Essie: Lapis Of Luxury

Lapis Of Luxury was part of Essie’s 2010 Resort Collection. I honestly don’t think I have ever worn this polish. Lauren had it on last week and kept telling me how nice it was, so I decided to finally give it a go. Plus, I can’t even remember the last time I wore a creme polish. I really needed one.

Speaking of Essie, I really wish they would come out and give someone a straight forward answer regarding their new animal testing policies since they are part of L’Oreal now. Since they aren’t, I figure the worst. And since Lauren contacted PETA and they also had no answers I’m going to take that as a “yes we do,” which is a bummer. I always loved their resort collections. Also, how is everyone feeling about Essie in drugstores, Target, etc?

Dusty periwinkle

It is DRAB outside so my photos ended up a little sub par for my liking. Lapis of Luxury is an interesting color. It’s a slightly dusty periwinkle blue. Not too sky blue, it’s almost more of a cornflowerish periwinkle. It’s not as bright as you would think. It has some grey in it so it’s actually quite flattering. I think it’s looking particularly nice on my skin, and I usually complain about that.  This color looks great. It’s a nice pastely color without being too pastel.

Slightly less blue in real life. More grey.

This photo is just a touch too blue, but was the closest I could get to the actual color. It’s a little more subdue. The finish on this polish, like the rest in this collection, is actually a little more of a half jellyish half creme. Not really thick like a creme. I used three coats and it went on perfectly. This manicure looks really great and I think it’s because of this polish’s great formula and application. I’m loving wearing this color.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers (Or you might be able to find it floating around some place like Ulta) / $ 8

I’d like to rant a little bit on my Zoya BOGO order. I ordered mine the night of the sale and still haven’t gotten my order. I live 7 hours from Cleveland, come on! Lauren in NOLA got hers THREE days ago. And my best friend in Miami got her’s two days go! Give me a break, Zoya. Totally annoyed.

– Liz



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5 responses to “Essie: Lapis Of Luxury

  1. Rachel

    So funny that Lauren was wearing this last week because I was too! I think it also may have been my first time with this color. I actually really liked it way more than I thought I would.

    As for the new owners of Essie…I’m not a fan. While it is convient to be able to get Essie at Walgreens and Target, I don’t like it. I don’t like the new labels on the bottle and for some reason, I feel like the formulas are going to change because they’re being more mass produced now since they’re in more stores. And the fact that they’re probably doing animal testing really sucks too since this is a brand that wasn’t before. Talk about backtracking.

    • I also like it way more than I thought I would. I think I hadn’t worn it because I thought it was a little bland, even though I really like blues. But yeah, totally agree it’s actually awesome.

      Also, interesting thought about if the quality of the product will be compromised because of it being mass produced. I feel like since OPI has been doing it for years, Essie might have gotten some pointers from them or something. I just still think it’s weird. When I was in Target the other day, the Essie’s weren’t by the rest of the polishes, they were like in a stand alone section in the Target make up aisle. So weird!

    • We are just having a Lapis of Luxury kind of week aren’t we? Tonight I found out that my Borghese selection at CVS was replaced by “new” Essies. Really bummed about them especially since Resort looks pretty good. I also hate the new bottles, have you guys seen those? Ew.

      Rachel, thanks for linking to DBP in your Temptalia comment on the Chanel lip shines! We saw people clicking to come visit 🙂


  2. Ally

    I ordered from the Zoya BOGO as well but I received my order on Monday!

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