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China Glaze: Stone Cold

I had high hopes for this polish from the jump since I am a fan of the name. I was really hoping that this polish wouldn’t fall flat on the nail. There are a lot of metallic-ish black / grey / silver polishes out there and I didn’t want this one to be like all the rest, and I’m happy to say it’s not.

Graphite-y black, charcoal polish with silver microshimmer

As mentioned, I was hoping this charcoal polish was different from the ones we have all seen before. And I think it really is. I like how it’s not really metallic, but since there’s so much silver shimmer in it, it almost has the feel of a metallic without any streaky-ness or frost or anything weird. It has a very graphite feel to it. A silver-ed black. It’s almost earthy in a weird way. It looks really beautiful when applied and is everything I hoped it’d be!

Pigmented and smooth application

This polish was very easy to apply. I had no issues with the formula (like I did on Smoke and Ashes from this Hunger Games collection). It applied smooth and very easily. It was also very pigmented and I only used two coats for full coverage. I’ve enjoyed wearing this polish, it’s a nice alternative for black. And is interesting in its own regard.

Where To Buy: Sally’s / Trade Secret / Ulta / Online Retailers / $ 6

Did you pick up Stone Cold? Does this charcoal polish appeal to you? What are your favorites from The Hunger Games collection? Or, what are your favorite alternatives to wearing black?

– Liz


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China Glaze: Smoke And Ashes

Smoke and Ashes is another Hunger Games polish I received for my birthday. I was pretty excited to use this polish. It looks super pretty in the bottle, but I think overall it falls pretty flat on the nails, which was a total bummer.

Black base with green and silver micro-shimmer

Smoke and Ashes is a black creme base polish with very fine green and silver micro-shimmer. In the bottle the shimmer seems a lot more dense and noticeable then it ends up on the nail. Unless you’re really looking at the polish, it reads as a black creme, which is disappointing. I was hoping it’d be a black with some “oomph” to it, but it didn’t deliver.

The application of this polish was also somewhat tricky. I’m not sure if the micro-shimmer is to blame, but I had some issues with being able to spread the polish across my nail beds during application. It seemed almost runny and thick at the same time. However it was pretty opaque. I only needed two coats and the drying time was good.

Where To Buy: Sally’s / Ulta / Trade Secret / Online Retailers / $ 6

Did you buy Smoke and Ashes? Do you like this polish or does it seem a bit generic? Did anyone else have trouble with the formula or application?

– Liz


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China Glaze: Liquid Leather & Zoya: Jules

I’ve been bed ridden the past 48 hours. I feel quite awful, so this post will be on the shorter side.

I’ve tried sponging in the past, and it didn’t really turn out in my favor. You definitely have to be patient and go slow. I used a make up applicator (the little wedge sponges) and applied just a small swipe at a time of Jules to the sponge. I started at the tip and moved my way down to be able to see how far down the nail I wanted to go. After a few dabs, each nail is done.

Black with taupe-y silver sponged tips

I started out with two coats of Liquid Leather and made sure it was completely dry before I moved on to sponging. As mentioned, I dabbed a small amount of Jules onto the make up sponge and carefully applied the polish from the tip down. What I like about this method of sponging, is that it’s very easy to add more or less and really get the look that you want. More or less of what you want. And this manicure has worn like iron, which never happens for me.

I’m looking forward to mastering this a bit more and coming up with more unique combinations to wear.

Where To Buy (Liquid Leather): Sally’s / Ulta / Trade Secret / Online Retailers / $ 5 – $ 6

Where To Buy (Jules): Zoya.com / $ 8

Have you tried sponging? Was your first attempted horrible like mine was? Is it something you do regularly to mix up your manicures? Or is this a bit much for your everyday looks?

– Liz


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Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish: House of Parliament

A few weeks ago, I reviewed another magnetic polish from Nails inc. in this post. Please follow that link if you’re interested in application description and tips. But I would like to say again, application is very simple and there’s only one extra step involved to get this fun nail design! Totally worth it.

Metallic purple with black waves

House of Parliament begins as just a darker toned metallic purple polish. After the magnetic is applied, black color waves appear. The magnetic also creates almost a 3D effect that allow the waves to look as though they are moving or shifting when you move your fingers. It’s very cool. I do somewhat wish that the effect of this magnetic polish was a bit more noticeable. The black with the already dark purple isn’t much of a contrast. Similar to last time, I got a very uniform “color wave” effect on each nail and they look very coherent and form a unified look.

