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China Glaze: Riveting

I remember when the Hunger Games polishes first came out, I was very interested in this polish. But then somehow forgot about it when I started to pick up specific polishes from the collection. But recently on an Ulta splurge, (it was a bad one) I found Riveting in the clearance bin and was thrilled since I had forgotten all about it.

Fire-y orange with metallic gold shimmer

Riveting is a loud polish. With that being said, I actually found it to be pretty wearable and flattering. Most of you know that I am not a red polish girl, and this polish somewhat straddles that line. However, since (to me and on me) it does read more orange, it makes it more interesting and “hip”. The golden shimmer is packed in heavily, and really lights up the polish. It really does look somewhat like a burning orange sunset or a campfire. I find it to be pretty unique and a really great end of summer / into fall polish.

I had no issues with formula with this polish. I ended up using two coats for full coverage. The polish was very saturated and pigmented, but went on very smoothly.

Where To Buy: Online Retailers / Ulta (Clearance) / Sally’s (Clearance) / $ 4 – $ 6

Did you jump on Riveting right away when the Hunger Games collection was released? Do you like this fire-y orange red? Or have you seen it before? I think it would also be very fun and appropriate pedicure for fall!

– Liz

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OPI: Every Month Is Oktoberfest

Okay, I am attracted to a lot of the polishes in this fall’s Germany collection. There’s something about the range of colors and them hitting the right note of interest for my color preferences. I picked up a few last weekend, and I’m sure I’ll be adding to them shortly. 🙂

I would like to say I did have trouble photographing this polish. I think it was the warm morning light, so I apologize. I don’t like doing that to you guys, but I think it still reads pretty accurate to what the polish looked like on skin.

Shimmering, vampy, purple / red, with golden shimmer

Every Month Is Oktoberfest caught my eye right away. It’s a dark, shimmering plum. On first coat, this polish seems to be a little wimpy and a bit sheer. But by the second coat, it builds up to this interesting deep, purple / plum with golden and warm shimmer that really comes out in the sun. Otherwise this polish does read mostly as just a metallic in natural lighting. This polish reminds me of something Zoya would do for a fall foil, it’s rich and fresh. I think it would look really great of fairer skin than mine.

I had no formula issues with this polish, I did three thin coats and got full coverage and depth. I do think the formula was a bit thin, which is why I chose to do three thinner coats to achieve full coverage.

Where to Buy: Ulta / JCPenny’s / Dillard’s / Professional Salons / Online Retailers / $ 8.50

How are you feeling about the fall OPI Germany collection? Are the polishes as interesting to you as they are to me? Or do they seem repetitive to you? Which one if your favorite so far? I’d love more recommendations to pick up!

– Liz



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Nubar: Wildlife

The Nubar “Going Green” collection has been something I’ve been collecting for awhile, at a very slow pace. I love green nails and there’s something about this collection that always kept me thinking about them. However, although Wildfire always seemed to look so cool in swatches and in the bottle, I don’t think this green duochrome is for me.

Yellow green shifts to a rusty copper

Wildfire is a yellow leaning medium toned green base, that shifts (very easily) to a rusty, earthy copper. This polish is very much a duochrome. It is always changing colors with you move your hands, which is cool. I know how much polish collectors love duochromes, but I have to say, I feel frumpy wearing them. I didn’t love this polish. I feel like the metallic-y finish is dated and duochrome colors are never saturated, rich, or deep enough as I want them to be. Unfortunate for me.

Easy application

This polish went on very easily. The formula was a bit thin, but it wasn’t an issue during application. I used three coats to get the most out of this polish. It also dried very quickly, which is always nice.

Where to Buy: Bynubar.com / $ 8

How do you feel about duochromes? Do you own Wildlife? Do you love their shifting of colors? Or are they too much for you? What’s you’re favorite duochrome nail polish?

– Liz


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OPI: Meep, Meep, Meep & OPI: Excuse Moi!

Raspberry pink glass fleck and pink glitter with multicolored round glitter pieces

Just poppin’ in to show you all my Christmas Manicure and wish you a Merry Christmas! Hope Santa brings you some nail polish! 🙂

– Liz



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OPI: Warm & Fozzie

Happy Thanksgiving, all! I hope you have eaten enough food for a small army already today or will be shortly. I’m starving and can’t wait to get my mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cornbread on.

