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OPI: My Vampire Is Buff

myvampisbuffbottleDoes this polish remind anyone else of Spike? From Buffy? A buff, pale vampire? No? Just me? Okay.

I’d like to tell you guys that I have missed you! Life has gotten busy and I haven’t been dedicating enough time to my nail polish habit, but I have missed keeping up with the trends and hopefully finding more interesting colors to add to my collection.

I’ve been on a search for a nice almost white polish for a long time. As we know, it’s hard to find the shade we have in our heads and My Vampire Is Buff isn’t quite it, but I do think it’s quite nice.

Creamy, cool biege-y white

Creamy, cool beige-y white

My Vampire is Buff is a cool, creamy white beige. A nice, light neutral.  It doesn’t have much pink / fleshy tones to it. I like that it’s a cool toned almost white color. Although I am fairly warm toned, in the dead of winter (can I get some sun please?) cooler toned polishes look alright on me. Although I think I will like this one a lot more in the summer when I have a bit of color to me. Overall though, I think this color is very pretty and a nice addition to my collection.

I didn’t have much difficulty with the formula. I have heard some complaints of it being a bit streaky, but for a polish of this color, I actually thought the formula was pretty good. I only used two coats, with the first one thicker, and everything evened out and covered just fine.

Where to Buy: Ulta / JCPenny / Dillard’s / Professional Salons / Trade Secret / Online Retailers / $ 8.50

Okay, tell me. What’s your favorite color from the OPI Euro collection? Did you pick up My Vampire is Buff? Any others I should add to my collection? I want to hear from you guys, I’ve missed chit chatting about polish!

– Liz



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OPI: Don’t Pretzel My Buttons

This may sound a little crazy coming from me, but I couldn’t wait to wear this polish. And even crazier, I love it. Of all the Germany collection polishes that I’ve tried, this is my favorite thus far.

Warm, nude creme

Though this polish seems a little bland, something about it is extremely flattering and pretty. It’s a warm, beige, nude-y creme. Although it seems very warm and pale, this polish was a pretty awesome looking mannequin hand manicure on me. This polish hit all the right notes for me and I can’t wait to wear it again.

Easy application, even for a creme

Cremes can be fussy, but I had no issues with Don’t Pretzel My Button’s formula. It went on smooth and very even for a creme. I used three coats to be safe, and got full coverage. As far as application tips, I’d just let each coat dry fully since cremes can drag easily.

Where To Buy: Ulta / Trade Secret / Dillard’s / JCPenny / Professional Salons / Online Retailers / $ 8.50

Let’s hear it, do you agree that Don’t Pretzel My Buttons is pretty? Or is it a bit boring for you? Did you pick this polish up? Do you want to?

– Liz


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China Glaze: Fast Track

I was very happy to receive a few Hunger Games polishes as gifts last weekend. I haven’t had much time to make online polish orders or run out to grab new polishes, which has sucked. But I told myself that’s got to change. So, I’m excited to have new polishes to chit chat with you guys about.

Sandy, neutral nude packed with gold shimmer

Fast Track is gorgeous. I think all of us can appreciate a good neutral polish. I feel as though I don’t wear them enough, but when I do, I truly enjoy it. And I have loved wearing this polish. It’s so flattering on my skin tone. It has a bit of yellow in the sandy, beige base, and is packed with gold micro-shimmer. I think this would also look great on toes for summer. The amount of shimmer makes it more interesting than the average neutral.

Easy, pigmented application

I usually never have an issue with China Glaze’s formula. Fast Track went on easy and smooth, and built up for full coverage in two coats. It dried quickly as well. I have zero issues with this polish and completely love it.

Where To Buy: Sally’s / Trade Secret / Ulta / Online Retailers / $ 6

Did you buy Fast Track? Do you want to get your paws on it? Does it seem like an interesting neutral to you or nothing special?

– Liz


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Zoya: Avery

Please excuse my sub-par photos for this post. I knicked my polish hanging new sheers in my bedroom the other night, but still really wanted to blog and post for you guys. Bare with me.