All over easy application

The formula and application including the magnetic for is very easy. The formula of these magnetic polishes is very smooth and easy to apply and you only need two coats each time. Sure holding the magnetic over the polish is another step in applying your manicure, but it’s simple and creates something fun and unique that is very pleasing to the eye. I didn’t get great weartime from this polish though.

Where to Buy: Sephora / Sephora.com / $ 16.00

These polishes are a bit pricey, but aside from that, do you like this polish trend? Do you think it’s something more popular American brands will catch on to? Like the seriously insane crackle phase? I personally like Trafalgar Square more color wise, but do like these polishes in general.

– Liz


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China Glaze: Mummy May I

I disappeared for a minute on you guys, didn’t I? I didn’t mean to and feel super guilty about it! I just got back from an annual vacation to Orlando, Florida for this event they have called Halloween Horror Nights (I told you guys I loved Halloween, I mean it. I REALLY love Halloween.) at Universal Studios with my best friend and didn’t have time to post before I left. I’m sorry! Feel free to leave a comment if you want more information on my trip.

Dark jelly base with purple glitter

Mummy May I is from China Glaze’s fall 2010 Halloween set. It’s a black, almost jelly base, with purple glitter. What I like about this polish, aside from the name, is its Halloween feel with its color combination. The first coat goes on pretty sheer and makes it seem like you’ll need three coats, but it built up nicely after just two.

However, the wear time on this polish was less than impressive. I had major chipping after the first day. Not cool. And it seems to be one of those polishes that looks better in the bottle than on the nail.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / $3 – $5

What is your favorite Halloween themed nail polish? Or your favorite color to wear for Halloween? Or fun manicure idea? I would love to hear all suggestions and recommendations since we know I love Halloween.

– Liz

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CND: Blackjack

Hey guys. It’s Friday, thank god. This week hasn’t been the best for me. I’m glad it’s over.

I’m going to keep this post on the short side since I do realize there isn’t much to say about a black creme nail polish. But I do know every girl has their favorite. What I really love about this black creme (aside from the name) is that it has no green tones in the base, which I feel like a lot of black cremes do. It’s jet black and full of pigmentation.

Jet black with a perfect formula

Another awesome thing about this polish, is the formula. As I mentioned in my other recent CND posts (The Jason Wu Collection), the formula is outstanding. It literally applies itself in such a smooth, dreamy way. CND has one of the best formulas on the market for a great price. You barely need two coats of this polish, but I did just in case. It has a shiny finish, and dries quickly. This is definitely a holy grail black polish.

Where to Buy: Transdesign.com / Meijer (Or so I’ve heard) / $ 9ish

What’s your favorite black nail polish? Do you own many CND polishes? If not, you seriously need to give them a try. If you do, what’s your favorite? I’m very interested in building my collection from this brand and would love good suggestions.

– Liz


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China Glaze: Lubu Heels

black with red glitteryness!

A friend gave me this polish not too long ago and I decided that the Blackhawks playoffs word be the perfect time to take it for a test run. I’m not sure how other people feel about pairing Louboutin’s with hockey, but it works for me. I was doing a bit of research on this polish, but couldn’t find out quite when it came out. I do know that it is lovely…

Lubu Heels is a black with red glitter packed in. It pretty much looks like how it appears in the bottle, perhaps slightly less glittery. The black goes on very sheer at first, so don’t be surprised by the initial coat. I did three here to make sure I had full opacity and maximum red glitter. Aside from the first coat being sheer, which you may kind of expect as I did, this went on nicely, not too thick or chunky or anything like that.

lots of red glitter in this one!

I think there’s a lot more red glitter in this one. From a distance it pretty much just looks black, maybe an off-black, but when you look up close you can definitely see the glitter. However, don’t expect someone on the street/a polish amateur to think you’re wearing anything other than black on your nails. I’m sure the rest of us can tell how special this is though. In the sunlight this polish really shines, a lot more than you’d expect. It gives off this really cool vampy shine that I just love. If you like reds, blacks, general vampy polishes I say pick this up if you ever see it, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Since I wasn’t out looking for this one myself, I’m not sure if it’s stocked in a standard CG display, but I think it’s readily available.

So much for an Easter mani…


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Chanel Le Vernis: Black Pearl

Hi all! Guest blogger Rachel here, offering a peek into the 2011 Spring Chanel makeup line!

