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A Rhyming Dictionary: A Rhyming Dictionary

I’ve been blogging here on Death By Polish for a long time. It’s been about 3 years, which is crazy! And recently I was contacted by Morgan from A Rhyming Dictionary Polish for the first time to review her set of polishes based on the Oz books. I’m very flattered and excited to blog about them. This one caught my eye first (How could it not? A blue flakey? Come on!), and I couldn’t wait to use it.

Saturated blue jelly with flakies

This polish is really fun. As I always say, I love blue polish. This polish is so pretty in the bottle; it’s a bright, poppy saturated blue packed with different shaped iridescent blue, purple, and violet flakes. The flakes are really interesting in this polish and it makes it very special. I do think this polish would look even better layered over another blue polish to brighten it up and make it shine. I look forward to using it again and layering it for sure!

I had no issues with formula on this polish. Although it’s not fully opaque, I used three coats and got good coverage. It went on smooth and also dried easily. In the past, I have noticed independent nail polish brands have an overly strong odor, but did not notice it with this one.

Where to Buy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Arhymingdictionary / $ 7.50

Do you like this fun, flakey blue polish? Have you seen or purchased any of the A Rhyming Dictionary polishes? Have they caught your eye on Etsy or other blogs? Are you now interested in giving them try?

– Liz


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Urban Outfitters: Bandeau & China Glaze: Blue Years Eve

I mentioned how it was my birthday over the weekend. And it took me awhile to pick what I wanted to wear for it. I ended up with this sponged manicure and I absolutely loved it. It turned out great and was perfect for the occasion.

Bright, violet purple creme with blue and purple foil sponged tips

Bandeau is an awesome polish. It’s a bright, violet blue leaning creme that is stunning. It’s so fun and easy to wear. It’s one of my favorite purples that I own. Blue Years Eve is also a great polish. It’s a purple and blue foil that has a a lot of depth and was dark enough to contrast with the brighter Bandeau base. I honestly think they look perfect together.

Easy application for both polishes

I used two coats for Bandeau. Although it seems a bit streaky on the first coat, it builds up really easily. I would suggest doing thicker coats though, just to make sure you get full coverage. It also dries slightly matte, which means it also dries quickly. I used a make up applicator sponge to sponge on Blue Years Eve on the tips. Just dabbed on the polish on to the sponge, then built it up on the tips. It’s very easy and doesn’t take much time to do or dry. I love it!

Where To Buy (Bandeau) Urban Outfitters / Urban Outfitters.com / $ 5

Where to Buy (Blue Year’s Eve): Sally’s Beauty / Ulta / Trade Secret / Online Retailers / $ 6

So, do you like this manicure? Does it say “Birthday Girl” to you? 🙂

– Liz


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China Glaze: Blue Year’s Eve

In honor of the past holiday, I decided to paint my nails Blue Year’s Eve. I think this name and fun and we all know I can never have too many blue polishes. Although this color might not seem too unique, it really is beautiful.

Blue glass fleck with blue and purple glitter

Blue Year’s Eve is a medium-dark toned blue glass fleck polish with blue and purple glitter throughout. This polish is packed with pigment and color. It’s saturated, lively, and full of vibrancy. In the sunlight, it glows and the glitter dances. I also like how it’s deep and rich. It’s not too light in the base color so it’s more of a “grown up” glitter. It’s gorgeous. I can’t keep my eyes off of it!

Easy, smooth pigmentation

Although the China Glaze brushes are a bit thin for my liking, I had no problems with formula or application. I used three coats for full coverage and opacity, which I feel is standard for glass flecks. My only application tip would be to make sure each coat is dry before you apply the next!

Where to Buy: Sally’s Beauty / Ulta / Online Retailers / $ 5 – $ 6

What polish did you wear for New Year’s Eve? Was it Blue Year’s Eve? If not, are you interested in picking up this polish? Or does blue and purple glass fleck not seem too unique to you?

Getting ready to watch the Winter Classic!,

– Liz


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Zoya: Tallulah and OPI: Last Friday Night

Tallulah was one of my first Zoya polishes. When I first saw her, I thought she was so cool, edgy, but also pretty. The mix of the vibrant blue with purple flash in the bottle just makes me happy. My two favorite colors looking awesome together. However, this time around Tallulah kind of left me wanting more.

