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Lush: Sympathy For The Skin

The perfect body lotion

This entire week, the high has been no more than 23 degrees outside. So, my skin and entire body has not been happy with this. I recently got a mini Lush haul. I love Lush products. All of the products I have bought have worked beyond my expectations. I like that everything is all natural and all personally made. And many of the products have lots of different uses. However, my personality doesn’t really mesh with the intensity of the Lush in store experience (all of you that have been there know what I am talking about.) I have to really put on my game face when I go in for new products and questions. That is honestly the only downfall I can find in the company and products.

I don’t wear perfume. I like to smell fresh and most of the time fruity. I usually  use a body wash and lotion that has coconut in it because that’s sort of “my thing.” (Not to mention my shampoo and conditioner.) So, I like when I have a lotion that has a light scent that stays and is also not too over powering.

Enlarge to read Ingredients

This lotion smells really good. I usually don’t like lotion that smells like vanilla or that is too sweet and warm smelling. But this lotion does smell like vanilla, but the other main scent is bananas! Which may sound sort of weird but it’s SO good. It fills that fruitiness that I like and the vanilla scent is from real vanilla pod so it just smells good. Those are the two main scents I smell from this product. (Vanilla bean banana smells like an awesome summer candle scent too, right??) Other ingredients include almond oil, cocoa butter, lemon oil, and sandalwood oil.

I wish you all could smell this

I have drier skin in the winter time, like most everyone does. This lotion moisturizes amazingly. It isn’t too greasy and there isn’t too much moisture in it that it doesn’t absorb into the skin or sit on top of it. It melts into your skin. Since my face is more on the oily side, I always tend to play into that with the “dewy”  look for make up and foundation, I don’t like to matte it out. And I like the same look all over my body. It looks healthier and more attractive to me.

Creamy not greasy

This lotion is also perfect for that because it’s a brightener as well! The lotion I was using before this one was also a brightener (with shiitake mushrooms) and I loved it. This lotion literally wakes up your skin and reflects light and makes you look bright, hydrated, and beautiful. It even brightens up tattoos. It leaves you smooth, soft, and luminous.

I will admit this lotion is on the pricey side for something like a lotion. I don’t mind paying the $24 for the 8.5 oz of product. It works wonderfully , is high quality, and is all natural which is important to me with beauty products. If you’re looking for a new lotion and don’t want to spend the $20, maybe you could ask santa for it for the Holidays. Or actually this would be a great gift for someone. Sort of a step up from a lotion or body product you sometimes get as a gift and don’t really like.

– Liz


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