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OPI: Every Month Is Oktoberfest

Okay, I am attracted to a lot of the polishes in this fall’s Germany collection. There’s something about the range of colors and them hitting the right note of interest for my color preferences. I picked up a few last weekend, and I’m sure I’ll be adding to them shortly. ūüôā

I would like to say I did have trouble photographing this polish. I think it was the warm morning light, so I apologize. I don’t like doing that to you guys, but I think it still reads pretty accurate to what the polish looked like on skin.

Shimmering, vampy, purple / red, with golden shimmer

Every Month Is Oktoberfest caught my eye right away. It’s a dark, shimmering plum. On first coat, this polish seems to be a little wimpy and a bit sheer. But by the second coat, it builds up to this interesting deep, purple / plum with golden and warm shimmer that really comes out in the sun. Otherwise this polish does read mostly as just a metallic in natural lighting. This polish reminds me of something Zoya would do for a fall foil, it’s rich and fresh. I think it would look really great of fairer skin than mine.

I had no formula issues with this polish, I did three thin coats and got full coverage and depth. I do think the formula was a bit thin, which is why I chose to do three thinner coats to achieve full coverage.

Where to Buy:¬†Ulta / JCPenny’s / Dillard’s / Professional Salons / Online Retailers /¬†$ 8.50

How are you feeling about the fall OPI Germany collection? Are the polishes as interesting to you as they are to me? Or do they seem¬†repetitive¬†to you? Which one if your favorite so far? I’d love more recommendations to pick up!

– Liz



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Orly: Fowl Play

It’s almost Christmas? Where did December go, seriously?! I hope you all are looking forward to relaxing over the holiday. I’m hoping we get some snow in Chicago sometime soon so it feels more like the holidays.

I bet a lot of you have seen this polish on the internet, or maybe even own the OPI¬†original,¬†Merry Midnight. I don’t, so was really interested in this beauty when Orly’s Birds of a Feather collection was released this fall. I didn’t snatch it up then, but did recently, and love it pieces.

Gorgeous plum base filled with micro-glitter and flakies!

Fowl Play is truly gorgeous, even if it is a dupe of another polish. The base is a jelly-ish purple plum and the polish is completely packed with blue and silver micro-glitter and copper and red flakies. The flakies flash green in the bottle (like in my bottle picture above) but that doesn’t seem to translate to the nail. Maybe in the sunlight, but it’s been pretty rainy here recently. I do wish the purple base color was a touch brighter, but overall I really have loved this manicure. There’s a lot going on within the polish, but it somehow works together perfectly.

Easy application

The formula of this polish is a bit sheer and thin, but builds up nicely with three coats. I also had no issues with drying time either. I like how the glitter and flakies don’t end up getting stuck anywhere (like at the base of the nail) and spread out and apply nicely and evenly. I’ve also got good wear time on this manicure!

Where to Buy: Ulta / Online Retailers / Sally’s Beauty ¬†/ $ 6 – $ 7

Do you own Fowl Play? Or Merry Midnight? Did you snatch this unique polish up right away? Do you want to add it to your collection? It’s gorgeous and very festive for the holidays!¬†

– Liz


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OPI: Black Shatter over Tease-y Does It

Tease-y Does It and Black Shatter

This past weekend I was lucky enough to get my mitts on a bottle of OPI’s Black Shatter from the Katy Perry collection that’s currently out. I’ve heard Shatter was quite the seller, and even the sales associates where I was at were surprised that they even had any bottles left. They were even having a BOGO: 2nd bottle of OPI was 50% off… even on the new colors! Unheard of!

As you can imagine, the first thing I wanted to do was try my new polishes. I got Tease-y Does It several weeks ago, it was the only polish I really, really wanted from the Burlesque collection, but I hadn’t gotten around to using it. Herein lies my perfect mani opportunity.

I’ll admit I was somewhat skeptical about Black Shatter. I knew I had to try it, but wasn’t positive as to whether or not I would really like it all that much. Another reason I used Tease-y as my first Shatter manicure was because I wanted something dark so the contrast wouldn’t be crazy noticeable and I wouldn’t have to take it off immediately if I hated it. And so… I went to work!

Tease-y Does It (alone)

Here she is by her lonesome. I did 2 coats of Tease-y to make sure I had enough color and shimmer for underneath my Shatter. Liz already blogged this one back in December, so I won’t give you the play-by-play. I will say that I did not have the application problems that she had, so if that scared you away from this polish you might want to give it a chance. The color is very plum and vampy and I love the red shimmer in the polish. However, she was not destined to be worn alone this time, so I’ll get to the big reveal…


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Essie: It’s Genius

It's Genius

I got this polish awhile back and hadn’t used it yet. I’ve been on some kind of purple binge lately and guess I wasn’t done yet. For awhile, I was convinced that the name of this polish was, “I’m a Genius” which would have been way cooler. Still wish it was. Laur and I often call Essie polishes by a different name that we make up just for fun.

