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OPI: My Vampire Is Buff

myvampisbuffbottleDoes this polish remind anyone else of Spike? From Buffy? A buff, pale vampire? No? Just me? Okay.

I’d like to tell you guys that I have missed you! Life has gotten busy and I haven’t been dedicating enough time to my nail polish habit, but I have missed keeping up with the trends and hopefully finding more interesting colors to add to my collection.

I’ve been on a search for a nice almost white polish for a long time. As we know, it’s hard to find the shade we have in our heads and My Vampire Is Buff isn’t quite it, but I do think it’s quite nice.

Creamy, cool biege-y white

Creamy, cool beige-y white

My Vampire is Buff is a cool, creamy white beige. A nice, light neutral.  It doesn’t have much pink / fleshy tones to it. I like that it’s a cool toned almost white color. Although I am fairly warm toned, in the dead of winter (can I get some sun please?) cooler toned polishes look alright on me. Although I think I will like this one a lot more in the summer when I have a bit of color to me. Overall though, I think this color is very pretty and a nice addition to my collection.

I didn’t have much difficulty with the formula. I have heard some complaints of it being a bit streaky, but for a polish of this color, I actually thought the formula was pretty good. I only used two coats, with the first one thicker, and everything evened out and covered just fine.

Where to Buy: Ulta / JCPenny / Dillard’s / Professional Salons / Trade Secret / Online Retailers / $ 8.50

Okay, tell me. What’s your favorite color from the OPI Euro collection? Did you pick up My Vampire is Buff? Any others I should add to my collection? I want to hear from you guys, I’ve missed chit chatting about polish!

– Liz



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Wet N Wild Megalast: Break The Ice & China Glaze: Luxe And Lush

For whatever reason, I’ve really been feeling and craving light, clean, and crisp manicures. I’m really on a white kick (still looking for a favorite white…suggestions please!) so decided to layer Luxe And Lush from the Hunger Games collection over the shimmering base of Break The Ice.

Shimmering white base with metallic, gold flakie top coat

Break The Ice is a very shimmery, almost but not quite, pearl white. As I mentioned, I felt like wearing a white but also wanted to wear an untried polish, so I decided to layer Luxe and Lush over it. Luxe and Lush is an interesting flakie because it’s mostly gold and silver. I really like the metallic take on this flakie and love that it’s not too warm, like yellow. This manicure reminds me of snow, ice, and glaciers. It’s an interesting and really cool mix of shimmer, metallic, and neutral all in one.

Easy application

Break The Ice has an easy application. I used three coats for the full coverage that I wanted; this polish layers well and could totally be worn with one, two, or three layers depending on the look you want to achieve. Luxe And Lush dispersed a decent amount of flakies per coat. I only used one coat for this manicure. The flakes also went on pretty evenly, none gathering at the tip or base on my nail. Both dried quickly and I had no formula issues with either.

Where To Buy (Break The Ice): Drugstores / Target  / $ 2

Where To Buy (Luxe And Lush): Sally’s / Ulta / Trade Secret / Online Retailers / $ 6

How do you like this manicure? Do you think Luxe and Lush is any different from all the other flakies out there? Do you own either of these polishes? If so, what do you like to layer Luxe and Lush over?

– Liz

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OPI: Don’t Touch My Tutu!

I’ve been somewhat on a search for the perfect “white” polish for a while. I love the way a more opaque, but not full coverage creme, white polish looks. It’s so clean and more modern than the common sheer whites. I loved the way this polish looked in the bottle, so I was unable to resist it.

Sheer-er, milky white

Don’t Touch My Tutu! (I actually think this name is cute) is a sheer, pale white from the 2012 NYC Ballet Soft Shades collection. It has a pretty, medium coverage jelly finish to it. This polish has a crisp, clean color to it. It doesn’t have any noticeable blue or pink undertones to it. It’s pretty, and very different from what I normally wear. I like it, though wish it was more of what I was looking for and more of what it appeared to be in the bottle.

Only noticeably streaky in macro, looks very even on the nails

This photo makes this polish look as though it’s streaky or uneven, but in real life, it’s almost undetectable. The macro setting on the camera made this much more visible. I did use three coats for this polish, but had no issues with drying time. The formula was thinner but it is semi-sheer. I do wish it was a touch more opaque so it would have been more of what I had in mind. My only application tip would be is that you can build it up or wear it sheer, whatever look you are going for it seems to be pretty flexible.

Where To Buy: Ulta / JCPenny / Trade Secret / Dillard’s / Online Retailers / $ 8.50

Do you like Don’t Touch My Tutu!? Do you often wear classic, sheer polishes like this one? Did you buy any others from this years Ballet Soft Shades collection? Or what’s your favorite more opaque white? I’m still looking, help a girl out!

