Zoya: Tracie

I was looking forward to the polishes I ordered on that 3 for $15  Zoya promotion from a few weeks back. Although a lot of summer collections are very predictable, I liked the look of the blues and greens in this seasons summer collection so I snagged them. But I was pretty disappointed in Tracie.

Pale, almost pastel, metallic green shimmer

I was a little apprehensive of this polish once I saw it in person; it was light, almost pastel in tone and didn’t really carry the “oomph” I want from a green polish. It’s a bit soft and tame for my taste. It’s also a hard color to describe. It’s not mint, but it’s still light and yellow toned. It’s more of a “spring” green with a fine, dense shimmer that reads as a metallic finish on the nail. Overall, Tracie isn’t very flattering (and I have warm toned skin) and the elements in the polish don’t work together in a way to make it interesting or pretty.

Very bad formula

However, the real issue with this polish was the formula. I honestly don’t think I have ever said that a Zoya polish had an unbearable formula, but this one does. I was almost shocked. The formula was so sticky and goopy that it had the consistency of a very old polish. It was difficult to spread on the nail, which caused issues with the manicure being even. I used three coats, which gave me an okay overall look, but I was not happy with the formula and application by any means. I was very surprised since Zoya usually delivers buttery, smooth cremes and easily applied foils like pros.

Where To Buy: Zoya.com / $ 8

Did you buy Tracie? Did you encounter any formula issues? Or was I perhaps given a fluke bottle? Does this color at all interest you? Does it read as a “summer” color to you?

– Liz



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6 responses to “Zoya: Tracie

  1. oooh no, that doesn’t look like it played nicely at all! I’m scared of these colours, they can look pretty but tend to give me lobster hands.. maybe having red hands is what they mean by a summer colour in this case? Sunburn effect? 😀 I’d say it was much more spring colour-ish. What a shame, but thanks for the photos and honest review – very helpful.

    • During the summer, I think it’s a lot easier to wear this type of green since most of us get some type of color from the sun that it also counter-acts the red that greens can bring out in the skin.
      Regardless, this color is not my favorite and probably not worth giving a chance. Sad because I love greens and Zoya!
      – Liz

  2. Green is a summer & spring color in my opinion. Looks nice &smooth, doesn’t look like it was goopy at all! It’s possible you did get a fluke though.


    Oh my god what is this is this the week to be disappointed by mail polish attack of the disaster polishes

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