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Today is my last day of summer. I start classes again tomorrow. Yes, on Saturday. Yes, at 9:30 am. Yes, for 2.5 hours. Yes, I am upset about it. So, I had to change my polish due to some chipping, and I picked up a few new colors at Ulta yesterday including this DS. I decided that I needed to wear something to make me feel better about getting up before 8 on Saturday and sitting in class. And I will say that this polish will be awesome to stare at all morning. And day. This polish is, “wow”. It’s so foily. It is also so bronzey, golden, warm, and full and flash and sparkle. This color looks really good on my skin tone currently, but also I feel as though during the winter when I need to wear a polish to remind me of warmth and summer, this color will also look good on fairer skin as well. I don’t own many brown polishes, but this one really caught my eye and it is gorgeous. It’s liquid bronze. It’s interesting too because it is very warm, fun, and summerish, but also seems fallish and mature to me too. I love it.

I used two thicker coats, and the application was completely manageable and I had no problems. Clean up is a little annoying because the shimmer and sparkles stick to your skin easily and I feel as though they are all over around my nails still.

Saying goodbye to summer,




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