At first I thought this color was kinda frumpy. It has all the makings to sound pretty good. A plum red base color with gold shimmer. I think it would be a really nice fall color. It’s grown me since I’ve had it on. It’s pretty. It reminds me of Essie Damsel in a Dress, but lighter.

I'm a geniusssss!

I did three coats of this polish. The first one went on a little less opaque and streaky than I would have imaged. But it ended up being even and saturated by the third. I can’t tell if I think the gold shimmer takes away from the polish or not. Or adds to it being a little frumpy in a way. It’s weird, it’s frumpy but not. A ‘Mom polish’ maybe?

Gold shimmer inside

I just wanted to show you guys the gold microshimmer that’s in the polish. There is literally no sunlight out here in Chicago today, just grey and snow. So it wasn’t showing up on my nails in the photos really. I do like this polish, and I think during the fall would be a great time to wear it.

Where to Buy: Essie.com / Ulta / Online Retailers / $8

It’s almost Friday,



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OPI: Tease-y Does It

In Shade

Morning! I feel professional and festive sitting at my newly Christmas-ified dining room table drinking my coffee and blogging for you all.

I decided to post this polish today for the fact that Lauren HAS a big Burlesque show this weekend! So this post is themed in her honor and hopefully she has a fun Christmas show tonight and tomorrow!

Tease-y Does It is the only polish from the new Burlesque collection that I was interested in. The glitters look fun, but we all know I am not a huge glitter person, and the other colors are mostly red and orange and those color aren’t for me. And to be honest, I haven’t really heard much buzz about how awesome this collection is. I feel as though the glitters are the stars of this collection and that the other colors weren’t as thought about or cared about. I sort of think they should have just done the glitters for this collection.

Anyway, TDI was the most interesting polish to me. And I actually think that’s because it reminds me of a polish that Zoya would make. It’s an interesting, vampy color that morphs between burgundy and plum and the red and gold glitter only makes it more confusing / interesting.

In Shade

Let me say how awful this color looked after one coat. It BARELY applied. It was streaky and horribly pigmented. It looked awful. Perhaps I should have done a much thicker first coat. Overall, I think the formula could have been better. By the second coat I still wasn’t pleased and was thinking about how I did not like this color. So, I applied a third coat and things got better. The drying time wasn’t bad, although I think CND Speedey helps with that.

In Shade

I feel like this polish leans more brown on me than I would like. I mean, if I sit and stare at it I can see the plum, but at first glance it reads as a brown with red glitter.


The glitter in this polish really lightens it up, it looks wonderful in the sunlight. (If you click on the photos you can see the glitter better.) I like the fact that this polish is more interesting than meets the eye initially. So mysteriousss.

For me, it was the only polish in this collection I found interest in. Though I’m sure you glitter lovers out there are loving the glitters, they do look fun. Is anyone loving this collection? Is there another star of this show (pun intended) that I missed?

I recently got some products from Lush I think I’m going to blog about. They are making my skin feel wonderful even in this cold Chicago weather that has finally arrived. So I figured some of you might be needing some suggestions for fighting the winter dryness as well.

Happy Weekend,



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OPI: William Tell Me About OPI


I started classes again for the semester the other day, and I feel dead already. My schedule is going to be insane and I am currently feeling completely overwhelmed with all of my classes, observation hours, and regular readings and assignments. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to squeeze in posting…somehow. I hope.

Today I have a NOTD from the new OPI’s that Lauren and I swatched recently, but this was my first one I wore as a manicure. I really do like this creme color. It’s dark and rich. And very glossy and shiny. It looks brown indoors, then outside it looks maroon, berry, and brown. You can see the purple / berry in the polish during clean up. The application on this polish was fine. I did two coats and was covered.

Looks more red? An almost black even??

However, this polish chipped almost immedately after I applied it. And then it continued to chip. I applied this polish Monday afternoon and was able to squeeze in some photos right after I applied it, but I wanted to take more. That didn’t happen because of the chipping. So, I realize this isn’t the best photo swatch and I apologize. Also, with the chipping of this polish, it has made a nail or two peel as well. This really upsets me and bums me out. I don’t know why it decided to do this to me when I was liking it so much. I guess this William polish is a typical man….



EDIT 12/9/10: I retook swatch photos for this polish. Still two coats. And this time I really capture the chameleon affect of this polish. It looks like a dark red, but then against the purple of my glove (it’s FREEZING outside) you can really see the berry and plum that it can switch to! And even in the bottle photo. It seems like it can just change with lighting. I really like this polish. And this time around it seems less brown and more durable.

More plum, amiright? Chameleon polish.

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