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OPI: William Tell Me About OPI


I started classes again for the semester the other day, and I feel dead already. My schedule is going to be insane and I am currently feeling completely overwhelmed with all of my classes, observation hours, and regular readings and assignments. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to squeeze in posting…somehow. I hope.

Today I have a NOTD from the new OPI’s that Lauren and I swatched recently, but this was my first one I wore as a manicure. I really do like this creme color. It’s dark and rich. And very glossy and shiny. It looks brown indoors, then outside it looks maroon, berry, and brown. You can see the purple / berry in the polish during clean up. The application on this polish was fine. I did two coats and was covered.

Looks more red? An almost black even??

However, this polish chipped almost immedately after I applied it. And then it continued to chip. I applied this polish Monday afternoon and was able to squeeze in some photos right after I applied it, but I wanted to take more. That didn’t happen because of the chipping. So, I realize this isn’t the best photo swatch and I apologize. Also, with the chipping of this polish, it has made a nail or two peel as well. This really upsets me and bums me out. I don’t know why it decided to do this to me when I was liking it so much. I guess this William polish is a typical man….



EDIT 12/9/10: I retook swatch photos for this polish. Still two coats. And this time I really capture the chameleon affect of this polish. It looks like a dark red, but then against the purple of my glove (it’s FREEZING outside) you can really see the berry and plum that it can switch to! And even in the bottle photo. It seems like it can just change with lighting. I really like this polish. And this time around it seems less brown and more durable.

More plum, amiright? Chameleon polish.

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