– Liz

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Wet N Wild Megalast: Break The Ice

This is another Megalast impulse buy I had at Walgreens recently. I remember looking at this polish in this line before, when I originally tried them, but this time it just looked so pretty in this bottle I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve been meaning to buff up my white collection so I figured why not. And it’s actually really pretty!

Pretty white with shimmering champagne microshimmer

This polish is very feminine. It’s light, bright, and clean. But I know how some people might think a shimmering white is a bit “bridal” but this didn’t come off that way at all to me. It’s subtle but definitely gives your nails a pretty, brightening effect that looks classic. A great palette cleanser. I think white nails always look cool, especially on darker skin.

Easy, smooth application

The brushes in the new redesigned bottles are really easy to work with. They are wide and flat, which makes getting full coverage very easy. This formula was smooth and easy to apply. The formula was a bit sheer (as intended) but I used three coats and got the coverage I was looking for. I also had no issues with drying time.

Where to Buy: Drugstores / $ 2

How do you feel about Wet N Wild polishes? Have you been a long time fan? If not, how do you feel about white polish? Is it too stark or too bridal for you? Or do you enjoy wearing the fresh, clean look?

– Liz


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Orly: Pure Porcelain


Pure Porcelain nails!


Hi everyone! Happy Mardi Gras from New Orleans! I had a long weekend, but I did manage to pick up new polish, paint my nails, and get some decent pictures amidst all the festivities. I wanted to get to this one right away because it’s new for spring from the Orly Precious collection.

Now I know this isn’t that attention-grabbing, but for some reason as soon as I saw the swatches of this I wanted it. I think I really liked the idea of porcelain nails. This ended up being a really nice, opaque off-white creme. Personally, I liked this polish a lot because it’s not a stark, bright white. It’s almost a really white greige because the color verges on gray and beige while still being obviously off-white/cream colored. I found it pretty flattering for me for something so white on your nails.

This applied well, not too thick or streaky at all, opaque in the first coat. I used 2 coats, couldn’t possibly see the need for more than that. In this second pic I think you get more of the beige/skin-toned aspect of the white in Pure Porcelain. You can kind of see in the bottle as well how it’s kind of a “dirty” white. I don’t really have another white nail polish, but I’m glad I now have one and it’s not too bright or harsh. I think this is a nice spring polish and something you can wear to lighten up an outfit.

Where to Buy: Sally’s / Ulta / Online retailers / $3-7 (these were on promotion for super cheap when I got them this weekend at Sally’s!)


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Chanel Ombres Perlees De Chanel

Click to Enlarge. They are so awesome!

Chanel’s Spring 2011 Line, Collection Les Perles De Chanel, was inspired by pearls. When I saw these shadows, I felt like I had to have them. They looked so different, edgy, yet completely approachable and beautiful. I normally don’t splurge on such things as this, but I was left defenseless against the shimmer, colors, and texture of this palette (and had a gift card). I also find it to be versatile between all the color combinations you can do and pretty much a must have!

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Chanel Le Vernis: 511 Pearl Drop & 515 Peche Nacree

Hi lacquer lovers!  I finally have photos of the other two polishes from Chanel’s Spring 2011 collection.  Let’s start off with Pearl Drop.

Chanel Le Vernis 511 Pearl Drop

Pearl Drop is a beautiful white color with gold reflections.  I usually won’t buy a white color like this but this color is just gorgeous.  I literally gasped when I first swatched it because it was just so pretty.  I like my polish to be pretty opaque so I layered this 3 times.

Chanel Pearl Drop Closeup

Closeup of Pearl Drop

Chanel Pearl Drop Swatch

Pearl Drop in the sunshine

Chanel also suggests for Pearl Drop to be used on your toes with Black Pearl on your hands.  I cannot wait to try that combination because I can imagine this on my toes lounging around poolside.  So good!  So, all in all, this color is great.  1 coat is way sheer, 2 coats should be perfect and 3 coats makes this a strong color.

Chanel Le Vernis 515 Peche Nacree

Peche Nacree is a feminine peach color that looks pretty similar to skin tone but obviously more peach and with shimmer.  I adored this color in the bottle but wasn’t as impressed once it was on my nails.  It’s a subtle color and I prefer something with a bit more contrast to my skin tone.  Regardless, I do think this is a great color on and think it will look great on all skin tones.

Peche Nacree closeup

Peche Nacree on the nails

Both colors are metallic so there are visible brush strokes but they’re really only visible in bright light.  Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colors are pricey but I find the formulas always to be consistent and strong. I haven’t seen the China Glaze Anchors Away collection in person yet, but from what I have seen I think that “White Cap” will be pretty close to Pearl Drop and “Sunset Sail” to be close to Peche Nacree.  Can’t wait to get my hands on that collection to compare it side by side!

Where To Buy: http://www.Chanel.com & Chanel Counters / $23

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

– Rachel

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