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OPI: Houston We Have A Purple

Houston We Have A Purple

…Do we have a purple?  I’m confused. The color of this polish in the bottle looks pretty good. A nice, medium toned red purple. I knew from swatches and the sorbet finish that it was going to end up lighter on the nail, but on me it’s not looking how I wanted. Purples are my favorite, so I was looking forward to this one in the sorbet finish.

Less pink in real life

Now, my camera and the lighting outside did capture this color to be more pink than it actually is. But, this being said, this polish is still VERY pink. At least to me and on my skintone. It is much more berry than I was expecting. It almost is ending up looking like a dark pink based polish with purple rather than a purple. In indoor lighting, I do think this polish is able to lean more to purple and look truer to the bottle color, but it’s still not as much purple as you would expect. It’s also much brighter and lighter.

More accurate color of HWHAP

This close up is a more accurate color of how this polish really looks on me. Yet still, the purple isn’t as strong as I assumed from the bottle and the polish name. The color really shifts to be more pink outdoors and in stronger lighting. It seems to be much more of a pink, berry color. It’s basically a fuschia to me, for sure. I’m just taken back by how this color turned out. Most of these sorbets are very similar in color, and I liked that this one was clearly a different color, but it’s just not purple enough for me. So far out of the sorbets I have tried, this one is definitely my least favorite and has really let me down!

The formula on this was great, as all of these sorbets have been. I love them. It went on easily with three coats, with minimal drying time and only slight VNL. Even though these polishes are very jelly like, there’s something about the finish that seems different than any of the jellies that I have. It may just be the OPI formula, but I have continued to have less patchiness and more even, beautiful finishes. They are so easy to apply.

Where to Buy: Ulta / Dillard’s / JCPenny / Trade Secret / Online Retails (I got mine from Transdesign!) $ 8.50

OPI has been SUPER busy over the winter and has a lot of mini collections coming out in May. Since I ordered my summer Zoya’s (so excited!) I am on a strict no buy until they emerage. I’m looking forward to the New Serena Williams Duo’s A LOT, The Pirates of the Caribbean collection, and even the blue shatters! The turquoise and electric ones look cool…I’m a sucker for blues, apparently even in shatters.  Is anyone else feeling any of these upcoming collections?

– Liz



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Zoya: Alegra

Sparkly fuchsia pink!

Happy Sunday everyone! This is Alegra from Zoya’s Summer 2010 Sparkle collection. I loved pretty much all of the polishes in that collection, the colors were so pretty and so sparkly. For one reason or another, Alegra slipped under the radar for me and I didn’t end up using it until this weekend! I was surprised at how much I loved it from the first coat. I think these darker pinks are great for my skin tone and the gold and pink glitter in the polish is very nice.

I found this pretty difficult to photograph. The photos I took of the polish make it look a little lighter and more hot pink than it actually is. Fuchsia is definitely the correct word for the color, in darker lighting it also is very berry. Some of the glitter is a brighter pink so I think that’s why it can look more hot pink at times.

Close up

Like I said, I loved this at first coat, it applied nice and opaque. I only used 2 coats. You don’t really need to go overboard with the Zoya Sparkle collection because they packed so much glitter into them so there’s plenty of shimmer without extra coats. I really liked the formula for this collection, not to mention almost all Zoyas.

This is wearing really well for me, I have a little tip wear today, but for how many times I’ve nicked my nails in the past 24 hours, I’m pretty pleased. I’m hoping it wears well into tomorrow because I will definitely need a happy pink for the Monday blues.

Where to Buy: Zoya / $7


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Sephora by OPI: What’s Your Point-settia?


This polish and I got off to an AWFUL start this morning. I went to Sephora to pick up a couple of the Holiday $OPI and some new dry shampoo. Once I saw the swatches of this polish I HAD to have it so I couldn’t wait to open it when I got in the car. To my surprise, the bottle was cracked and the polish got all over my cell phone, jeans, and car seats. I wanted to die. Luckily, I guess, I got it off the leather seats and my cell phone. However, my favorite pair of denim was a casualty. I couldn’t get the polish out of them. I am still very upset.

Somehow I got past this mess, and didn’t hold it against the polish. Though, I thought about it. Anyway, as you can see in the bottle, this berry red polish has gold micro shimmer running through it. It’s actually packed with shimmer. Being the non-red fan that I am, this red has a lot of purple in it and is more berry than red. It is also quite deep so it’s not screaming at you. The gold shimmer isn’t too obvious, but adds depth to the polish it would not have otherwise.

In Sun

The application on this polish was okay. It was sort of sheer. And seems jelly-ish to me. I used two coats, but I could have / perhaps should have used three to get the beautiful, deep color that the polish holds in the bottle. I will remember that for next time. This color does seem very “holiday” to me. And winter-ish overall. The rich color is of this polish is what I am used to seeing during the holiday season. But for some reason I don’t love it on me. What is it about red polishes that irk me on myself so much?! My Mother has always had Poinsettias in the house for the holidays, or has given me one for my apartment. I love the flowers, so the name is super cute to me as well.

Also, I ordered a few of the new China Glaze Holiday collection, all of greens actually. They look awesome. I’m sure I will be wearing those soon, so look forward to those swatches next week!

Happy weekend,



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OPI: William Tell Me About OPI


I started classes again for the semester the other day, and I feel dead already. My schedule is going to be insane and I am currently feeling completely overwhelmed with all of my classes, observation hours, and regular readings and assignments. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to squeeze in posting…somehow. I hope.

Today I have a NOTD from the new OPI’s that Lauren and I swatched recently, but this was my first one I wore as a manicure. I really do like this creme color. It’s dark and rich. And very glossy and shiny. It looks brown indoors, then outside it looks maroon, berry, and brown. You can see the purple / berry in the polish during clean up. The application on this polish was fine. I did two coats and was covered.

Looks more red? An almost black even??

However, this polish chipped almost immedately after I applied it. And then it continued to chip. I applied this polish Monday afternoon and was able to squeeze in some photos right after I applied it, but I wanted to take more. That didn’t happen because of the chipping. So, I realize this isn’t the best photo swatch and I apologize. Also, with the chipping of this polish, it has made a nail or two peel as well. This really upsets me and bums me out. I don’t know why it decided to do this to me when I was liking it so much. I guess this William polish is a typical man….



EDIT 12/9/10: I retook swatch photos for this polish. Still two coats. And this time I really capture the chameleon affect of this polish. It looks like a dark red, but then against the purple of my glove (it’s FREEZING outside) you can really see the berry and plum that it can switch to! And even in the bottle photo. It seems like it can just change with lighting. I really like this polish. And this time around it seems less brown and more durable.

More plum, amiright? Chameleon polish.

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