In the shade

It has been awhile since I wore this polish. I remember really loving it the first time around. The shade of this blue is so vibrant and saturated. It’s loud. It makes me think of crystal clear bright blue water and being on the beach. The purple flash isn’t too noticeable in the bottle, but you can see it. Though on the nail, it’s very subtle. You can almost only catch a glimpse of it at extreme angles. This polish also has a pretty almost half pearly / half metallic finish for some extra oopf.

Tallulah in the sun

I recall the formula on this polish to be bad the first time around. And over the past year or so I can say that it didn’t get any better. It’s goopy, which I find strange for a metallic, especially from Zoya. It’s thick and sort of hard to manage, but VERY pigmented. The first coat almost gets you full coverage. I used two and it looks great. Top coat really helps bring out the metallic-y finish in this polish.

Last Friday Night over Tallulah

I was feeling unsatisfied, so I decided to slap OPI Katy Perry Last Friday Night on over Tallulah on my thumb and ring finger. I LOVE Last Friday Night solo, and wanted to try it out over this polish because I thought it would be awesome. It turned out okay. I think both of these polishes are better separate. I love the light, jelly translucent base of Last Friday Night and that’s gone when layered.

I might like this combo more on all of my nails or matte. (I HATE glitter removal though and LFN was awful 4 layers deep the last time to take off.) I might refresh it tomorrow with one of those options.

Has anyone done any cool layering with Last Friday Night? I’d like some ideas! Or do you have Tallulah and are stuck with the same formula problems?

Where to Buy (Tallulah): Zoya.com / $ 8

Where to Buy (Last Friday Night): I’m not sure if the Katy Perry’s are still in stores, so online retailers / $ 8.50 ish


Tallulah’s blue and purple reminds me of Virginia Bluebells. They are purple before the buds open, then turn this gorgeous light blue. I love how they have both colors on the blooms! There is a sea of these in our front garden.

Have a nice weekend, guys. I hear Chanel Mimosa calling my name. Sorry, wallet.

– Liz


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China Glaze: First Class Ticket NOTD

In Full Sun

Hello. Ah, purple polish. My favorite color in the world. So, obviously when I saw this deep metallic purple in the China Glaze fall Vintage Vixen collection, I had to have it. I love all purple, but dark, deep, metallic ones are my favorite. And this one has blue glitter! Indoor this polish just looks like a deep and slightly metallic polish, but outside you can see the blue glitter running through it which makes it just lovely. There could be a little more blue glitter in there, for my taste, but it’s still very pretty and a very ‘me’ color.  I would not say this color is very unique, but I don’t care and love it anyway.

The formula on this polish was a little weird though. I used two coats, and I guess maybe could have done three but didn’t feel like it. I found the formula slightly runny and thin. So I would try to put more on the brush, but then it would sort of spill all over. But I wouldn’t say it’s not manageable. I also think that the polish looks really dark in the bottle, but lightens up on the nail and you can see the depth in the polish on the nail.

I’m looking forward to picking up more colors from this collection, I have really liked the ones I already have.

– Liz

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OPI: Unripened NOTD

Overcast Light When I saw the swatches of these Go Goth Halloween mini set I had to have them. Halloween is my favorite day of the year. I love doing all sorts of Halloween activities like haunted houses, ghost tours, etc. This will be the only thing I’m looking forward to in the next couple months. I’m going to Florida again for the Universal Halloween Horror Nights which is literally THE BEST thing in the world.

I HATE swatching mini bottles. I have long, big hands. And my long fingers can not hold mini bottles it’s so annoying. Anyway, this polish is a black base with blue, green, and purple glitter. I will say, that in the bottle you can see much more of the glitter. And on the nail, I do not see any purple glitter just blue and green. The glitter doesn’t show up super well either, I mean you can see it, it’s just not very noticeable like in the bottle. In the sunlight it would be better, but it’s raining and cloudy here today so the glitter is in hiding. I used two coats and everything went well. I have been feeling like only wearing dark colors recently, so I bet I will have more of this collection up soon. I can’t wait to do the purple one.

I might be really bad today or tomorrow and go hunting for all three of the new Chanels that I am dying for…

Off to work,


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