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Zoya: Wednesday

Hey all. I hope you’re all getting time to enjoy summer and the warm weather. It’s by far my favorite time of year and I’ve been enjoying sitting out on the patio relaxing and admiring my flowers.

I apologize for my lack of posting recently. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing about nail polish anymore or don’t enjoy polish anymore; it’s that it’s been really difficult for me to find new collections that really pique my interest enough to want to purchase them. I feel like many collections have been quite repetitive and nothing new or exciting. I still want to chit chat and connect with all of the wonderful readers of DPB so, as always, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for new polishes to wear and write about.

Wednesday is just one of those colors that will suck me in everytime. I could have my own helmer drawer for turquoise-y green-y blues. This polish did look a little dustier to me in swatches then it ended up being in real life.

Shiny turquoise-y blue

Although this shade is quite common, I couldn’t help myself. As mentioned, I did think Wednesday would be a little dustier or a slightly more interesting tone via swatches, but I’m pretty sure it matches most of my other turquoise cremes, silly me. I do think it has a nice balance in it, and it’s definitely blue (to me) so there’s no lobster hands in sight.

Very nice formula and application

The formula and application on this polish was really great. It applied like butter to my nails, very smooth and opaque. I used two coats for full coverage. It was super quick and easy application.

Where to Buy: Zoya.com / $ 8

Did you get any of the Zoya Surf and Sun polishes? Did you pick up Wednesday? Which is your favorite? Or did they seem pretty standard for a summer collection?

– Liz



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PA: A72

I was out of town for the weekend last week, so I apologize for the lack of posting! I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the summer weather that is finally here.

This is the second polish that a friend was sweet enough to bring me back from Japan. As you all are well aware of, I love everything blue. And this dreamy turquoise had me from the jump.

Creamy, dreamy turquoise

This color isn’t the most unique and many of us that collection polish have numerous variations of it, but I think many of us are drawn to it. It’s beautiful. Though this creme polish leans a touch more green (to me and on my skintone), it has a nice balance of blue and green. It’s a perfect summer color and I have loved admiring this color on my nails.

Easy, smooth application

This polish has a super shiny finish, since it’s a half creme half jelly hybrid. The formula on it was great; super easy and quick to apply. It also dried very quickly. What I’ve been most surprised with regarding this polish, is how well it has worn on me. Polishes usually chip within the first day on me, but I’ve had minimal tipwear after 3 days. Always a welcomed surprise!

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / $ 4 – $ 5

Is turquoise one of your go to nail colors for summer? Or like me, do you like to wear it year round? Summer for me means turquoise and coral!

– Liz

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Wet N Wild Megalast: I Need A Refresh-Mint

Guilty. I feel guilty for being unable to post all week long. I’m sorry! But I’m back with a polish that I really enjoyed wearing.

I posted a couple of these Wet N Wild Megalasts awhile back. But since then they have revamped the bottles (which I think look really great by the way) and added new colors. This one is definitely the most interesting one of the bunch.

Turquoise-y blue creme

This polish looks a lot like Chanel’s Nouvelle Vague. The tone is very similar to me. But this polish is a creme with no shimmer. I think a lot of people love this almost sea-foam greenish blue color and it has been done a lot and often, but this polish has just a touch more blue in it and it makes it really beautiful. It’s almost a robin’s egg blue. For me it’s completely worth having and reminds me of summer. It definitely cheered me up when I looked down at my hands.

Super easy application and great formula

I was impressed with the Megalasts formula during my first run through with the line, and still am. It was smooth and full of pigment. I had no issues and only needed two coats for opacity. Even though Wet n Wild is a very affordable drugstore nail polish line, I think this line looks more upscale and performs very well in terms of formula, application, and wear. Totally worth the $ 2 !

Where to Buy: Drugstores / $ 2

How are you feeling about this color? Is it too over done for you? Or are you still a sucker for the pretty blue / green hue? Are you tempted to go pick up some of these gems for only a couple bucks?!

– Liz


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Chanel: Nouvelle Vague

I have NO IDEA how this polish hasn’t been blogged about by me yet. This is one of my all time favorites that I own. I’m offended by myself for not posting this, haha. This color is worth all the hype and any green or blue lover needs it. Enough said.

Beautiful balance of green and blue

Nouvelle Vague is beautiful. It has this relaxing tone that is so soothing but yet it’s nowhere near boring. To me (and on me) this color is more green than it is blue, but it’s not overly green. There’s a nice balance in this little bottle. This color is almost perfect to me. Everytime I wear this polish I feel pretty, but it also packs a little edgy-ness since it’s a blue/green. But I will say that it isn’t saturated or blue enough to be a turquoise to me. It has delicate hidden shimmer that comes out to play in the sunlight.

Smooth finish with hidden shimmer

The formula on this polish isn’t bad, but it’s not great. I need three coats for full coverage and to even everything out and look great. But I don’t think the formula is particularly bad. I have heard people complain about it, but it’s by no means unmanageable or unruly. I think since it is a lighter / paler color that has to do with its not so perfect formula. But honestly, it’s not a pain to apply.

Where to Buy: I have no idea! I’m sorry! It was limited edition. Help?

Did you fawn over Nouvelle Vague when it was released? Did you purchase it? Do you love it? Would you purchase it if you could now? I love this color. It’s special.

– Liz


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China Glaze: Watermelon Rind

Sparkly green!

My friend loaned my this little gem saying that it was a perfect summer polish and I do have to agree! This is China Glaze Watermelon Rind, a deep sparkly green that tends toward blue-green.

I used two coats of Watermelon Rind and probably could’ve gone for three to get a darker color to the polish (plus more shimmer). It goes on pretty sheer in the first coat and thinking about it now, I wish I would’ve done three. I loved wearing this color though and got a few compliments on it too. It definitely reminds me of a watermelon rind and I think this color would be pretty much universally flattering.

It wore really well, I had no major problems with application or wear. The color definitely popped and I wish I would’ve done it on my toes too! There are so many great uses for this polish, haha.

leans towards blue on me

The more I look at pictures of this color, the more I like it. I think there were times where it definitely looked more blue than green on me, particularly this pic to the right. So I guess if you want a true green, this may not be one for you. It kind of reminds me of a polish that could’ve been in the Zoya Sparkle collection from last summer, kind of like Charla but with more green and less sparkle.

I think Watermelon Rind is a solid summer pick that won’t get old after one season, you can definitely wear this one again and again.

Glad Monday is over!


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China Glaze: Turned Up Turquoise

This is one of those polishes that I always remind myself to pick up, and then never do. It always seemed like a great summer color. A bright, saturated green / blue would normally be right up my alley, but this polish did not deliver for me.

I’m not a huge neon polish girl. I know in hot months girls love a neon pedicure and even matching neon manicure, but it’s just not really my thing. (Though I do really like Essie Bermuda Shorts a lot!)


The color of this polish is actually really pretty, but what’s throwing me off about it is that I don’t view it as turquoise. For me, there’s not enough blue in it to send it into that turquoise zone. I know turquoise is quite a subjective color, but this one is a little off to me. It’s a bright, almost spearmint green with a touch of blue to me.

Like most neons, the formula on this was a pain. I found it to be a bit worse than other neons. I had major cuticle drag issues after three coats. I had tons of streaks and unevenness on my left hand. I guess I wasn’t patience enough with this color, but it wasn’t worth the painful application. I do like the shimmer in this color, but I wish it was easier to apply.

Where to buy: Ulta / Sally’s / Online Retailers / $ 6ish

Maybe I’ll give this polish another try this summer. What your favorite neon polish? Do you like to wear a neons in the summer?

– Liz


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