Bumble and they’re definitely not supposed to!

    • Really? Walgreens sells Bumble & Bumble? When I was at Nat’s B&B class the other day, they were saying how people might be bummed B&B is being sold at Sephora, but it’s sold at Target already and apparently Walgreens so I didn’t see the huge difference.
      You would love this polish and color with your pink addiction in full swing. It would be get on your tan stan, and a perfect color for Florida!

      • Rachel

        I think the only people who would be bummed about B&B being sold at Sephora would be salon owners since now clients have the alternative to buy it there instead of at the salon. But I like that Sephora sells it.

        B&B bottles say “sold in salons only” or something like that so I really think it’s beyond bizarre that it’s sold at Walgreens, etc. They can’t be authorized to sell it? And plus, it’s way higher in price there. But even Walgreens lists B&B products on its website. It’s confusing, but regardless, I wouldn’t trust buying it from there. My Walgreens also has Frederick Fekkai for like, $50. Ridiculous.

      • Rachel

        Did some googling and found an article explaining it. I wonder how OPI feels about this? Because I can buy OPI at my grocery store too. They’re in strange individual plastic packages. Wonder if it’s grey market stuff?


  3. Whoa, I always wondering about that actually. It’s very strange that Target would purchase those products somewhere else, or not through the manufacture and sell them at their stores?? I wonder if they do that with many of their beauty product. I was be bummed since I do like their selection of products and it would be a big turn off for me.

    It could be grey market stuff. I mean, I had ordered polishes off Amazon, OPI specifically, that have came in those pre wrapped things, but never at a store. They probably do buy them from a whole saler or something and sell them.

    I’m really interested in this now and am wondering about Target. Not only is the higher price kind of lame for Target, but the means of receiving some products seem a little more than questionable. Thanks for the article!

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