There’s something always really special about Chanel Le Vernis polishes.  They’re mostly limited edition, (so that is always something to brag about having), they’re always beautiful and spending $23 on something that is Chanel is truly a steal.  Their handbags usually start out at $2,000 and small jewelry pieces at $250 and ballet flats anywhere from $300-$500…so being able to have a part of the Chanel luxury for the expensive price for polish but the affordable price for Chanel is so worth it.  Some people think spending that money on a polish is insanity…but I’m sure a lot of you are able to agree that it’s worth it.  It’s been like my gateway drug into becoming addicted to the brand.

Black Pearl bottle in the sun.

My newest addition to my collection is the Spring 2011 color “Black Pearl.”  I love, love, love this color!  It is literally the color of a pacific black pearl.  It’s trendy and not your typical “spring” color, but since it hit Chanel boutiques and makeup counters in January it will make an excellent “winter is coming to an end” color.  I mean, come on, who wouldn’t wear this year round?  I know I certainly will!

Bottle & Nails

In addition to being just like a black pearl, the color it reminds me of an angry ocean on a dark, stormy day.  The base of the polish is a grey-black with some dark blue and green metallic in it, which creates a gorgeous shimmer. The polish went on nice and I was able to get the color I wanted with a typical 2 coats.  I think the color is pretty versatile being able to match up fine both preppy and rocker-chic looks…which is my favorite when I can look like a country clubber by day and a bar crawler by night – and do it with nail polish style of course!


Side view & close up of the polish.

There are two more polishes to complete this collection – “Peche Nacree,” a peach color and “Pearl Drop,” (the opposite to the black pearl) a white with gold reflections.  Both colors are shear and shimmery.  It’s suggested to pair Black Pearl and Pearl Drop together, black on the hands and white on the toes.  I’ve never done a light color like that on my toes before, but maybe this will be the color for me to try.  And Peche Nacree is just too pretty and feminine to not love.

Do you think Black Pearl will create frenzy like Jade did?  I think it is definitely the newest “must have” color. Hopefully I will have the other two polishes to swatch for you all very soon.  Stayed tuned for that and some picks from the Chanel Spring 2011 makeup line too! I’ll sign out like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous since that’s what this polish makes me feel like.

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams,

– Rachel

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OPI: Holiday Glow


Holiday Glow


Good afternoon, all. I am here to grace your lovely presences with OPI Holiday Glow. I wore this last weekend and very much enjoyed it. It’s a polish from OPI’s Holiday collection 2009 along with Smitten With Mittens, which I did the other week.

In the bottle this looks almost black, but I feel it’s kind of a charcoal grey, very dark, and I’m sure anyone that looks at your nails will say “black”. It’s got a lot of gold and purple glitter in it, which gives the color a hint of purple both in the bottle and on the nail. Basically, I’m calling it dark grey, almost black, with gold and purple glitter. If you get this polish and see how light the first coat is, you’ll know what I mean. I did 3 coats to get this shade.


dark with gold and purple glitter!


This color doesn’t seem all that unique, but for some reason it really struck me when I bought it and it was something that felt low key, but not too typical for a weekend out. It also doesn’t scream “holiday!” which is kind of nice. This wore pretty well for me, but I did start to get some tip wear. It wasn’t a pain to remove, came off pretty smoothly.

I’ve been using CND Stickey and Speedey for these past few manis and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I always seem to end up with a chip, albeit small, the next day. I’ll keep you posted on those developments.


Until tomorrow, polish freaks 🙂


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Nicole OPI: Pitch Black Glimmer

In Shade

I know, I know. Lauren already posted a cool layer job she did with this polish, but I also have been waiting to get my hands on it and I finally did yesterday. A black glitter is something that isn’t out often, and who doesn’t love black, so I needed it. I painted Essie Steeling The Show the other day, which is a sort of silver / gold / steel colored metallic. It’s nice and an interesting color (it changes in different lights), but sort of laid back. So I layered three coats of Pitch Black Glimmer over it yesterday. The fleck in PBG are black, silver, and bigger flecks of blue. In the bottle, it’s so pretty. My only compliant is that it goes on so sparse. I used three thick coats, and as you can tell, it’s still pretty sheer. I guess with four it would have been pretty dense. Or with a darker base polish it would look less sheer. Either way, I think this glitter polish is awesome and adding a layer of black glitter will bump up any polish.

– Liz

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