When I saw swatches of the new Zoya Feel Winer collection the other morning, I ordered them all immediately. There was something about the creamy, dreamy, grey-ed out neutrals that felt winter-y in a non-gimicky kind of way. Not to mention, all the colors look gorgeous together as a collection.

Creamy, peachy nude creme

Avery was the polish I was most excited to try. The gorgeous, nude, beige-y peach (with a touch of pink even?) looks gorgeous. It looks literally like foundation in the bottle. As you can tell, it didn’t give me much of a “mannequin hands” look; I think it actually clashed somewhat with my skintone. To my disappointment, something about this polish was off on me. I thought it looked so dreamy and innocent in the bottle, but ended up looking somewhat frumpy and “blah” on me. I’m so bummed!

I didn’t have too much of an issue with application. It wasn’t as wonderfully smooth a formula as we all are accustomed to with Zoya, but it wasn’t awful. I would suggest applying two thick coats for evenness and to avoid streaks.

Where to Buy: Zoya.com / $ 8

I will say that I think this opaque creme finish is…a little heavy for me. I feel like it never looks right to me. I wish there was some micro-shimmer thrown in, or that these polishes were the jelly-creme hybrid that I personally prefer compared to traditional cremes. Something to lighten up the finish. What do you guys think? Are you excited about these colors? Or do they seem boring to you? Do you find them “winter-y” by any means? Or interesting regardless of the season?

– Liz


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Jason Wu for CND: Brigitte

This is the last polish I had yet to wear from Jason Wu’s CND collection. And, well, since I chose it last it may be obvious to say that it was my least favorite. This polish didn’t look great on me. To be honest, I’m not sure it would look great on anyone. It’s a little drab.

Almost dusty pink nude

Jason Wu described Brigitte as ” a healthy, natural nude in a fresh, flushed-cheek tone.” Which, I guess is pretty true. Though my cheeks don’t ever look this color. For me, there is something that is off about the hue of this color. It looks almost muddy and dull in a not cool way. Also on my skintone, I lost a lot of the pink in the color so it ended up looking like a bizarre fleshy color. The frumptastic factor on this color was pretty high.

Perfect application

Even if I didn’t love the color of Brigitte, I did love the application. It went on smooth, creamy, and pigmented. I used two coats with no problems. As all of this collection, the formula and application was perfect.

Where to Buy: Transdesign.com / CND.com / $23 to $47 for the complete set

What do you guys think of these dusty pinky flesh colors? A little old lady? I think that you have to find the right one for your skin, but I’d rather just opt for a beige-y nude instead. Those are much prettier and sexier to me.

– Liz


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Sephora by OPI: Under My Trench Coat


Under My Trench Coat


I’ve been wearing this color almost all week! Sephora by OPI Under My Trench Coat, from the fall collection called Film Noir, I believe it was last fall, 2009. I know that since then, this polish has gotten mixed reviews in terms for a shade of taupe, I also referred to it as a greige earlier this week and we know that color is in right now. I think it can be generally difficult to find the most flattering taupe for your skin tone and obviously this won’t work for everyone, but personally, I love Under My Trench Coat. It’s on the lighter side and it has a really pretty gold shimmer in it.


A little darker looking in this pic


I used 2 coats here, when you put the first coat on it looks much lighter than you would expect from the bottle. If you wanted a darker color, I’m sure you could get that in 3 coats. The wear has been really great for this, and for Sephora by OPI in general, at least in my case. I barely had chip wear after 3 full days at least, possibly 4, and I had some pretty hefty nail imperfections going on this week. I’m really happy with this polish and it’s another case where I’d like to get more from this collection, I know that this is still available in stores. The polish also went on very smoothly, no issues at all that I can think of.

It’s a really nice, neutral rainy day kind of color… maybe it’s the name that makes me think of that, but I find myself wearing this a lot in spring and in fall. Now that I’ve been wearing a neutral all week though I’m looking forward to something a little brighter.


Happy weekend!


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