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China Glaze: Stone Cold

I had high hopes for this polish from the jump since I am a fan of the name. I was really hoping that this polish wouldn’t fall flat on the nail. There are a lot of metallic-ish black / grey / silver polishes out there and I didn’t want this one to be like all the rest, and I’m happy to say it’s not.

Graphite-y black, charcoal polish with silver microshimmer

As mentioned, I was hoping this charcoal polish was different from the ones we have all seen before. And I think it really is. I like how it’s not really metallic, but since there’s so much silver shimmer in it, it almost has the feel of a metallic without any streaky-ness or frost or anything weird. It has a very graphite feel to it. A silver-ed black. It’s almost earthy in a weird way. It looks really beautiful when applied and is everything I hoped it’d be!

Pigmented and smooth application

This polish was very easy to apply. I had no issues with the formula (like I did on Smoke and Ashes from this Hunger Games collection). It applied smooth and very easily. It was also very pigmented and I only used two coats for full coverage. I’ve enjoyed wearing this polish, it’s a nice alternative for black. And is interesting in its own regard.

Where To Buy: Sally’s / Trade Secret / Ulta / Online Retailers / $ 6

Did you pick up Stone Cold? Does this charcoal polish appeal to you? What are your favorites from The Hunger Games collection? Or, what are your favorite alternatives to wearing black?

– Liz



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China Glaze: Liquid Leather & Zoya: Jules

I’ve been bed ridden the past 48 hours. I feel quite awful, so this post will be on the shorter side.

I’ve tried sponging in the past, and it didn’t really turn out in my favor. You definitely have to be patient and go slow. I used a make up applicator (the little wedge sponges) and applied just a small swipe at a time of Jules to the sponge. I started at the tip and moved my way down to be able to see how far down the nail I wanted to go. After a few dabs, each nail is done.

Black with taupe-y silver sponged tips

I started out with two coats of Liquid Leather and made sure it was completely dry before I moved on to sponging. As mentioned, I dabbed a small amount of Jules onto the make up sponge and carefully applied the polish from the tip down. What I like about this method of sponging, is that it’s very easy to add more or less and really get the look that you want. More or less of what you want. And this manicure has worn like iron, which never happens for me.

I’m looking forward to mastering this a bit more and coming up with more unique combinations to wear.

Where To Buy (Liquid Leather): Sally’s / Ulta / Trade Secret / Online Retailers / $ 5 – $ 6

Where To Buy (Jules): Zoya.com / $ 8

Have you tried sponging? Was your first attempted horrible like mine was? Is it something you do regularly to mix up your manicures? Or is this a bit much for your everyday looks?

– Liz


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OPI: Designer, De Better and Zoya: Rina

I wore my first festive, holiday manicure of the season over the weekend. I had a Secret Santa party to attend, and wanted to make sure my manicure was super fun for it. I knew I didn’t want to wear red, so I ended up with this silver foil and green glitter accent nail from two new Holiday 2011 Collections. Very fun!

Sparkly foil with pink glitter and bar glitter green with blue

Both of these polishes on their own are really rather unique and beautiful and thankfully wearing then together wasn’t an overkill. Designer, de Better! is a champagne-y, metallic silver foil with scattered pinkish gold glitter throughout. The pink, or rose gold almost, pieces aren’t very noticeable, but when you look closely they are there. It’s very pretty and holiday in a not loud or over the top way.

Rina is a gorgeous vivid, bright green bar glitter with sporadic and sparse blue bar glitter throughout a clear base. The blue bar glitters are like a little treat for you when admiring your polish. Very, very gorgeous and truly unique to my collection.

Pretty easy application, and decent wear

Designer De Better! was a breeze to apply. Aside from being slightly thin, or runny, I had no issues with formula or application. I used two coats and got full coverage. It dried quickly. Rina, since it’s a clear base glitter, is rather sheer. I had to use three coats to achieve opacity. It would be better layered over another green that’s similar in hue. I’ll remember that for next time. I also like that Rina is not too gritty to the touch, however, I did apply two layers of topcoat over it.

Where to Buy: (Designer, De Better!) Ulta / Trade Secret / JCPenny / Professional Salons / Dillards / $ 8.50

Where to Buy: (Rina) Zoya.com / $ 8

Do you own either of these polishes? Have you worn them for the season yet? What are your go to polishes for holiday manicures? Do you prefer classic holiday colors or something a little more fun?

– Liz


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Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish: Trafalgar Square

The idea of these magnetic polishes has intrigued me from the start. I’m not big on nail art, although I know the majority of nail polish lovers are. But I like that these polishes give me a “nail art” effect with the magnet. The process (which was painless, really) to achieve a fun, playful patterned manicure is well worth it for me. I am completely sold and in love with these!

Easy to use magnetic

Let’s start with the magnet and process to achieve the intended effect. As I mentioned, it really IS easy. The magnet pops off to reveal a smaller and regular sized polish brush end which makes application easy. The magnet has a little lip, or ridge, on it to easily place at the base of your nail. Careful to hold it level and not touch your wet polish with the magnet (like I did on my ring finger. Oops).

First, apply one coat of polish to each nail and let dry for at least 5 minutes. Then, one by one, apply another thin coat of polish to each nail and immediately hold the magnet above it for 15 to 20 seconds. Ta da, you’re done. Let dry fully and apply your top coat!

Metallic silver with black. (I knocked my ring finger with the magnet!)

Trafalgar Square starts out as a mid-toned metallic silver. After the magnetic is applied, the polish gets black (what I am calling) color waves. I think the silver and black color combination works nicely. What I really like about this magnetic effect is that it creates a uniformed pattern on each nail. Each “color wave” comes out very similar, almost identical, on each nail. I like that it doesn’t get too messy or wild with each nail being its own design. It allows the effect to remain pretty uniform.

