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Zoya: Tallulah and OPI: Last Friday Night

Tallulah was one of my first Zoya polishes. When I first saw her, I thought she was so cool, edgy, but also pretty. The mix of the vibrant blue with purple flash in the bottle just makes me happy. My two favorite colors looking awesome together. However, this time around Tallulah kind of left me wanting more.

In the shade

It has been awhile since I wore this polish. I remember really loving it the first time around. The shade of this blue is so vibrant and saturated. It’s loud. It makes me think of crystal clear bright blue water and being on the beach. The purple flash isn’t too noticeable in the bottle, but you can see it. Though on the nail, it’s very subtle. You can almost only catch a glimpse of it at extreme angles. This polish also has a pretty almost half pearly / half metallic finish for some extra oopf.

Tallulah in the sun

I recall the formula on this polish to be bad the first time around. And over the past year or so I can say that it didn’t get any better. It’s goopy, which I find strange for a metallic, especially from Zoya. It’s thick and sort of hard to manage, but VERY pigmented. The first coat almost gets you full coverage. I used two and it looks great. Top coat really helps bring out the metallic-y finish in this polish.

Last Friday Night over Tallulah

I was feeling unsatisfied, so I decided to slap OPI Katy Perry Last Friday Night on over Tallulah on my thumb and ring finger. I LOVE Last Friday Night solo, and wanted to try it out over this polish because I thought it would be awesome. It turned out okay. I think both of these polishes are better separate. I love the light, jelly translucent base of Last Friday Night and that’s gone when layered.

I might like this combo more on all of my nails or matte. (I HATE glitter removal though and LFN was awful 4 layers deep the last time to take off.) I might refresh it tomorrow with one of those options.

Has anyone done any cool layering with Last Friday Night? I’d like some ideas! Or do you have Tallulah and are stuck with the same formula problems?

Where to Buy (Tallulah): Zoya.com / $ 8

Where to Buy (Last Friday Night): I’m not sure if the Katy Perry’s are still in stores, so online retailers / $ 8.50 ish


Tallulah’s blue and purple reminds me of Virginia Bluebells. They are purple before the buds open, then turn this gorgeous light blue. I love how they have both colors on the blooms! There is a sea of these in our front garden.

Have a nice weekend, guys. I hear Chanel Mimosa calling my name. Sorry, wallet.

– Liz



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Nicole by OPI: You’re S-Teal The One

You're S-Teal The One

You’re S-Teal The One is one of the polishes from Nicole by OPI Target exclusive collection for Spring and Summer. This was the only polish that really jumped out at me from the ones my Target had recently. Most of the collection seems very bright, fun and summer-ish. Though this color doesn’t really seem like a teal to me.

Bright blue YSTO

I didn’t want to take off CG Lighthouse today (I LOVE that polish), but I unforunately have jury duty tomorrow (EW!!) and wanted something to look at. This polish is awesome. The formula is pretty sheer so it sits lightly on your nails, which I am really into recently. I think it’s great for spring and summer. I ended up using three coats to get full saturation and opacity. You might need four depending on how sheer the first coat applies for you. Even though this color is sheerer, it’s still bright and sparkley. It almost has the finish of a Zoya Sparkle but a little lighter. I also don’t really have VNL even though it’s sheer.

Purple flash...yes!

As you might have already been able to see, this polish has an awesome purple flash in it! The purple isn’t too in your face indoor but it’s still visible. But outdoors it’s awesome and makes this polish even more fun and special. It’s so pretty. This polish is right up my alley. I love blue and purple. An aqua blue polish with purple flash / shimmer doesn’t sound too unique, but I didn’t own anything exactly like YSTO.

Nicole by OPI: YSTO & Zoya Tallulah

The base color of this polish is pretty similar to Zoya’s Tullulah. An aqua-ish, electric, bright blue. Both of these polishes also have a purple flash to them. However, Tullulah has more of a metallicy or almost semi pearl finish and YSTO is more sparkley, flashy and has a fleck finish. The purple is more subtle in Tallulah. YSTO has a lot more purple going on, which I think I like more.

YSTO in sunlight

You’re S-Teal The One is really fun and a great bright blue. I’m really enjoying it. Oh, and also the new Nicole by OPI brushes are really great for application. I’d take a thick brush over a skinny brush any day (I’m looking at you Essie). These new brushes apply and spread the polish really easily. It’s particularly good for me because I have wider nail beds that somewhat wrap around my finger.

Where to Buy: Target / $ 7.50

Hopefully everyone had a good weekend. I’m watching the Hawks and hoping for a win over the Capitals right now!

– Liz

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