OPI: Big Hair Big Nails

Big Hair Big Nails

Guys. We need to talk. We need to talk about these Texas OPI’s. Specifically the finish.

I could not wait to blog about this polish. I’m so excited. Big Hair Big Nails caught my eye yesterday when I went on a polish run. It’s bright orange, pink, red seduced me and I didn’t fight it.

When I read about the “icy sorbet” finish of this collection I was interested, yet apprehensive. I figured OPI was just messing around with the name of jelly polishes. But it’s better than that. The best “jelly” formula I’ve used. When I first inspected the formula of these polishes in the bottle and on the brush my immediate thought was, “oh, NO. These are SO RUNNY!” Which, they are. Ye be warned.

Big Hair Big Nails "Sobret" polish finish

Jelly’s can get streaky. Which is often a problem I have with them, even with a good top coat. The “sorbet” finish on the Texas OPI’s is anything but streaky. It is glorious. The first coat applies lightly, in a sheer way. Think like a sheer lipstick. It’s not heavy, it’s light and glossy but still delivers color. There’s no streaking. There’s no unevenness of color. By the second coat you have this glorious yet lighter than a jelly finish. There’s still lots of pigmentation, but it’s not thick and packed in. OPI online instructed doing two coats, and you would have full icy, pigmented, sorbet finish but I definitely needed three.

OPI sorbet polish finish is awesome!

The finish is so shiny. It’s even. And so slick. It’s the perfect summertime finish for a polish. It looks almost wet. The drying time was awesome even though I would suggest three coats. Each coat dried quickly. The formula, as mentioned above, is runny. Not thick like cremes can be. The coats are sheerer. But they build perfectly and are left with this crisp, juicy finish.

Big Hair Big Nails / My Chihuahua Bites

Big Hair Big Nails is a fun, summer time orangey red. It’s bright and poppy. However, I wouldn’t say it’s a very unique color. My Chihuahua Bites is one of my favorite summer time colors. It’s perfect for your fingers and your toes. Though, since it’s a creme, sometimes I get a patchy and uneven finish. MCB is slightly more pink than BHBN. It has a little more coral mixed in there. They are very similar as you can tell in the photo comparison. Though, I would / am completely recommending getting BHBN because of the finish and application. Completely worth it.

Big Hair Big Nails

I’m in love. I obviously can’t say enough!

Where to Buy: Ulta / JCPenny / Dillards / Transdesign / $8.50

I hope everyone is having a fun Superbowl Sunday. Go get some Texas OPI’s ASAP!

– Liz

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