Almost 3D, wave effect

The magnet does more than add another color into the polish; it creates an almost 3D effect to the finish. It adds this whole new depth and dimension that is really cool and truly unique. Unfortunately, this does not translate into photos. It somehow allows the pattern to literally look as though it’s coming off the nail. It’s really, really cool and I wasn’t aware that the polish would do this on top of change color and add a pattern. It’s mesmerizing.

Where to Buy: Sephora / Sephora.com / $ 16.00

Seriously, let’s hear your thoughts on these! I know the high price is definitely an issue, but I think these are really unique. I do wish the color combinations were a little more creative, but I’m not sure if that’s possible. Are these cool and interesting to you or too busy? I think it’s an easy alternative to nail art that doesn’t look too over the top or juvenile.

– Liz


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OPI DS: Glow

I have a huge list of new polishes I plan on buying soon. I promise I will get some new and more exciting posts going on in the near future. I’ve been pretty busy, and currently I have a huge boot obsession that is allowing little spending money for nail polish. Oops. 🙂

Foil-y, gorgeous bronze

The DS line if OPI’s is pretty awesome. This is a color I wouldn’t normally buy, but I remember something about it drew me to it right away. This polish is full of sparkle and is so pretty. Since it’s a neutral-y bronze / metal color, it’s not overly loud in terms of base color, and since it’s so sparkle-y, that sort of allows for this to stay in the “pretty” zone. There’s so many colors in this polish. Bronze, gold, silver…but they all melt together to create this interestingly sublet, gorgeous, warm toned, polish. It’s grown up sparkle.

Gorgeous finish and easy application

Foil finishes usually lend themselves to an easier application, for me. They dry quickly, like this one did. The formula was a bit thin, but I used three coats and got full, sparkle-y coverage. As far as application tips, I would make sure each coat is dry before you apply the next to avoid any bald spots. I also got decent wear out of this polish, which usually doesn’t happen with foils for me.

Where to Buy: Ulta / JCPenny / Trade Secret / Online Retailers / $ 7 – $10.50

Do you own Glow? What’s your favorite OPI DS polish? I’ve been meaning to pick up Glamour for forever.Or does the designer line not do it for you?

It’s almost the weekend!

– Liz


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Zoya: Harley with Nicole by OPI: Pitch-Black Glimmer

With Harley bottle!

Happy Saturday, polish freaks, it’s our 200th post!!! For the baseball fans, it is also opening weekend and so I wanted to do an opening weekend mani, even though I’m the only one who will appreciate my White Sox-themed polish creation. I used Zoya’s Harley as my base, which is a silvery-gray that I love very deeply. I don’t know if another gray polish could ever take it’s place in my heart. Over that, I used Pitch-Black Glimmer, which I have been itching to use lately.

Harley provides a really nice base for the black glitter and probably just about anything you might want to layer over it. It’s light, but still pigmented, I did use 2 coats of it to make sure it was even and as dark as possible.

Using Pitch-Black Glimmer over something so light got a little more annoying, the black glitter is kind of sparse and this is all I could get in 2 coats of it, after 1 coat it just looked ridiculous there were only a few specks. I still really like it because it’s black glitter and there’s tons of other colors mixed in with it, but I do wish you could get a lot more black glitter per coat.

with Pitch-Black Glimmer bottle

Now when I got through with the 2 coats of Harley and 2 coats of Pitch-Black, I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this. At first glance it was a little like the literal translation of salt and pepper on my nails… Which could be cute, but not exactly what I was going for here. However, I’ve been staring at this a lot the past few days and it’s really grown on me and I like it a lot now, I think it was kind of hard getting used to the dark glitter on such a light base, but I like how different it is and it’s super sparkly in the sunlight.

It has also been my first mani using Zoya Anchor base coat and Zoya Armor top coat, which I ordered when I got some Zoya summers. So far it’s been great, I painted this Thursday night and there haven’t been any chips or tip wear yet. It may be too soon to tell, but so far I am pleased.

Where to Buy: Zoya / $8 (Harley) – Target / $8ish? (Pitch-Black Glimmer)

Hope you’re all having a good weekend and Happy Baseball Season! Can’t wait for 200 more posts



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OPI: Birthday Babe

Happy birthday to me!

As Liz mentioned, yesterday was my birthday. Of course, I had to wear OPI’s Birthday Babe to celebrate. It’s from OPI’s 25th Anniversary Collection. I love this polish! It’s so shiny and flattering. As you can see, it’s a metallic, a bright silver that verges on white.

I think this is a great color for the name Birthday Babe. It’s a color that will look good on anyone and therefore, makes an excellent and adorable birthday gift. I loved wearing this and another plus to this shade is that it goes with any outfit you put on.

That's me!

You only need 2 coats of this, I can’t imagine doing 3. One of the downsides of this polish is that it is VERY streaky. Honestly watch every brush stroke because if you don’t have them looking like you want it to then it’s going to dry that way and you’ll be so annoyed. It’s not a runny polish though so I found it easy enough to control the streaks and make the mani look nice.


You can see how white-ish of a silver this color is in this pic. Birthday Babe is a shiny, pretty metallic of a bright white-ish silver. Kind of streaky, but nice and opaque. When this starts to wear you’ll see lots of hairline cracks in the polish, this kind of annoyed me, but it still looks lovely from far away so only the polishfreaks will notice. You know you’ll have to wear this on your birthday so just admit it and love it, haha.

Where to Buy: Ulta / Salons / JCPenney / $8.50

Can’t wait for Friday!



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