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Zoya: Tracie

I was looking forward to the polishes I ordered on that 3 for $15  Zoya promotion from a few weeks back. Although a lot of summer collections are very predictable, I liked the look of the blues and greens in this seasons summer collection so I snagged them. But I was pretty disappointed in Tracie.

Pale, almost pastel, metallic green shimmer

I was a little apprehensive of this polish once I saw it in person; it was light, almost pastel in tone and didn’t really carry the “oomph” I want from a green polish. It’s a bit soft and tame for my taste. It’s also a hard color to describe. It’s not mint, but it’s still light and yellow toned. It’s more of a “spring” green with a fine, dense shimmer that reads as a metallic finish on the nail. Overall, Tracie isn’t very flattering (and I have warm toned skin) and the elements in the polish don’t work together in a way to make it interesting or pretty.

Very bad formula

However, the real issue with this polish was the formula. I honestly don’t think I have ever said that a Zoya polish had an unbearable formula, but this one does. I was almost shocked. The formula was so sticky and goopy that it had the consistency of a very old polish. It was difficult to spread on the nail, which caused issues with the manicure being even. I used three coats, which gave me an okay overall look, but I was not happy with the formula and application by any means. I was very surprised since Zoya usually delivers buttery, smooth cremes and easily applied foils like pros.

Where To Buy: Zoya.com / $ 8

Did you buy Tracie? Did you encounter any formula issues? Or was I perhaps given a fluke bottle? Does this color at all interest you? Does it read as a “summer” color to you?

– Liz



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OPI: Damone Roberts 1968

My green polish selection is one of my favorites, so choosing one for the holiday weekend wasn’t an easy choice. But then I remembered that I don’t think I had ever blogged about this polish personally. When they re-released this polish a couple years ago, I had to have it immediately. It may not look that unique, but the tone is almost perfect.

Gorgeous sea foam-y green with just enough yellow undertones

Damone Roberts 1968 may look like a common sea foam-y green creme polish. Which a lot of us adore, but companies release these types of colors all the time so usually there isn’t really anything too special about them. But this one has just the right amount of yellow undertones in the base color to make it very pretty AND flattering to wear. There’s no lobster hands here with this light green. I have a lot of yellow in my skin and this polish looks wonderful on.

Slightly streaky formula

The only thing about this polish that isn’t perfect is the formula. It’s not awful, but it is a bit jelly-ish in consistency so I think that is what leads to the issue. It’s not overly pigmented and it is a bit streaky. I used three coats to even out any streaks and to get full opacity. My only tip would be to apply thicker coats and let them dry to really get saturation and pigmentation. But it’s totally worth it, I love this polish.

Where to Buy: I’m not sure! 😦

Do you own Damone Roberts 1968? Did you want to purchase it but missed out? Does this polish look unique to you or is it just another sea foam green? Do you like to wear this color polish?

I think it’s funny that this polish exactly matches the color of my nightstand! So maybe I’m a little bias about it… 🙂

Matching furniture and polish!

– Liz

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OPI Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides

Wow. Let me start off by saying I hope, or actually I know, that everyone else has been having a better week than I have. Chicago had a crazy storm about 3 days ago and Death by Polish’s headquarters (aka my house) was left with no electricity or water until 10 pm last night. A total nightmare to say the least.

At any rate, Stranger Tides is a polish I wore a couple weeks back that took me pleasantly by surprise.

Muted sage greyish green

As you may know, this polish is a very light, muted sage green. This was the first color from the Pirates collection I was drawn to. I think this color would look great on almost everyone, but it did think it looked particularly nice with my newly tanned skin. It reads a neutral but when you noticed it wasn’t, it added a nice little surprise. It was really pretty and I enjoyed wearing it.

A pretty outcome but not the greatest formula

The formula on this polish wasn’t great. It was streaky and slightly annoying to apply, but not awful. I did need three coats to even everything out. I have heard bloggers mention that Essie’s Da Bush is a dupe with a better formula, if that’s an issue for you. Sometimes I get annoyed with OPI when their creme formulas aren’t easy to work with. I feel like they should have that figured out, haha.

This is one of the very few polishes I own that I actually got a couple of compliments on. Which doesn’t happen very often to me (seriously it does not) and when it does I get really excited. So more points to Stranger Tides for that.

Where to Buy: Ulta / JCPenny / Trade Secret / Online Retailers / Professional Salons / $ 8

– Liz

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