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OPI: Tickle My France-y

So shiney!

It’s been awhile since I used this one. I don’t know what I was thinking! I should use this all the time. For me, it’s one of the best nudes, I think. I really like the sheer look with this one, so it’s only 2 coats. The coverage is pretty good though, there’s barely any VNL. This is from the OPI France collection, which I want to say is from 2008, but you can still find a lot of polishes from this collection at stores.

Tickle My France-y

I’ve read in other blogs that this color doesn’t always show well on all skin types. I’m pretty fair, but I think this polish is worth taking a shot on because when it works it really works. It’s very shiney, subtle, and works for all seasons. This color was perfect for me this weekend because I needed a palette cleanser. I had been wearing very dark and sparkly colors lately. I also had to do something light after all the work it took to get OPI DS Fantasy off of my nails! I love that polish, but it was definitely a headache to remove. Blue everywhere!

Planning a new color for today!



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OPI: I’m A Princess, You’re Not

I'm a Princess, You're Not!

So this is OPI I’m A Princess, You’re Not. I first discovered this polish when kittytokaren from Polish Or Perish blogged about finding it at an airport in April. Ever since then, it has had my interest… partially because of the color and a lot because of the name. Let’s be honest, who can resist the name? I believe this collection came out in 2009, but I haven’t seen these colors around often this year. If you’re lucky you can still stumble upon them like Liz and I did the other week in the first salon we walked into in New Orleans. There were two bottles left and we promptly snatched them up upon realizing what they contained.

Can't handle the shimmery goodness

If you’re irritated by VNL, then this probably is not the polish for you. I’m sure it would look good layered, but may turn some polishes frosty. It is very hard to capture on camera, if you look closely at every nail, you may be able to get a good impression: it’s sheer, not too white, mostly iridescent pinky/silver. In some lights it has a pinkish purple sheen, which is my favorite part of the polish; pink, purple, and teal glitter are throughout. I know, that’s a lot to handle, but it’s all there. I’m A Princess, You’re Not is similar to Pearl Of Wisdom, so if you have one, you probably don’t need the other. I don’t know how similar to Pearl Of Wisdom it actually is since I don’t have the latter and I imagine they’re both pretty hard for the camera to get a handle on.

I say, if you spot this nail polish somewhere, definitely pick it up. It applies well, has a cute name, and is something new to add if you’re not a sheer-polish girl. If sheers are your thing, you probably already own this as well as Pearl Of Wisdom (and I’m sure could school me in the differences), if you’re not picky either way, you’d be fine with this or Pearl Of Wisdom… maybe just replace the label so you can say “I’m A Princess, You’re NOT”



Update! I changed the top picture on this post, I wanted to show a better and closer-up shot. I left the other picture because it’s a good shot of shimmer and color. In case you’re all wondering why my nails are 2 different lengths here, haha 🙂

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