I picked this polish to wear for the holiday because it really evokes a sense of warmth and comfort. The name couldn’t be more fitting for this golden-y, bronze, foil-y beauty.

Warm, shimmery, metallic goodness

Warm & Fozzie is absolutely beautiful. There are so many colors in this polish, but they all work together in a great way. It’s a foil-y, mostly overall metallic, polish that is full of gold, bronze, and even some sparse red particles that make this polish look so warm, cozy, and inviting. There is also somewhat of a green tinge that comes out in certain lighting. What is also so nice about this polish is that it translates perfectly from the bottle to the nail; no color or sparkle gets left behind.

The application and formula on this polish was great, I had no issues. Sometimes with foils they need three coats to really bring the luminosity and depth, but I only used two thick coats and everything looks wonderful. Though with a lot of foils, the wear-time hasn’t been ideal for such a pretty polish that I can’t stop admiring!

Where to Buy: Ulta / Trade Secret / JCPenny / Professional Salons / Online Retailers / $ 8.50

So, is this a top pick of yours for the Muppets collection? Have you picked it up already or are you planning to? Does this polish remind you of OPI DS Glow just a bit?

– Liz


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Essie: Fishnet Stockings

Happy long weekend! I’m really excited to catch up on sleep and relaxing.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been really into all things somewhat “Americana”. Fashion wise, interior design wise. And also in the more literal way in terms of color combinations. Red, white, and blue has been drawing me in a lot. My bed is rocking a bunch of that, it looks so classic.

This being said, I wanted to wear a red polish this week. Most of you know I don’t love red polish, but I have a decent amount because I do actively try to combat my innate distaste for it. Fishnet Stockings was one of my first reds, and still one of my favorite reds.

Sexy, darker blood red

One of the main reasons I like Fishnet Stockings so much is because of its richness. It’s something that falls somewhat flat in photos, but it has this darkness to it. It has a bit of depth that’s like a dark blood red, but it’s still vibrant. A nice balance for a red nail that’s not screaming bright, like a cherry red. For me, reds that are a bit darker are more my taste. This is a cool toned red, which doesn’t go best with my skin (making me look extremely pale), but warm toned reds don’t appeal to me as much.

Shiny, glossy finish

The formula on this polish is outstanding. It goes on so smooth. It’s also easily spreadable. It’s full of pigmentation and you wouldn’t need more than two coats. I have also gotten pretty good wear from it.

Where to Buy: Ulta / Professional Salons / Drug Stores / Target / $ 8

What’s your holy grail red? Is it a jelly or creme? What’s your favorite warm-toned red? Fishnet Stockings and Jason Wu CND Veronica are my two favorites. I know every girl has their go to red, let’s hear yours.

– Liz


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Sonia Kashuk: Tutti Fruitti

Sonia Kashuk is big in the Target make up lover’s world. I have a few items from her make up line and I really love them. This is a polish of her’s that I have had since it first came out last summer. And it is honestly one of my go to summer colors, especially for my toes. Even if I despise the name of the color. 🙂

Red leaning coral creme

Tutti Fruitti is a red-leaning coral creme. There’s both orange and pink undertones in this polish that really softens up the red factor, which is great for me. It’s very saturated but it’s not screaming bright. This color looks great on even if you just have a touch on color from being out in the summer. It would be flattering on just about everyone. Is it the most unique red-coral? No. But it looks great.

Smooth application

The formula and application of this polish is quite impressive when considering the price and that I believe this was the company’s first go at nail polish. The consistency is almost ideal: it’s thicker so there’s no pooling issues and is very smooth and easy to apply. It’s also full of pigmentation. I needed two coats for full coverage.

Where to Buy: Target / $ 5

Also as a side note, I like these polish bottles. I think the square is cute and the silver handle makes it look a little fancy. Sort of like Estee Lauder polish bottles. Short, fat and cute.

Do you own any Sonia Kashuk nail polishes? Do you scope them when you’re at Target but haven’t taken the plunge? I think this is a great one to try first.

– Liz


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