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Wet n Wild Shine: Blue Moon

I couldn’t decide on a polish today. I thought that this color was going to too dark for what I was feeling, but I was happily surprised. I saw swatches of this polish randomly and loved it. I love blue polishes, and have noticed I could use some more dark blues & Blue Moon fits right in that gap.

Dark blue with green microshimmer

This color is awesome. It’s super dark, but you can still tell that it’s a dark navy and not black. It may have a touch of green in the base color. It’s packed with navy and green micro-shimmer that lights up the polish in the sun, it looks so pretty. It’s super rich and full of depth. I don’t have any blue like this in my collection.

Great, dark pigmentation

The formula on this was excellent. It was super pigmented and went on smooth. I applied more polish on the first coat that I normally would just to get a nice, dark base. It was a touch runny but was really saturated. I used two coats and everything looks perfect. This polish also has somewhat of a jelly finish? It’s somewhat squishy and super shiny. Another reason to love it!

I’m worried about the wear on this bad boy though; the rest of the Wet n Wild Shines I’ve tried had chipping right away. This color is so nice, I hope that doesn’t happen.

Where to Buy: Drugstores / 99 cents!!

Do you own Blue Moon? If not, do you own anything dupey?



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Deborah Lippmann: Across The Universe

Hopefully everyone had a nice weekend. It’s currently 80 degrees outside right now, a nice surprise to my birthday weekend, it’s never this warm this time of year. All the spring flowers have started to bloom, yay!

My sister gave me this lovely polish this weekend. I recently posted about the only other Deborah Lippmann polish that I have, Call Me Irresponsible, and even though I didn’t have a positive opinion about that polish, I was so excited to receive this beauty! Across The Universe is like a dream to any polish lover.

Blue jelly with green and blue hexagon glitter

I’m not satisfied with these photos, it’s so much better in real life! I know many polish lovers have raved the beauty and awesomeness of this polish since it was released for the Fall 2010 duo. But it seriously deserves it. I mean, just look at it! A navy blue jelly base with green and light blue hexagon glitter AND blue micro glitter?? I love how dark the base color is, it allows the glitter to just come through and stand out.

To die for!

It’s almost obvious when I say that I don’t have anything like this polish. It’s too unique and gorgeous. Though, I won’t be fully blinded by its beauty. It is slightly difficult to get the hexagon glitter to disperse evenly. And in the sunlight, this jelly base isn’t fully opaque. Probably my fault with the application. (I’m not feeling too well, I think I have a stomach bug!) I used three coats, and each coat dried quicker than expected! And not very gritty at all to the touch.

Regardless I will say that this polish is a hands down must have for anyone who collects polish. It’s so beautiful, like a work of art. I can’t stop staring at the bottle!

Where to Buy: Lippmancollection.com / Nordstrom’s / Neiman Marcus / $ 16

For my birthday, my mom made me a homemade pound cake with maple whipped cream per my request. SO GOOD 🙂

Go Hawks!,



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