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Orly: Pure Porcelain


Pure Porcelain nails!


Hi everyone! Happy Mardi Gras from New Orleans! I had a long weekend, but I did manage to pick up new polish, paint my nails, and get some decent pictures amidst all the festivities. I wanted to get to this one right away because it’s new for spring from the Orly Precious collection.

Now I know this isn’t that attention-grabbing, but for some reason as soon as I saw the swatches of this I wanted it. I think I really liked the idea of porcelain nails. This ended up being a really nice, opaque off-white creme. Personally, I liked this polish a lot because it’s not a stark, bright white. It’s almost a really white greige because the color verges on gray and beige while still being obviously off-white/cream colored. I found it pretty flattering for me for something so white on your nails.

This applied well, not too thick or streaky at all, opaque in the first coat. I used 2 coats, couldn’t possibly see the need for more than that. In this second pic I think you get more of the beige/skin-toned aspect of the white in Pure Porcelain. You can kind of see in the bottle as well how it’s kind of a “dirty” white. I don’t really have another white nail polish, but I’m glad I now have one and it’s not too bright or harsh. I think this is a nice spring polish and something you can wear to lighten up an outfit.

Where to Buy: Sally’s / Ulta / Online retailers / $3-7 (these were on promotion for super cheap when I got them this weekend at Sally’s!)


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Sephora by OPI: Under My Trench Coat


Under My Trench Coat


I’ve been wearing this color almost all week! Sephora by OPI Under My Trench Coat, from the fall collection called Film Noir, I believe it was last fall, 2009. I know that since then, this polish has gotten mixed reviews in terms for a shade of taupe, I also referred to it as a greige earlier this week and we know that color is in right now. I think it can be generally difficult to find the most flattering taupe for your skin tone and obviously this won’t work for everyone, but personally, I love Under My Trench Coat. It’s on the lighter side and it has a really pretty gold shimmer in it.


A little darker looking in this pic


I used 2 coats here, when you put the first coat on it looks much lighter than you would expect from the bottle. If you wanted a darker color, I’m sure you could get that in 3 coats. The wear has been really great for this, and for Sephora by OPI in general, at least in my case. I barely had chip wear after 3 full days at least, possibly 4, and I had some pretty hefty nail imperfections going on this week. I’m really happy with this polish and it’s another case where I’d like to get more from this collection, I know that this is still available in stores. The polish also went on very smoothly, no issues at all that I can think of.

It’s a really nice, neutral rainy day kind of color… maybe it’s the name that makes me think of that, but I find myself wearing this a lot in spring and in fall. Now that I’ve been wearing a neutral all week though I’m looking forward to something a little brighter.


Happy weekend!


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